Mr. Cell

Chapter One: Redemption

A deafening rumble filled the air, as the rocky plateau crumbled down into a pile of rubble. A billowing cloud of dust puffed up, off the desert floor, and drifted into the air.

“It’s horrible!” Krillin screamed, his body frozen at the chilling sight he had just beheld.

“G-Gohan!” Trunks gasped, his eyes wide in disbelief.

Cell looked back over his shoulder, surveying his handiwork, a smirk on his face. “I guess I overdid it,” he said, “heh heh, how immature of me.”

For a while, everyone was still. Piccolo looked as though he had literally been staggered by what he had just seen. He stared hard at the pile of rocks that marked the location where Gohan had slammed into a large rock formation, moments after being mercilessly pummeled by Cell.

“Goku, it’s your fault,” Piccolo began, baring his teeth. “Your judgement was wrong, everyone warned you…”

Goku remained silent.

YOU KILLED GOHAN!” Piccolo screamed.

“Don’t jump to conclusions,” Goku calmly replied, a slight smile on his face. “Can’t you still feel Gohan’s ki?” Goku’s eyes were twinkling.

“Woah,” Krillin gasped, “he’s right!”

Everyone blinked in amazement. They had not noticed that Gohan’s power remained unchanged. He had not been killed, nor even weakened by Cell’s attack! Cell still hadn’t caught on yet.

“Son Goku!” Cell called up at them, “Enough of these games. Have one of your senzu and continue fighting me!”

“Idiot!” Goku shouted back, “look behind you!”

“What?” Cell asked, quickly looking back over his shoulder. What he saw made his eyes widen. Gohan was slowly walking towards him, behind him the massive pile of rubble loomed over him like a tombstone. Cell was breathless for the moment. Gohan did not appear to be severely injured! His forehead was bruised, a trickle of blood flowed from below his hair line, and his gi was slightly ripped; but other then that, he was fine.

“… What a surprise.” Cell said, smiling once more. Gohan had walked up to him and stopped in front of the warrior.

Gohan stared directly into Cell’s eyes, his face stern, but his eyes hopeful. He began speaking quietly. “L-lets not do this,” he said. “Please, lets not fight. This battle is pointless.”

“Huh?” Cell said, as a genuine look of surprise replaced his smile, momentarily. Then, he began smiling again. “You say the Cell Game is pointless? It has a point, all right. I’m having fun, and you’re trying to save humanity.”

“But I don’t like to fight, like my dad does.” Gohan continued, speaking quietly, but his eyes never moving an iota from Cell’s gaze. “And I don’t want to kill anybody… not even somebody as awful as you.”

Cell stared hard at the boy. He felt a small burst of annoyance rise in him, at Gohan’s words. On any other day, Cell would have immediately corrected Gohan for implying he had a chance to kill him. But this day was different. Maybe it was the Goku in Cell’s blood; the caring, compassionate, pure-hearted warrior, who would sacrifice everything for his friends. Or, perhaps, it was the Piccolo in Cell’s blood; who had once given up his evil ways, and befriended Gohan. But no matter what the reason was, Cell suddenly felt his annoyance give way to a different emotion. A new emotion for Cell, a strange and alien one.

Cell cared.

“I…” he began, but words failed him. Gohan’s gaze never left Cell’s. And then, to Gohan’s surprise, Cell’s face softened. “You’re right.” Cell said. “I can’t believe… what have I done?”

“What?” Gohan asked, suddenly anxious. Was this a sick, sadistic joke? Was Cell playing him? As much as Gohan’s eyes begged him to disbelieve what they were seeing, Gohan could not deny what he was seeing. Cell’s eyes were watering.

“Gentle child,” Cell whispered. “You are right, what I’ve done… it’s been wrong.”

“It has.” Gohan agreed sternly. He was still bracing himself for the surprise attack he expected from Cell at any moment. But it didn’t come. Slowly, cautiously, Gohan continued his lecture. “Just because you have such great power, doesn’t mean you have to use it to kill people. It’s crazy what you guys do--guys like you, and Freeza. It’s not right.”

Cell blinked, his head was spinning. “But… I can never be forgiven… the things I’ve done… I devoured hundreds of thousands of humans… I’ve taken life.”

“What are they saying?” Krillin asked, looking around at the other Z-senshi perched on the ridge overlooking the battlefield. “I can’t make it out, they’re talking too quietly.”

No one else answered Krillin, as none of them, not even Piccolo, could clearly hear them. They were simply too far away and talking far too quietly. But then, with a start, everyone seemed to flinch. They couldn’t make sense out of what they were seeing. Gohan had place a hand on Cell’s shoulder. Then it looked as if Gohan was… patting Cell on the back? Finally they… shook hands?

“What in the name of…” Vegeta began.

Everyone stared hard, even Goku looked bewildered.

Suddenly, Cell and Gohan lifted into the air, and flew towards the rocky platform the other Z-senshi were standing on. Everyone hopped back to give them room. The two landed. Cell had wiped the tears from his eyes by now, and wore a different face expression. One that hardly fit the monster. It was a look of hope.

“Cell wants to turn over a new leaf.” Gohan explained, “and I think he means it.”

“Say WHAT!?” Everyone asked in unison.

“Please, hear me out.” Cell began. “I only knew what Dr. Gero’s computer told me to know… I never had a chance to be anything different. My only purpose in life was to become complete, and once I accomplished that goal, I simply… didn’t know what else to do. Dr. Gero had intended me to kill you, Son Goku,” Cell nodded at Goku, “but there was little point to that anymore. I was born into a world where both my primary target, and my creator were long gone. I had… no purpose, no direction in life. I was... misguided.”

”What are you saying?” Goku asked, his arms crossed over his chest.

“I’m saying…” Cell trailed off, “I’m asking you people to give me a second chance. I’m off of my power trip now. I want to help instead. I don’t mean to continue sounding arrogant, but my power still vastly surpasses all of you. I can help train you, make you all stronger. Think of the possibilities!”

“This. Is. MADNESS!” Trunks roared. “Why are we listening to this monster? Lets all attack him at once!”

“No, wait.” Goku said, stopping him. Then Goku looked Cell in the eyes. “Do you really mean this? You’re ready to give up your evil ways, and redeem yourself?”

“I promise.” Cell nodded.

Goku paused for a long moment, then he suddenly smiled the biggest smile any of them had seen in a while.

”Well, shoot. That’s fine by me! I’m excited to see what we can accomplish training with you as a sparring partner.”

“You’ve got to be ****ing kidding me,” Vegeta snapped.

Chapter 2: The new crew

“No way, Goku!” Krillin protested.

“Goku, you can’t be serious!” Trunks insisted.

“Aw, man, that’s wack!” Yamcha said.

Everyone looked at him for a second, confused. Yamcha blushed slightly, and shrugged his shoulders. Then, they continued looking at Cell and Goku. As they all argued against Goku, Cell stood perfectly motionless, his face expression unreadable, but eyes eyes sparkling with hope.

“This monster has killed thousands of people, Goku!” Trunks said, gritting his teeth. “I’ve seen the future under Dr. Gero’s monsters, and it’s Hell! It’s something I’ll die before I ever see again. We have to destroy Cell, not befriend it!”

“What do you want us to do?” Goku spoke honestly, while looking Trunks dead in the eyes. “Gohan already stated he didn’t really want to fight, and he was my only hope for us beating him. Face it, Cell’s too strong for us to take down. We’re getting the easy way out here, guys. And aren’t you excited about how strong we could be, with Cell as a training partner?”

“I knew this was all about you, Kakarot!” Vegeta grumbled. “You just want to train with Cell and get so much stronger! But this… this… FREAK humiliated me! It toyed with me, the prince of Saiyans! It toyed with ALL of us. Do you really believe it can turn over a new leaf? Do you really think it can abruptly stop being a cold blooded killer? Just like that, it can suddenly become-- “

“Friends?” Goku said, smiling at Vegeta. “Like, you did?”

“What!?” Vegeta snapped, “Of all the! I’m not your FRIEND Kakarot, I swore to defeat Cell… AND YOU!”

“Vegeta.” Cell spoke softly. Everyone turned to face him. “I would greatly appreciate it if you stopped using improper nouns such as ‘it’, when you refer to me. It’s degrading.”

Vegeta powered up his aura in a rage, and turned to face Goku. “Like I said, Kakarot. My goal is to defeat Cell, and also you. Be prepared for it!”

With that, Vegeta flew off at top speed. Trunks looked after his father, turned to look at Goku, then looked back after his father.

“Goku, I’m… I’m sorry, but father’s right. This is the worst decision you could make. I’m sorry, but, I’m with father on this one.” With that, Trunks took off flying after his dad.

“Gee,” Goku said, scratching the back of his head, “what a bummer.”

“Look at it this way, Friend Goku.” Cell said, smiling, “Vegeta and Trunks had a long way to go before they even begin catching up to your level, let alone mine.”

“Hm, when you put it that way,” Goku said, “maybe it’s for the best that they took off, huh?”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this!” Piccolo grunted, “Friend Goku? You can’t seriously be buying this…who am I kidding, you’re Goku, of course you’re buying this load of crap!”

“Piccolo.” Gohan said in a whiney voice, and Piccolo saw the quiet desperation in his eyes, “please. This is the only way we can get out of it without fighting, and possibly dieing.”

