Aljazeera and ARY Digital Network to launch Aljazeera Urdu

As part of its constant efforts to broaden its viewership base, Aljazeera Channel has announced the launch a new channel Aljazeera Urdu targeting over 110 million Urdu speaking populations globally.

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'Initially we are targeting the Urdu-speaking population in Pakistan, then the dubbed service will spread to the Indian subcontinent as well as Urdu speakers in the United States and Europe', said Mr. Hamad Yehya Al Nuaimi, Aljazeera Channel's Marketing Director.

Aljazeera Channel is launching this Urdu service in a joint venture with ARY Digital Network, the worlds largest Urdu Television Network that has a spread of 11 channels broadcasting into the Sub Continent, Europe, North America and the Middle East.

'Over the years Aljazeera Channel has made its impact on the Urdu speaking population. Al Jazeera Urdu will now break the language barrier and to an already existing viewership base yearning to understand the channel's content,'

said Mr. Salman Iqbal, ARY Digital Network's President and CEO.

Aljazeera Channel and ARY Digital Network will launch and distribute the new Urdu service through Cable, DTH, SMATV and all other mediums that can reach residential and commercial viewers not only in Pakistan but globally.

The channel will provide Urdu-speaking viewers with hourly news bulletins, breaking news, exclusive programs and interviews in addition to other contents dubbed in Urdu.

Anne-Birte Stensgaard Posted by Anne-Birte Stensgaard, Senior News Editor
Sunday, January 29 - 2006 at 08:29 UAE local time (GMT+4)

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