“He took her.” Someone spoke from behind. Everyone spun around to see that Krillin was staring with pure hatred at Cell. His body was rigid, his hands balled up into fists, his knees trembling ever so slightly. “He took her away from me.”

“Who? Wha?” Goku began, but Cell interrupted him.

“The cyborg-woman, I absorbed.” Cell said, his voice sad.

“That’s right.” Krillin hissed through his gritted teeth. “I…I l-loved her. There I said it. I was in love with her.”

“But Krillin!” Goku protested, “She was just a robot, right?”

“Actually, Goku,” Cell said matter-of-factly, “She was a human being, before being capture by Dr. Gero and reformatted into a cyborg. They were enhanced mostly with bio-organic components, and had very few actual cybernetics. It’s why I was so easily able to merge with them.”

Goku shot Cell a ’you’re not helping’ look, and then turned back to his best friend. He placed his hand on Krillin’s shoulder, but Krillin shrugged it off and stepped past Goku.

“Give her back.” Krillin demanded, staring hard at Cell. “If you’re serious about this turning over a new leaf crap, then you’ll give her back to me.”

“Krillin.” Goku continued, trying to reason with him, “She was our enemy. What you felt was uh… luft, not love.”

Gohan blushed, and quietly corrected his father. “It’s called lust, dad.”
“Whatever,” Goku shrugged, “either way, that’s what it was, Krillin. I mean, you hardly even knew her. And she tried to kill you.”

“You’re wrong.” Krillin said, “She never tried to kill me. I was there when we started the fight against them, and despite that, she never even touched me.” Although, that isn’t true, Krillin thought to himself, she did touch me, but not with her fists, with her lips. She kissed me on the cheek.

“Krillin.” Cell spoke softly. “If it makes you feel any better, I want you to know that I have their memories in here with me, after absorbing them. And… she felt the same way about you.”

Krillin gasped, he looked at Cell. “What!?”

“It’s true.” Cell continued, “#17 and #18 were all programmed with all the data that Dr. Gero had ever collected on you people. It included a decent sized dossier file on each of you. Not to mention recorded footage from all of your major battles. Although the two of you had never met, #18 knew you quite well Krillin. I don’t fully understand ‘human emotion’, but I can say for certain that she was sympathetic towards you.”

“But…” Krillin said, his eyes watering, “but what about #17? They were a couple, weren’t they.”

“Heh, heh.” Cell chuckled. “They were brother and sister. There now, don’t you feel so much better now that you know this?”

Everyone was staring hard at Cell, even Gohan, with looks of scorn in their eyes.

“Better!?” Krillin rasped, the tears that had been welling beneath the surface, finally spilling over. “What you just told me is supposed to make me feel better!? This means my fantasy of being with her probably wasn’t even a fantasy. Now I know what I could have had, and I’ll have to miss out on it!? Give her back, you murdering bastard… give her back to me!”

Cell felt awkward, and took a step back. “B-but… I can’t give her back, or I’d lose…” Cell trailed off.

“Krillin.” Goku said softly, putting his hand on his friend’s shoulder again. “I know how you feel, but it’s not right to ask Cell to give up his complete form. It just wouldn’t be fair. He worked so hard to achieve it.”

“I know what this is about!” Krillin said, once again pushing Goku away. “You’re being selfish again. All you care about is the potential of a training relationship between you and Cell. You need him in your perfect form, or you won’t be able to reach the next level, will you? Well screw that! I know we were meant to be together. It’s what was supposed to happen!”

Krillin walked menacingly towards Cell. “Give. Her. BACK.”

Cell looked at Krillin, then frowned. “Krillin, I’m not going to give her back. Now please stop this, you’re making me feel awkward.”

“Then you can all just forget about me.” Krillin said, and flew into the air. He stopped when he hovered a few feet above them. “I never want to see any of you again!” Krillin raced off into the distance.

“Gosh, Krillin.” Gohan whispered to himself. The boy watched one of his best friends fly away, hurt and broken, and couldn’t help but feel responsible. He hadn’t faced his fears like his father wanted him to. He took the easy way out, and now everyone else was suffering for it. Gohan looked down at the ground.

“So, uh, that was weird.” Cell said. “Son Goku, when do we begin our training?”

“I dunno.” Goku said, “everyone’s so mad.”

“They’ll get over it.” Cell offered.

“Uh, hey Goku… I uh, gotta go.” Yamcha suddenly piped up.

“Yeah, me too.” Tien said. “Chaotzu will probably be getting worried.”

Without waiting for a reply, the two of them flew off. It was now just Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, and Cell who were left.

“Geesh.” Goku said, “You’re not gonna storm off too, are ya Piccolo?”

“Hmph.” Piccolo grunted. “Hardly. You think I’m going to let this monster out of my sight? He says he wants to turn over a new leaf, I say: I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“That’s the spirit” Goku chuckled. “Ha, ha I’m so excited.”

“Stop this.” A monotone voice spoke up. Everyone was surprised and spun around, even Cell. “I cannot allow this.”

Everyone looked up, and saw #16 bearing down at them.

Chapter 3: rehabilitation

“Woah!” Goku said, “when did he get there?”

“He’s a machine!” Piccolo said, “He can go undetected.”

“I cannot allow you to join forces with Cell.” #16 said, in his monotonous voice. His look was stern, he was frowning deeply. “I can sense somehow that this is all wrong. This is not what was supposed to happen here.”

“Calm down, guy.” Goku said smiling, “I mean, what are you going to do to stop us?”

“This.” #16 said. At that point he began grunting furiously. “When this bomb inside me detonates…” #16 said, “It will wipe out Cell. None of you can survive this blast at such close range. Forgive me for your sacrifice…but Cell is an abomination that needs to be destroyed.

“Oh crap!” Cell gasped, “the self destructor, it really will destroy us!”

Everyone tensed up, but a long moment passed. Then another.

#16’s stern expression gave way to an expression of unease. “Why?” He asked, “Why isn’t it working?”

Cell looked over his shoulder at Goku. “Um, Goku… I would suggest disabling this older model. For whatever reason, it seems he cannot self-destruct, but it would not be prudent to give him a second chance.”

“Shoot, be my guest.” Goku shrugged, then he looked at #16, “You just tried to blow us up. Not cool.”

With that Cell raced over to #16, and fired a ki blast directly through his chest. #16 screamed, as his torso burst and parts scattered. His head was propelled the furthest, and bounced several times before landing right in front of Mr. Satan and the news crew. Gohan gasped at the violence, but Goku actually laughed.

“Woah, that was cool! You’re awesome, Cell. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do next time!”

“Thank you very much, Son Goku.” Cell smiled.

“Gosh,” Gohan said, “was that really necessary? You blew him up.”

“That one was fully mechanical, gentle child.” Cell said, “No harm in disposing of a malfunctioning machine, is there?”

“I…guess not.” Gohan said timidly.

“So then,” Goku said, “I think we should be getting back, soon. Chi Chi must be worried sick. Cell, we can begin our training tomorrow. But you’re more then welcome to come home with us.”

“That suits me fine.” Cell said, smiling. “It may be intriguing to meet Son Goku’s ‘better half’.”

“You coming too, Piccolo?” Gohan asked.

“Hmph, someone has to stand watch over this monster. Like I said, I don’t feel like letting him out of my sight.”

“Piccolo, please.” Cell said, “I’m not a monster. Not any more then you are, anyway. We’re just different.”

Piccolo “Hmph”ed, and looked away.

“So, then its settled. Lets go home and see your mother, Gohan. I’m so excited!” And with that, the new Z-senshi crew took to the skies and flew away.

Meanwhile, several dozen yards away, the news crew and Mr. Satan still hunched behind the rocks.

“H-hey!” The reporter said, “they’re all leaving! Cell too!”

“Uh, well…” Mr. Satan began, “That’s good for them I guess. I was just about to beat that Cell up. What a disappointment.”

“You…were?” The reporter said with a flat voice. His expression revealed the disbelief he was feeling. “Mr. Satan, no offense but… you just let the most wanted criminal on the face of the planet fly away. You’re not such a great hero, are you?”

“H-hey!” Mr. Satan said, jumping to his feet. “Don’t you say that, I’m a hero! I’m the champ! I’m the strongest in the world!”

“You are not strong.” #16’s head suddenly spoke up.

Everyone yelped and turned around in surprise.

“Your battle strength is only eight.” #16 insisted.

“Oh…my…GOD!” Mr. Satan gasped, “That head is t-talking…”

“You are a disgrace, all of the warriors up there were stronger then you. You did nothing, and you officially lost your Cell-Game bout.” #16 continued.

Everyone looked at Mr. Satan, his face had gone pallid, he knees were shaking. And then to everyone’s surprise, a stream of urine leaked down his leg. He had literally wet himself, from the shock and horror of being humiliated and insulted by a talking robot head on live TV.

Across the entire world, everyone momentarily forgot their horror of seeing Cell escape, and they all laughed in unison at Mr. Satan. They pointed and they roared with laughter. Realizing that what had just happened had been captured on camera, Mr. Satan ran away as fast and as hard as he could.

The cameraman and the reporter exchanged glances, and then they got up and begin making their exit as well.

“Wait.” #16 said.


“Do not leave me here. I am incapable of moving.”

“You’re…really creepy. Goodbye Mr. Talking-head man.”

With that they began walking away. #16 remained silent for a time after that. And as days and weeks would roll by in the near future, he would finally utter one final word before going into sleep mode. “Darn.”


Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, and Cell flew through the air. Gohan timidly hung back from the pack.

“So, Cell.” Goku said as they flew, “We have got to turn you into a better people-person. That stuff you told Krillin earlier, about #18? Totally not cool.”

“But, I was only trying to make him feel better.” Cell defended.

“Yeah, I know…but… what you said kinda made him feel worse, y’know?”

“Not really.” Cell said, “there’s so much I do not understand about humans and the way they think.”

“Don’t worry.” Goku said, smiling, “I’ll have my wife teach you manners. She can turn anyone into a gentleman, can’t she Gohan?”

“What?” Gohan said, “oh, yeah right. Good old mom.”

“You sound troubled, Gohan.” Piccolo said.

“It’s nothing.” Gohan said, trailing off. In Gohan’s mind, he was still seeing Krillin flying away, crying.

“Goku.” Piccolo said, “I believe it would be best to make use of the Dragonballs, if you’re really going through with this. Cell is known and feared by the people of Earth. And it couldn’t hurt to at least try repairing some of the damage he’s done, could it?”

“Nah, you’re right, Piccolo.” Goku agreed, “We’ll definitely use the Dragonballs, but tomorrow huh? I want to eat a lot and sleep a lot too.”

With that, they flew the rest of the way to Goku’s house without another word.


”Gohan!” Chi Chi yelled, as she rushed past her husband to embrace her son. “You’re all right! Oh, my little angle! I saw that monster hit you on TV and I passed out. I woke up worried sick, not knowing what happened to you.”

”I’m fine, mom.” Gohan said awkwardly.

“Goku!” Chi Chi said, rising to her feet. “Of all the…I told you not to make Gohan fight you big, stupid..lumm..l…” Chi Chi trailed off. Her eyes widened, and she gasped in horror. “T-that’s Cell!” She yelped, and jumped back, hugging Gohan.

“Hello.” Cell said, offering a smile and a hand shake.

Chi Chi shrieked and hid behind her son. “Y-you mean you didn’t defeat him?” she asked.

“Chi Chi, stop acting like that.” Goku said, “It’s rude. Cell’s our friend now.”

“Cells your what now!?” Chi Chi roared.

“Mom, it’s OK.” Gohan said, “He’s turned into a good guy now.”

“You have got to be kidding me!” Chi Chi breathed, “Look at him! He doesn’t even look like a good guy.”

“I think he looks pretty cool.” Goku said cheerfully, “and I can’t wait to train with him. But I told him he could spend the night here, is that ok with you, Chi Chi?”

“You’re…really…being…serious?” She asked.

“M-hm.” Goku nodded. “Now, I’m starved. Lets go in and grab a bite, eh?”

And with that, Gohan, Goku, Chi Chi, and Cell walked into Goku’s house. Piccolo remained outside, leaning against a tree with his arms crossed. And he did not move an inch all night.


The next morning, Gohan was up early, out in the yard talking to Piccolo. Eventually, at around 9 or so, Goku and Cell emerged from the front door.

“You’re finally up, dad!” Gohan said cheerfully. “So are we gonna go train with Cell today?”

Goku and Cell exchanged glances. Goku stepped forward. “Well, uh… Gohan, you’re more then welcome to come, but I’m afraid for today It’s just gonna be me and Cell training by ourselves.”

”Wh-why?” Gohan said, feeling hurt.

“Because, Gohan, Cell and I have decided to train in the Room of Spirit and Time together, isn’t that cool!”

“But, Dad, I thought you couldn’t go back in there!”

“Nah,” Goku said, “The first time I went, I only spent a couple months, remember. I still have almost a full year left to spend in there.”

“Well,” Gohan began, “So do I. I can come too, right?”

”Sorry, champ.” Goku said, “but only two people can enter the room at once, remember?”

Actually, Piccolo thought to himself, The room is set-up with supplies for two people, but any number can actually enter it. But you already know that, don’t you Goku. Piccolo remained silent.

“Well then, we’re off. You coming, Gohan? You can hang out with Piccolo on the lookout and wait until we come back out, right?”

“Um, no… I have something else I need to do.” Gohan sighed deeply, and walked back into the house.

Goku shrugged, then smiled at Cell. “Lets go!”

And so, Goku, Cell, and Piccolo flew up to kami’s lookout. Gohan, meanwhile, went up to his bedroom, and opened up a textbook. He began reading and taking notes…

Chapter 4: The first “year”.

“That is a wish I cannot grant.” Rumbled Shenron.

Goku, Piccolo, Cell, and Dende were all standing around the glowing Dragonballs, while Shenron filled the sky above them.

“Huh.” Goku said, “why not?”

“The ones you seek to be resurrected,” Shenron explaind, “have not moved on from this world. Though their physical life has ended, their spirits remain intact, trapped within the entity known as Cell.”

“See,” Dende said, “Just like I said would happen.”

“I feel… terrible about this.” Cell moped.

“Aw, forget it.” Goku said, cheerfully. “I mean, how many times have I saved this world again? I’d say they owe me at least something by now. We’ll just go with plan ‘B’, instead.”

“Right… plan ‘B’…” Dende muttered. He didn’t like this one bit. He was still weary of having Cell himself standing mere feet away from him, calling himself “friend”.

“Shenron, I wish you to remove the memory of Cell from everyone on this world, except for those of us gathered up here.”

Shenron’s eyes flashed red, and for a while he floated there, not answering.

“There is a problem.” Shenron said, “there are a group of beings on this world, whos powers exceed that of my creator. Though I may remove the memories of Cell from everyone else, these beings cannot be effected by the wish. They are too powerful.”

“Hm,” Goku said, “That would be my son, Vegeta, Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, Chaotzu, … those guys. Maybe Yajirobe and Roshi too, and who knows who else…” Goku thought for a moment, then decided. “That’s ok. We don’t need them to forget, just the regular people, so Cell can hang around on Earth without scaring everyone.”

“Very well.” Shenron roared, and his eyes flashed brighter. “It is done. As an added bonus I also removed the memories of Ginger Town and the other places that were attacked by Cell. No trace of his existence remains within the thoughts of the general populace. Fare ‘thee well!”

“Thanks, Shenron!” Goku waved as the dragon faded from view. The Dragonballs floated up into the air and then with a flash of light, spread in opposite directions, vanishing far beyond the horizion.
On the Earth below, everyone felt a momentary sense of disorientation, as the memories of Cell left them. Various VHS tapes across the world were rubbed blank. Wanted posters with Cell’s face on them simply became blank sheets of paper. The people’s memories were obscured about Mr. Satan as well, but they remembered only one thing, him wetting himself on live TV, and being exposed as a fraud. Although no one on the Earth could really remember the specifics of the event, the vague thought that he was a failure hung in their memories. Mr. Satan remained a laughing stock.

“So, it’s done.” Goku smiled, “I’m so excited for this. Lets train hard, Cell.”

“I still can’t believe there is a room where an entire year can pass in the span of 24 hours on the outside.” Cell mused, “but it does make perfect sense… how you and Vegeta and Trunks improved so magnificently in such a small time.”

“Uh, huh,” Goku said, leading Cell towards the room, “I’ll tell you all about it when we get in there. This is gonna be perfect.”

“Just remember, Goku.” Piccolo said, “you only have 10 months worth of time left in the room. Do not overstay your time.”

“Right, right.” Goku nodded impatiently, as him and Cell approached the door.

“Just be careful, Goku.” Dende said, “I still suspect that sneak is planning something.”

Cell sighed deeply. “When will you people start trusting me? I want to start a new life. There’s so much I can do to help humanity. And I mean more then just protecting it with brute force.”

“Whatever,” Goku said, “lets train now.”

And so, Goku and Cell entered the room.

“That Goku…” Piccolo trailed off, “He’s something else.”

“Tell me about it.” Dende said.

“Goku turned down training with Gohan, for this. He lied and told Gohan that only two people can enter the room at once.” Piccolo explained.

”But… I thought only two people could enter it at once.” Dende said.

“That’s not the way it works. The room is magically set up with supplies that could sustain two people for a year’s time. There’s also only two beds. But for someone like Cell who does not need to eat, nor to sleep, there’s little reason why he couldn’t have brought Gohan along.”

“I see…” Dende said.

Piccolo grunted. “Goku’s thinking only about himself right now. He wants to surpass everyone.”

“And Cell’s motives?” Dende questioned.

Piccolo sighed, “I do not yet know”


”Incredible!” Cell breathed, surveying the vast expanse of emptiness before him.

“It’s supposed to be as big as the Earth.” Goku said. “The gravity is also ten times greater here, but the air is much thinner. The temperature also ranges from one extreme to another.”

“Then it provides the ideal conditions for training!” Cell said, beginning to grow excited.

“Indeed it does.” Goku said.

Cell and Goku faced each other.

“Ok, since this isn’t you playing your game, this time,” Goku said, smirking, “I want you to show me what your full power really is.”

“Very well.” Cell said.

Cell steadied his footing, and then began to scream. A massive aura opened up around him. Goku had to brace himself, the jet-blast of wind thrown up from Cell’s aura was almost enough to knock Goku off his feet.

”Aw, no way!” Goku screamed, “It’s still…rising!”

“HAAAAAAAAA~!” Cell screamed, as the ground rumbled, and clouds of fine crystalline dust were blown up from the strange off-white ground of the Room.

Finally, the wind subsided, and the ground stopped quaking. Cell clenched his hands into fists, his aura was massive. “This is it, Son Goku.” Cell said, “my true, terrible power.”

“It’s more… more then I dared dream of!” Goku said, his face like that of a child in a candy store. “You had so much power hidden inside. And now I know, that by the time we’re done… you’ll be even stronger then this. And so, too, will I.”

“Goku,” Cell said, smiling, “You never cease to amaze me.”

”Yes, I have important information.” Krillin said, talking on the phone. “I know where Cell is.”

”Who?” the Royal Intelligence officer asked him.

Cell,” Krillin said, growing annoyed. “I know where he’s hiding, I know where you can find him.”

“Who in the world is … ‘cell’?” The officer asked.

What is going on. Krillin wondered, then he felt a sinking feeling. The sky had darkened earlier. The Dragonballs had been used. But do do what?

“Cell!” Krillin repeated, “the monster who attacked Ginger Town… the thing that absorbed all those people, the one who announced the end of the world on live television!”

“Mister,” the officer groaned, “if this is a prank call, please just hang up, and stop calling here, OK? No one’s ever heard of this Cell before, and I don’t even know where ‘Ginger Town’ is. There hasn’t been a disturbance to the peace since the East City disaster over four years ago. Now, if you have nothing truly important to tell m-“

Krillin slammed the phone down. He felt sick with himself. In his bitterness he was trying to sell out Goku. But it wasn’t right. It just wasn’t right to forgive Cell of his crimes. It wasn’t right to let the slimy murderer get away with killing all those people, especially the one he loved.

“Did you change your mind?” Roshi asked Krillin, hopeful. “You’re not going to sell out your friend, after all?”

“It doesn’t matter what I decide to do.” Krillin muttered bitterly. “Goku’s always been a step ahead of me, hasn’t he? No one remembers who Cell is anymore.”

”What?” Roshi burst.

“Didn’t you see the sky get dark? He used the Dragonballs. No one remembers there was a monster named Cell.”

They fell silent for a while.

“Krillin, I’m sure Goku isn’t doing this to hurt you. Just…give it time.”

”No.” Krillin said simply, and picked up a suit case. “I’m leaving, master. It has nothing to do with you…I just…don’t want to ever see those people again. I can never forgive them.”
And so, time passed, and the sun began to set. Piccolo and Dende anxiously looked at the clock above the door. Piccolo was a bit ashamed with himself, but he had just began to think that maybe it would be for the best if Goku screwed up and got himself and Cell stuck in that room. Just as Piccolo was shaking the thought out of his head, they heard the creak.

The door slowly opened, and Cell and Goku stepped out of it. Both of them were smiling. No one spoke. Goku stretched, and basked in the dimming rays of the setting sun, while Cell popped his neck a few times.

“Well” Dende pressed, “How did it go?”

”It was amazing!” Goku said, “Everything I’d hoped for, and a whole lot more.”

“I’ve come to respect Son Goku, and all of you, a whole lot more.” Cell said. “I’m here to help, to make things better. I was once obsessed with becoming Perfect. Now I have a new obsession. I will make the world in which I live, a Perfect one.”

Chapter 5: The amazing Mr. Cell

“I’ll start with you, Piccolo.” Cell said.

“What?” Piccolo asked, growing alarmed.

“The first improvement to this world, I mean.” Cell explained. “You have great potential. You only lacked the proper tools to bring it out. You can continue to keep up with the Saiyans if only you had a proper trainer.”

“Hmph!” Piccolo grumbled. “And who would that be, you?”

“Not exactly.” Cell said. “My child.”

With that, Cell’s tail popped out a blur of motion. Dende and Piccolo both took a step back, their eyes wide in amazement.

“Meet Cell Junior.” Cell said, smirking.

“Ke ke ke!” Cell Junior said, rising to its feet. It was about two feet tall at the most, and looked like a miniature version of Cell, himself.

“What on Earth?” Piccolo began.

“Don’t be afraid.” Goku urged. “These guys can fight as hard as Cell can, but they love to play around. Piccolo, train with Cell Junior for a while, I’m sure you’ll grow to love it.”

“Cell Junior,” Cell said, “Piccolo is to be your sparring partner. Obey his commands, and give him a good workout. Now, attack.”

With that, the Cell Junior leapt at Piccolo and began spamming him with punches and kicks. “Wh, WOAH! STOP IT!” Piccolo screamed. The Cell Junior abruptly stopped.

“There’s no need to be worried,” Cell assured him, “Like I just said, he will obey your command. Use him as you like. Train to your hearts content. Son Goku and I must go now.”

“Have fun, Piccolo.” Goku said, cheerfully. “You’ll love Cell Junior.”

And so Goku and Cell took off and flew down to the Earth below.

Piccolo was left staring at the Cell Junior as it stared back at him.

“This thing is… creepy…”


”Chi Chi, I’m home!” Goku said, as he and Cell walked in.

“Where have you been, Goku?” Chi Chi said, as she poured herself a glass of coffee. “You were out all night?”

Suddenly, Chi Chi stopped, and looked at Cell. “And who is that weird looking guy? What’s with the silly outfit.”

“I am named Mr. Cell,” Cell replied, and he took a bow before Chi Chi. “I am very pleased to make your acquaintance. Goku spoke so fondly of you.”

From the kitchen, Gohan, who was preparing his breakfast overheard.

Whats going on? Gohan wondered, Mom has no idea who Cell is? Gohan realized it must have been the Dragonballs. They had been used yesterday, before his father and Cell had entered the room. And now he knew what they had been used for.

Gohan walked out of the kitchen and greeted his father and Cell.

“Hey guys, how did, uh… training go.”

“Oh, hey Gohan. Yeah…it went, OK I guess.” Goku replied, then he leaned towards his son and whispered “C’mon Gohan, I need you to play along, no one can know the truth about who Cell is, ok?”

“Sure, dad.” Gohan agreed, eager to be pals with his father. “No problem.”

“That’s a good boy!” Goku said.

“Dad, look at this.” Gohan said, holding up a print-out from the fax machine. “I took a bunch of at-home exams yesterday. I studied all day and took a few exams, I just passed the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades in a single day! Not bad for a nine year old, huh dad?”

“That’s uh… great, Gohan.” Goku said, sitting down at the kitchen table and eating the breakfast that Gohan had just prepared for himself.

“Isn’t it, though?” Chi Chi said. “I don’t know what got into him, but he studied so hard yesterday, I’m so proud of our son. He’s catching up for all the time he lost when he was out adventuring with you.”

Gohan handed the print out to Goku, but he only glanced over it, then tossed it aside as he continued shoveling food into his mouth. Cell picked up the sheet and looked over it.

“Spectacular job, gentle child.” Cell said enthusiastically.

“Yeah… thanks…” Gohan said, sounding less then enthusiastic himself.

“Well, thanks for the grub, but Mr. Cell and I gotta run, we’ve got important stuff to do today.” Goku said, getting up and stretching.

“Hon, you should stay home and get some rest, weren’t you up all night?” Chi Chi pressed.

“Oh, nah, you know me. I’ll get around to sleeping eventually.” Goku laughed.

“Say dad, can I come too?” Gohan said, getting hopeful. “You and uh.. Mr. Cell are going out to train, aren’t you?”

Goku frowned, “Uh, maybe next time, Gohan. Mr. Cell and I have trained enough, we’re doing something different today.”

“Oh, I see.” Gohan said, sitting back down and sighing.

“Well, gotta run!” Goku said, kissing Chi Chi on the forehead.

“It was nice meeting you, Mrs. Son.” Cell said, and gave another bow.

“What a gentleman,” Chi Chi mused, after Goku and Cell had left. “Where did Goku meet a nice guy like him?”

“Yeah,” Gohan said, crumbling his certificates in his hand. “A real gentleman…”


”You must be so proud of your son, Goku.” Cell said, as he and Goku flew towards Central City. “I mean, the kids a regular genius. He aced his final exams, all three of them. And he’s only nine years old.”

“To be honest,” Goku sighed, “Gohan kinda disappointed me. I mean, I fully expected him to be capable of beating you at the Cell game.”

“Heh,” Cell laughed, “Those were some high hopes, eh?”

“Yeah, well…” Goku said, “It’s not that he likely couldn’t have. It’s that he didn’t even… try. Gohan had a chance to face his fears and overcome a great obstacle, instead he backed down. He never really wanted to fight. But you, Cell… you made a great training partner. I mean, to think, there was a level BEYOND Super Saiyan!”

“I know!” Cell agreed, “It was quite exciting, wasn’t it. And it will get even more exciting in the years to come. There may be no limit to what we accomplish.”

Finally they had arrived in the city. They both floated higher over a tall sky scraper. A sign on the side of the building, read simply: “Z-TV.”

“Well, this is it.” Cell said.

“You sure you need me to stay behind?” Goku said, “I mean, don’t I get to be on TV, too?”

“Oh, you will be eventually, Son Goku. But for this first day, I feel I must go it alone.” Cell took a deep breath. “Well, here goes.”

Cell flew down to the ground, and walked into the main lobby of the Z-TV building. With a sense of déjà vu, he walked up to the front desk, and asked which floor the global broadcasting room was on. Not that he really needed to ask, after all, he had been here just 12 days ago.

When he was told where it was, Cell thanked the woman behind the counter, and began floating up. Not through the ceiling as he had before, but this time, he took the stairs. He floated past many people on his way up the stairs, all of them backing up against the walls and giving him weird looks.

“I mean you no harm.” Cell said as he passed some, smiling innocently. “Peace be with you.”

Finally, Cell reached the 12th floor, and walked out into the studio. He walked right into the middle of a news story. All at once, the anchor got up, angrily pointing at Cell and demanding this disturbance be removed. Two security guards immediately ran towards Cell. Last time Cell was here, he had slaughtered them. This time, he simply picked them up with his ki-control psychokinesis, careful not to harm them, and moved them out of his way.

Cell stepped in front of the camera, and the room was in hushed silence.


”Hey, look at this.” Bulma said, flipping through the channels. All of the channels on the TV showed the exact same thing. A weird green guy with dark camo spots, and a shiny globe-like forehead, with strange spires on top of his head, and a shiney black crotch piece.

Vegeta leapt out of his chair, suddenly alarmed. “Cell.” He said simply, gritting his teeth.

“Greetings, people of Earth.” Cell said. “My name is Mr. Cell. I am a strange visitor to your planet from another world, but I assure you, I mean you no harm. I am here to help. I believe with cooperation and hard work, we can make the world a better place in which to live.”

Vegeta began gathering a few capsules, and started to walk out the door.

”Where are you going?” Bulma asked, “does it have anything to do with this guy?”

“It has everything to do with ‘this guy’.” Vegeta grumbled. He was furious that Bulma didn’t even know who Cell was, and knew all too well why she didn’t.

“Then, where are you going?” She asked.

“To train.” Vegeta said. “To train my ass off. I won’t be home for another seven years. Goodbye.”

“What!?” Bulma yelled, “seven years?!” But it was too late. Vegeta had flown off.

She sighed deeply. Just yesterday the future version of her son had went back to his own time, and now, Vegeta had just upped and walked out on her. With nothing else to do, she focused on the television broadcast.


”Not just physically, but also mentally, I am a perfect being.” Cell explained to the camera. “I’ve come here to make things better. I can be your savior if you accept me.”

Cell waved his hand, and a perfectly rectangular hole appeared in the wall. He had cut the wall apart, much the same way he had cut a large rock apart in order to build the Cell Games arena.

“I am deeply sorry for the property damage, but as you will soon see, the benefits of what I’m about to show you will quickly outweigh the problem of having a hole in your studio’s wall. Now, follow me.” Cell flew out of the hole.

“T-this is the story of a lifetime!” The news anchor breathed. “The story of the CENTURY just walked in on us!”

Everyone stared.

“QUICK, YOU MORONS!” The anchor yelled, after covering his microphone. “the roof! Get to the roof! He asked us to follow him!”

The news team scrambled to the rooftop, where Goku and Cell were waiting.

“If you would please,” Cell said, gesturing towards the Z-TV news chopper, “board this vehicle with all the proper equipment you need, and then when you are ready, I have something special to show you all.”

It took about 20 minutes to get the chopper loaded with the camera feed equipment and personnel. The people of Earth sat at the edges of their seats. Viewer rating was 100%. No one knew who Mr. Cell was, or what he was doing.

In West City, Yamcha watched the broadcast uneasily with Bulma. Every time Bulma paused to say how exciting it was, Yamcha would think to himself Exciting? More like frightening.

Finally, they were ready. Cell told them not bother fueling the chopper, nor starting its engines. After all, that would make too much noise. With that, Cell picked the Chopper up, him holding one landing-rail, Goku holding the other, and the two of them flew out of the city.

The whole way, the news team marveled at how amazing it all was. They were being flown. They were going far faster then the chopper could under its own power. Who were these mysterious people, and what did they represent?

Finally, they settled down outside the city. Before them stood the Great Plains, nothing but grassy wasteland, with rocky hills.

“This is perfect.” Cell said.

He thrust his hands forward, and mowed down a massive expanse of terrain with his power. The news team all cowered from the massive shock of the blast. When the smoke cleared, the land had been completely flattened. It looked as if months had been spent bulldozing it to a perfectly level, flat surface.

Next, Cell lifted up his hands, and a great deal of rocks and boulders began floating up into the air. More and more, they gathered. Finally, Cell’s eyes lit up, and they began to grow hot in the air. The rock melted out, revealing precious ore. From this point on, Cell began moving his hands and fingers rapidly, too fast for the human eye too see.

The news crew, as well as the rest of the world, watched in bewilderment and confusion. None comprehended what they saw. For minutes Cell worked furiously, and then, it became apparent what he was doing. He was mining steel, refining rock, shaping prefabricated structures in mid air. One by one, massive skyscrapers began to appear on the flattened terrain. Cell was building a city.

“My friend, Mr. Cell,” Goku explained to the camera, “Happens to be one heck of an architect. He’s also a brilliant mathematician, and a really strong fighter! I guess that’s part of what it means to be truly perfect.”

Just over an hour after Cell had began, it was over. No one could believe their eyes. Before them stood a city unlike any they had ever seen. It looked straight out of a sci-fi movie.

“Welcome,” Cell said, smiling to the camera, “to the city of the future. Welcome, to Cell City.”

Chapter 6: Seven years later.

Things moved quickly after that. Within a year, Cell had neutralized nearly every disease to have ever plagued mankind. By the third year, poverty had been “cured” by the being who invented a pill that meant people didn’t even need to sleep anymore.

By the fourth year, the King had resigned willingly, to be replaced by Cell’s One-World government, which consisted of artists, writers, and philosophers. By the fifth year, Cell’s new Super-Cities replaced every city on the Earth. Within six years, the Cell Junior Corps kept the peace across the entire planet.

Seven years after the day Mr. Cell introduced himself to the world, we find ourselves in Cell City, the city of the future. A marvel of technological achievement, and near-perfect, utopian peace. Near-perfect, utopian peace. For, no matter how much better Cell made the world, people would be people after all.

Cell City Bank:

The handgun exploded in the lobby, striking down the security guard with a shot to the chest.

“Gah… gah!” he guard rasped. “It hurts!”

“Come on! Come on!” one of the bandits shouted. “Get that money, lets move!”

“You idiots!” the teller said, “this is Cell City, you won’t get away with this.”

“Shut up, old man.” The lead bank-robber said, and pistol whipped the teller.

In about five minutes they had gathered the loot up.

“We’ll be back after we spend it all, suckers!” the ringleader screamed, and began firing off his machine gun throughout the lobby, shattering glass, and wounding victims with stray bullets.

They ran out of the bank, laughing hysterically.

Outside, they saw that the Cell City Security Force had established a perimeter around the bank.

“Surrender peacefully!” An officer yelled. “We have you surrounded.”

“Up yours!” The ring-leader screamed. With that, he and his accomplices began raining machine gun fire at the Security Force’s vehicles.


Gohan flew on Kinto’un (Flying Nimbus Cloud) on his way to Orange Star Highschool. As he passed over Cell City, he hopped off Kinto’un, and as soon as he made sure no one was looking, stepped out from behind bushes, and began walking the rest of the way.

Gohan sighed deeply. Although he had enough credits to be done with high school years ago, his mother felt it was a good idea for him to attend public school as a freshman. The ‘next step’ in his education.

Not that it matters. Gohan thought, We’re loaded now, that Cell made Dad such a big shot. I don’t need to work a day in my life.

But still, Gohan followed along with his mother’s advice. As he neared the school, he heard the sound of screams, and the rattle of machine gun fire.

“Again?” Gohan grumbled, “What’s with people? Cell gave humanity the perfect world, and still they pull stupid crap like this?”

Gohan sighed deeply again, and pushed his bang out of his eyes. “It doesn’t matter. It’s not my problem.” He said, and walked indifferently past the scene.


The robbers had got into a big pickup truck with monster-truck wheels by now. All the while, they rained automatic weapons fire down at the security force. They were actually going to escape. Just then, something zoomed out of the air at lightning speed. Whatever it was, landed right on the hood of the truck, and flipped it over completely.

The people cheered out loud, as the Security Force officers breathed a sigh of relief. The Cell Junior Corps was here!

“Damn little monsters!” one of the robbers screamed, as he got to his feet. He grabbed his machine gun and fired it at the Cell Junior.

”Itetete!” The Cell Junior chattered, as it grabbed all of the bullets out of the air.

The robber dropped his gun, and turned to run away, but the Junior flew after him and delivered one light tap to the back of his head, knocking him out.

The other robbers, who were still conscious, tried to drag themselves out of the wrecked truck, and run as well. The Cell Junior fired an invisible kiai wave of power at the truck, and caused it to flip over several times. Methodically, the Cell Junior picked up all five men by the collars of their shirts, and dropped their limp forms in front of the Security Force Lieutenant.

“Thank you, Cell Junior!” The Lieutenant said, smiling from ear to ear, and delivering a heartfelt salute to the little warrior. “Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

“Kekeke!” Cell Junior said, smiling with a “^_^” expression.

The people erupted past the Security perimeter at this point, and crowded around the Cell Junior.

“I love you, Cell Junior.” Little girls squealed, “you’re so cute!”

“Cell Junior rocks!” boys shouted, “I want one of my own!”

“G’bye!” the Cell Junior squealed in a high-pitched voice, and flew into the air, one arm stretched out in front of it, striking a Superman pose.


As Gohan walked to school, he saw a cute girl with pigtails walking in the same direction. Just then, several other kids walked up to her.

”Hey look!” one of them said, “it’s Videl, the loser’s daughter.”

“Yeah,” the other one said, “you gonna wet your pants in front of everyone, just like your daddy did.”

“Bug off, creepwads.” Videl said, blushing furiously.

Oooh!” the lead bully, a built guy, with long blonde hair said, getting up in Videl’s face. “The Losers daughter thinks she’s tough!”

“Hi-YAH!” Videl screamed as she karate chopped the guy in the throat. As he leaned over in pain, the other two kids jumped at Videl, but she leapt in the air and kicked them both in the face.

Hey, Gohan said, perking up a bit, she’s got some pretty good moves.

“She’s crazy.” One of the bullies said, hosting the first one back to his feet. “Lets get out of here.” The three ran away.

“And you better not talk trash to me again, Sharpener!” Videl screamed angrily.

She knelt down to begin picking her books back up, when she noticed that Gohan had done so for her.

“Oh great, let me guess, you’re here to make fun of me too, aren’t you, nerd boy?”

“Um, no.” Gohan said timidly. “I just wanted to tell you how awesome that was. You seem to be pretty good with martial arts.”

“Hmph.” She said, taking her books back.

“You, uh… wanna hang out?” Gohan offered. “I used to be pretty good at uh… martial arts, too.”

“Yeah. Right.” Videl said, walking away.

“Aw, come on!” Gohan said.

“Bug off, creep.” Videl said, “I can tell you’re desperate for a date, you think I’ll be so easy just because of my bad reputation?”

“I don’t even know who you are.” Gohan said. Shoot, Gohan thought, I gotta do something.

Gohan floated into the air, and flew right in front of Videl.

“Wha-!” she gasped.

“I’ll uh, teach you how to do this.” Gohan said, smiling as he floated in place.


”He-yah!” Goku shouted, as he threw the man 30 feet across the room, and into the force barrier that would safely stop his movement without shattering his bones.

Goku had become a big-time martial arts teacher in the omni-dojo that he and Cell had opened up seven years ago. Cell and Goku still trained regularly, but now Goku also got to train legions of martial artists from around the world. Its what he did to occupy his time while Cell was out fixing stuff and doing goody-goody stuff.

“You may be fast, but you lack focus.” Goku said, smiling. “Ok, now all of you, come at me at once.”

The entire class ran towards Goku. Goku flared his aura up ever so slightly, and they were all knocked off of their feet and into the force pillows.

“Aw man.” One of the kids moaned, “When will we learn how to do the stuff you and Mr. Cell can do, sensei?”

“Probably never.” Goku sighed.

Goku had searched long and hard for a human who had the potential to control their ki, even someone to be as good as Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien used to be. But it seemed those types of people were extremely rare.

Just then, the double doors of the dojo flew open, and Cell walked into the room enthusiastically.

“Omigod, it’s Mr. Cell!” the people began gasping.

Cell stepped up to Goku, and bowed, and Goku returned the gesture.

“Goku, I recently got back from a conference on the moon, and realized that in less then two months is the seventh anniversary of Cell Day. Lets say we celebrate the occasion, hm? I’m in an especially good mood.”

“Gee, Cell.” Goku said, smiling, “what do you have in mind?”

“How about… a tournament.” Cell said. His smile widened, and he winked at Goku. “A grand Martial Arts tournament. Lets say we call it… the Cell Games.”

Chapter 7: Preparation for the tournament.

Gohan and Videl sat bored in class, away from the other students, in the back of the room. It was where most of the emo and goth kids sat. But Gohan and Videl didn’t associate with them either. Gohan was just happy that Videl had agreed to date him, and Videl was amazed that later today, she would probably learn how to fly.

Suddenly, the teacher’s lesson was interrupted, when a panel in the ceiling opened, up and a TV set on a mechanical arm came down. The TV broadcast the familiar face of Mr. Cell, as the speakers boomed with the sound of the Cell Anthem.

“Gentle people of the good planet Earth.” Cell began, making Gohan roll his eyes and groan. “I have an exciting announcement to make. For seven years, we have worked hard together, to better our world. Now the time has come to play hard, as well. In two months, it will be the anniversary of Cell Day. And to commemorate this event, I am going to hold a grand Martial Arts tournament in Cell City. I wish fro the bravest and mightiest warriors of humanity to assemble, and have at it, in a magnificent display of grace, power, and skill.”

“As you know,” Cell continued, “Martial Arts has always been one of my own personal greatest passions. When I’m not busy curing the cold, or building a pollution-free power plant, I enjoy to partake in the splendor that is Martial Arts. So, to review, the tournament will be held exactly two months from Friday. It will be a single elimination tournament, with rules similar to the old Tenakichi Budokai tournaments of yore. And, as an added bonus, the winner of the tournament will receive one-hundred-million Zenni, and get the once in a lifetime chance to spar with yours truly, Mr. Cell. But don’t be shy, I promise to go easy on you.” Cell winked at the camera.

The room erupted into a chorus of “Oh, wow! Cool.” And “Mr. Cell is freaking sweet”. Gohan buried his head in his arms, and shook his head.

“So then, citizens.” Cell said, “I will see you all at the tournament.”

With that, the TV went blank, and retracted back into the ceiling. The room exploded into the chatter of excited students, as the lunch bell rang.


Gohan sat shyly at Videl’s lunch table. The two of them sat alone, in the corner of the cafeteria, away from all the cool kids.

“Gohan,” Videl said, “We’re going to train together, I need you to teach me how to fly.”

“You’re not thinking about entering the tournament, are you?” Gohan asked.

“Gohan, I’ve gotta enter that tournament. I have to redeem my family name. I’m tired of living in disgrace.”

“Uh, just who is your father, anyway?” Gohan asked.

Videl closed her eyes, and blushed, then she softly said “Mr. Satan.”

“Oh?” Gohan asked, confused, “Mr. Satan? The guy who showed up to fight Cell before?”

“Fight Cell?” Videl asked.

Oh crap, Gohan thought, I forgot, everyone’s memories were erased of that seven years ago.

“I mean to say, I actually met your dad once, way back before Cell was famous. He’s not that bad of a guy.”

“Yeah well, he lied to the people of Earth.” Videl grumbled, “He got exposed as a hoax and became a laughing stock. He was once the Tenkaichi Budokai champion, back when the tournament meant something.”

You mean, back when the tournament was a joke, Gohan thought.

“Look, Videl.” Gohan sighed, “I would offer to help, and sure, I’ll still teach you how to fly…but really, I don’t want to enter this tournament.”

You don’t have to enter it!” Videl said, “I’m the one who’s going to enter it, and win.”

You don’t have a chance, Gohan thought, but then said “It’s just… It’s complicated to explain, Videl, but I don’t want any part of the tournament at all.”

Just then, a kid came up to the table, while his friends snickered in the background.

“Hey, loser-geeks. You wanna work-out for the big tournament in two months? You better sign up for the fitness program then.” He slapped a flyer down on the table, and then hurried away laughing.

Videl rolled her eyes, and Gohan looked at the flyer. It was one of the old annoying advertisements from a few years ago. Cell stood centered on the page, flexing his muscles, while big bubble-letter text read “Create the Perfect You.”

“Ok,” Gohan said, “I’m in.”


Goku landed on the new Kami Lookout, and searched for Piccolo’s ki. Kami’s Lookout had changed a lot from the way it used to be. It had been rebuild by Cell, several years ago. It was a now a massive, floating mechalopolis, a multi-layered platform; on one layer as a beautiful geometric garden, which housed every form of plant and animal life known on Earth, on the next layer was a fantastic replica of Planet Namek, and above that, the Crystal Palace, which spanned miles, and reached, literally, out of the planets atmosphere.

Finally, Goku found Piccolo, and raced to him. Piccolo and Dende were mediating side by side, while Popo uselessly cleaned some of the auto-selfcleaning windows overlooking the viewscreens that monitored the world below.

“Yo, Piccolo.” Goku said, “Wake up, I’ve got good news for you.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Piccolo said, “the tournament.”

“So, you in?” Goku said. “It’s gonna be exciting, I’m gonna try to gather all the guys up. It’ll be just like old times.”

“Hmph, you want to show off your and Cell’s new power, don’t you.” Piccolo said.

“Aw, come on, it’s about having fun.” Goku insisted, “besides, I don’t think anyone there is really strong enough to make either Cell, or myself really cut loose.”

“Don’t be so sure.” Piccolo said, getting up, “I’ve trained hard with those Cell Junior things. I advanced to three at once.”

“Oh?” Goku said, smiling, “Three at once, huh? That’s pretty good.”

“But not good enough, is it?” Piccolo said.

“Well, there’s only one way to be sure. So, you in?”

“Yeah.” Piccolo nodded. “I’ll be there.”

“Great.” Goku cheered, I’m so excited.

Without staying to chat another word, Goku took off at full speed.


West City had been converted into a Super-City by Cell, and it was now massive. But beneath the towering sky-streets and twisting, spiraling super-structures, there were still dirty slums, hidden in the underbelly of the city. It was here, that Goku swooped down. Finally, he found the old rundown Capsule Corp facility, and entered it.

“Hello? Bulma?” Goku shouted.

“In here.” Bulma said.

Goku walked into a tiny room, where Yamcha and Bulma sat around an old TV. They both looked miserable.

“Heya, Bulma, what’s up. When I heard you lived down here in the under-city, I didn’t know to believe it or not. Whats going on?”

“Oh, hey Goku.” Bulma said coldly, “nice of you to stop by and visit, huh, it’s only been…what…seven years?”

“That long, huh?” Goku smiled, scratching the back of his head. “So uh, whats with the uh.. change in scenery.”

“This isn’t a change.” Yamcha snapped, “Capsule Corp hasn’t moved an inch in seven years.”

“Ah, gotya, but then why didn’t you guys move to the new Super-City that Cell built for you? You didn’t have to stay here.”

“Because, Goku.” Bulma said, “You know damn well that Capsule Corp got run out of business. Cell’s Super-Science rendered our technology obsolete. The stress killed my father. I honestly think he’d still be here today, working on his inventions, if Cell never showed up.”

“Gosh, Bulma.” Goku said, “You can’t blame Cell for that. He’s a really great guy. He made the world a better place. Besides, this doesn’t make any sense. I mean, Cell cured poverty, it says so in the history books.”

“Goku,” Bulma said, just as coldly, “you can drop the crap. Yamcha told me the truth about Cell a long time ago. About how you erased him from our memories. And as for him “curing” poverty, don’t make me laugh. I’d sooner die, then live in his sparkling new cities.”

“You told her everything, Yamcha?” Goku asked.

“What am I supposed to do,” Yamcha asked, “keep secrets from my own wife?”

“Your…hey, wait!” Goku gasped, “But, what about Vegeta? That’s who I came here to find.”

“Vegeta walked out seven years ago, when Mr. Cell first came on TV. I tried long and hard to find him, but I never could.” Bulma said, her voice, pure ice. “And now that I know the truth about “Mister” Cell, I don’t blame him at all. Now, get out of here, Goku. You’re not the same guy I met all those years ago. You became selfish.”

“Well…” Goku said, “What about Trunks? You at least know where your own son is, right?”

Yamcha patted Bulma on the back, but when she spoke, her voice cracked anyway. “Trunks ran away two years ago, Goku. You see, he wanted to meet his real dad. And since he’s half Saiyan, there wasn’t a whole lot we could do to stop him. He was only five years old, but he ran away!”

“What? Oh man, you’re kidding.” Goku said.

“No,” Yamcha said, “He went to look for Vegeta. Broke my arm in three places when I tried to stop him.”

“Well, gosh.” Goku said, suddenly wanting to leave, “Why didn’t you call the Security Force? The Cell Junior Corps could have found him, I’m sure.”

“Get out.” Bulma said.

”Ok, but hey, if you see Vegeta, tell him to stop by the big tournament, eh?”

“Get OUT!” Bulma yelled.

Goku did.


Goku ran into similar situations when he tried to find the rest of his friends. Master Roshi lived in a luxurious paradise, floating island, stocked with a full harem of willing bio-clones…but he hadn’t heard from Krillin in over seven years. Goku didn’t even know where to begin looking for Tenshinhan and Chaotzu. Trunks and Vegeta were nowhere to be found.

Looks like this won’t be the reunion I thought it would be. Goku thought to himself, as he flew home to his mansion in Cell City.


Gohan arrived home after school, with his new friend, Videl. Gohan and Chi Chi still lived on Mount Pazou, and also refused to go to the new Super-Cities. After Goku and Chi Chi had split up, due to Goku never being home, Gohan hadn’t heard much from his father. It was why he didn’t want to go to the tournament.

“Welcome home, Gohan, how was your first day of school.” Chi Chi asked.

“It was fine, mom.” Gohan said. “I’d like you to meet my new friend, Videl.”

“Oh? You go to public school for only one day, and you bring a girl home?” Chi Chi asked.

Videl crossed her arms. “When do we start training, Gohan?”

”Training?” Chi Chi asked, suddenly getting mad. “You’re not planning on having anything to do with Goku and Cell’s stupid tournament, are you?”

“Um, no mom. She meant uh.. studying, right Videl.”

“Whatever.” Videl said, then she whispered, “Did she just say Goku? Is she talking about Son Goku, that guy who Mr. Cell calls his number one?”

“Uh, yeah.” Gohan whispered, “Keep it down.”

“Ah! Big brother!” A voice suddenly called. Little Son Goten ran into the room to welcome his brother home. But he stopped when he saw Videl.

”Who’s this?”

”Wait!” Videl gasped, “That kid looks just like…” Videl abruptly grabbed Gohan’s student ID, which was still hanging on the band around his neck. She looked at his full name and gasped.

Son Gohan? You’re the children of Son Goku, aren’t you? You’re the son of that famous martial artist that Cell calls his partner!”

Chapter 8: Gather for the tournament

“Yeah, so I used to be married to the ‘big superstar’, who cares?” Chi Chi said.

“Wow, you really are Son Goku’s family.” Videl said. “I almost want to ask you people for an autograph or something.”

“Oh, don’t be like that.” Gohan blushed, “I never even talk to father anymore… I hardly even know him.”

“At least he has the decency to keep the money flowing in after we split up,” Chi Chi said, “even if he didn’t have the decency to ever be home, and raise his family.”

“Mom, please.” Gohan said, “You’re embarrassing me.”

“Then its true.” Videl said, “I mean… if you’re his son, then you really do know something about martial arts.”

“My brother is really strong!” Goten chirped.

“Oh please.” Videl said, clasping Gohan’s hands in her own. “You have to train me. I have to win that tournament.”

“So it is about the tournament.” Chi Chi grumbled, but then she looked at Gohan and Videl, and her face softened a bit. She sighed deeply. “You know what, go ahead Gohan. You can enter the tournament too. Say hi to your dad. It’s not healthy to avoid him like you do.”

“I’m not interested in ‘saying hi to dad’.” Gohan moaned. “He doesn’t care, ok? He never did.”

The only thing I care about, Gohan thought, is getting with little miss pigtails here, even if it is only for one night.

Being abandoned by his father had left Gohan with social issues. He felt inadequate, and had to be loved by as many people as he could, but he always pushed anyone away when they got close. But then, for some reason, he felt things might be different with this one.

“So, can we start training, now?” Videl asked, “I want to learn how to fly, you know.”

“Sure.” Gohan said, sighing. “lets train.”


And so days went by, and then weeks. Videl made stunning progress. After Gohan taught her how to fly, he began working on her other basic skills. Not caring about training himself, he spent all of his time on her. She was becoming quite the fighter. Gohan was surprised to learn that she had a good handle on ki manipulation. It had taken a few weeks, but she was about as strong as any other normal human Gohan had met, with the exception of Krillin and the others, of course. Gohan did not know it, but she had already reached a level where she rivaled the likes of King Chappa and Nam.

One day, as they trained, Videl made a comment about Gohan’s glasses.

“You should get contact lenses, you know.” She said.

“Oh?” Gohan said, “You think I’d look better without glasses?” He blushed and smiled, as he thought Videl was finally starting to take a liking to him.

“No, I mean they kind of get in the way while we train. You’re always having to push the darn things up your nose.”

“Mind your own business!” Gohan shouted, angrily. “I’m the one teaching you, here!”

Stupid martial arts! Gohan grumbled. But sure enough, when Videl came over the next day, Gohan wasn’t wearing glasses.


Weeks turned into a month, and then a month turned into two, and finally, the day had arrived.

Cell stood motionless in the center of the new ring he had personally built. Finally, as the exact second marked midnight, and the day of the new Cell Games began, Cell’s eyes opened wide, and he smiled.

“It’s time.” He said.

Cell City was abuzz with excitement. People partied and paraded in the streets, as massive dayside fireworks blasted in the air from dawn till noon. And then finally, the gates to the massive Cell Dome were opened, where the most celebrated sporting event in history was about to take place: The Cell Games.

Goku and Cell sat in the lounge, laid back.

“So, do you think any of them will come?” Goku asked.

“Dunno.” Cell said, “I’m just looking forward to my bout with you.”

“Tell me about it,” Goku said, “hope you haven’t gotten soft when you were so busy curing cancer.”

“Oh, don’t worry about me.” Cell laughed. “You’ll find that I’m still more then a match for you.”

”Funny.” Goku grinned, “last time we fought, we were both dead even from what I remember.”

“Unless one of us was holding back.” Cell winked.

“Yeah.” Goku said grinning.

“Well, lets go out and greet the competitors.” Cell said.

Cell and Goku stepped out of the lounge they had been in, and were instantly swarmed by people. People held infants out, begging Cell to kiss their children, woman flashed Goku and begged him to autograph their breasts. Goku and Cell floated above the mass of worshiping populace, and floated to the roped off section where only competitors were allowed to stand. A row of Cell Juniors stood guard, keeping the crowds out.

They landed, and looked around. Lot of unfamiliar faces. Then they found a familiar one.

“So, you came, Piccolo.” Goku said, cheerfully.

“Of course.” Piccolo nodded. “I said I would, did I not.”

Just then, the other competitors noticed Cell’s presence and stampeded around him.

“Mr. Cell, Mr. Cell, can I get your autograph, please?”

Cell began signing autographs while Goku and Piccolo walked away from the crowd. “What a turnout, huh? But where are all the guys?” Goku asked.

“Hmph, the guys?” Piccolo questioned, “did you think they’d want to show up? You know how they feel about Cell.”

“Yeah…guess your right.” Goku sighed.

Just then Goku’s eyes widened. He blinked twice, and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Son?” He asked.

Gohan and Videl turned around at the sound of his voice. Goku and Piccolo walked over.

“Son? You came here? You’re going to fight in the tournament?”

“Yeah.” Gohan said coldly.

Goku looked at his feet, feeling awkward.

”Well, uh… I’m glad you came.”

“Sure you are.” Gohan replied, shortly.

“Gohan,” Goku began, “I’m sorry about what happened between your mother and I, but--”

“Save it, dad.” Gohan said, “It was nice seeing you again, Piccolo.” And with that, Gohan and Videl walked away.

Goku frowned. If I get matched up with Gohan, I’m going to have to teach him some respect. Goku thought.

“Let your anger, go.” Piccolo said. “You can’t blame Gohan for the way he feels. You allowed Cell to step between the two of you.”

“Cell only tried to help. I never raised my son to be so unforgiving. He’s the one that made Cell turn good in the first place.”

Piccolo fell silent. For a moment, Goku and Piccolo stood around looking at all the random competitors who showed up. Then, they both noticed a strange pair.

“Woah.” Goku said, momentarily forgetting about Gohan. “What’s up with those guys?”

“He’s floating.” Piccolo said.

Two men, one a dainty young looking one, who hovered just an inch above the ground, and one a massive burly looking one, wore strange outfits, and stood out like sore thumbs. Their skin was light purple, and their hair was white. They did not look to be of this world.

Piccolo, especially, stared hard at them. The strange pair then noticed Goku, and approached him.

“Ah, Son Goku.” The small one spoke.

“Who are you?” Goku asked, “How do you know my name?”

“Uh, you’re only world-famous.” Piccolo said, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“Ahem.” The stranger said. “I’ve heard much about you. I’ve always wanted to spar with you. I do hope the lottery will pit us together for a match.” The stranger smiled.

Goku and Piccolo exchanged glances. The stranger continued. “Not that I’d ever expect to win, mind you. I just long to see how powerful you really are. Can I at least shake your hand?”

“Uh, sure?” Goku said, and shook hands with the stranger. There was a short, awkward pause, as the guy grinned at Goku. Then he took his hand back.

“I see,” the stranger said, “You have a good heart, Goku, although your judgement has been clouded. But I’m confident you’ll find your way. I am called Shin, and it was good to meet you. Good luck at the tournament.”

Just as Shin and his large friend were prepared to walk away, Cell came over.

“And who might you be?” Cell asked, and before Shin could protest, Cell took his hand and shook it.

Shin looked aghast, his mouth opened, and his eyes widened. Shin’s large partner seemed to tense, he almost looked as if he was about to attack Cell, when Cell finally let Shin’s hand go.

“What…What are you?” Shin whispered.

“Hah.” Cell laughed, “Always a comedian in the crowd, eh? I’m the most famous face on Terra Firma, my friend, I am Mr. Cell.”

This, is Mr. Cell?” Shin asked, and looked at his big friend. The two exchanged worried looks, and walked away.

“Couple of weirdos, eh?” Cell said, “you know them, Son Goku?”

“Never met em?” Goku said.

“Something strange about him…” Piccolo trailed off.

Just then, Goku blinked and did a double take. He caught a face in the crowd that looked familiar. Goku rushed away from Cell and Piccolo, and nudged his way through the crowd. It was him! He came!

“Krillin!” Goku said, excitedly.

“Hello, Goku.” Krillin said, grinning widely, and showing all his teeth.

Krillin had buffed up a bit, and on his forehead was some new tattoo, which covered his old one. The new tattoo looked like a big letter “M” stamped on his face….

Chapter 9: The Cell Games begin… again

“I am so glad you came,” Goku burst with excitement, “It’s been forever, Krillin.”

“Yeah.” Krillin replied, sneering, “it sure has, hasn’t it.”

“So where have you been for the last seven years? You just left Master Roshi’s place and never came back?”

“Oh, you know me, Goku.” Krillin seemed to be snickering back laughter, “Just out ‘messin around’.”

“I see.” Goku nodded, “And what’s up with that weird symbol on your forehead? I didn’t think you’d ever cover up your old tat with something like that.”

Krillin smiled the biggest, toothy grin. “Oh this?” he winked, “Just some new club I’m in.”

“New club?” Goku asked, “Sounds exciting.”

Just then, Cell and Piccolo came over. When Krillin saw Cell, his smile immediately turned into a scowl. His hands balled up into fists.

Krillin!” Cell declared, cheerfully, “What a surprise.”

“Yeah…” Krillin said, looking down. “How’re things going for Mr. Cell? You cured baldness yet?”

“Why, Krillin,” Cell replied, “I thought you shaved your head.”

You really do think you know everything, Krillin thought furiously to himself.

“Yeah, you know me, just good old Krillin, jokin around!”

“Indeed.” Cell nodded, smiling, and gave Krillin a pat on the back. “Glad you could make it to the Cell Games, good sir.” Then Cell leaned in and whispered, “You don’t know what this means for Goku.”

“Oh yeah.” Krillin agreed, sarcastically. “Because it’s always all about Goku, isn’t it?”

“Huh?” Goku and Cell replied.

“Hah, gotcha.” Krillin winked. “It’s just me… jokin around like usual. Hey good luck you guys. I’m going to go stand over there until the prelims. You know? Mediate, focus, that kinda stuff?”

“Um…yeah…” Goku spoke slowly. Something isn’t right. “Good luck, then, Krillin. It was great seeing you again.”

“Yeah.” Krillin whispered as he walked away. “Good luck to you, Son Goku.”

“Something feels different about Krillin, huh?” Goku wondered.

“He seemed fine to me,” Cell shrugged.

“I’m more concerned about that Shin guy.” Piccolo admitted, “They aren’t of this Earth. But why would aliens be here?”

“Beats me.” Cell said, smiling, “but it sure makes things a bit more exciting, doesn’t it.”

Cells eyes twinkled. He had reached a decision over the past few weeks, and now he was certain that it was what he wanted. They’ll get a kick out of this, Cell thought to himself, grinning. Cell floated up to a podium, and got everyone’s attention.

“Good Citizens of Earth!” Cell intoned, “Welcome to the Cell Games. The events will be beginning shortly, but first I want to announce an exciting surprise decision I’ve made.”

The crowd was at the edge of their seats. Everyone in the world loved the amazing Mr. Cell. They couldn’t wait to here what he would say next.

“I have decided not to stand above the competitors as some kind of demigod, offering to spar with only the winner. Instead, I shall take my place amongst these fine warriors, as a fellow peer. I am going to compete in my own Cell Games!”

The crowd erupted into cheers, although the gathered competitors didn’t look as thrilled to hear this.

“Joining me on stage,” Cell continued, “you recognize one of my Cell Juniors. Only this Junior is prepared for this festive event. Those wishing to participate in the Cell Games will each have a match against Cell Junior. Don’t worry, of course he will hold back. Those who manage to last a full minute against him will proceed to the finals. Well then. Let the games begin!”

And so they did


It took about an hour for the 16 finalists to be decided. Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Cell, and Krillin all passed with flying colors, of course. Also qualifying for the finals was Videl, Shin, and Kibito. The other eight competitors all seemed to be regular humans.

And so the time had come to draw lots, to determine the match ups. The crowd was abuzz with excitement. One, by one, the finalists all approached the podium and drew numbers. Slowly but surely, the board was filling up.

Everyone got a shock, when Cell drew “12” to Goku’s “11”

“This is unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen!” a commentator roared to the audience, “Son Goku, the incredible disciple of Mr. Cell, and world renowned Martial Arts master will be competing against Mr. Cell in their first round! It’ll be the match to watch at this tournament!”

Piccolo got a shock of his own, when he drew Shin as his opponent.

And so, the matches were decided:
Round 1: Spopovich Vs. Punta
Round 2: Shin Vs. Ma Junior
Round 3: Videl Vs. Krillin
Round 4: Kibito Vs. Gohan
Round 5: Captain Chicken Vs. Mr. Hercules
Round 6: Goku Vs Cell
Round 7: Mighty Mask Vs. Killa
Round 8: Yamu Vs. Jewel

And so, it was time for the big event.


“Oh cool,” Goku grinned, “it’s that guy.”

“Yes.” Cell nodded, “thought you’d like that. I hired only the best in the business for this event. Spared no expense.”

“The rules are similar to the Tenkaichi Budokai,” the announcer explained, “you lose if you fall out of bounds, get knocked down for a ten-count, or surrender. As always, killing is not allowed, and it gets you instantly disqualified. Now, it’s time to begin THE CELL GAMEEEES!”

The crowd roared, as Goku smiled at Cell. “They’re lovin this.” Goku beamed.

“Of course.” Cell shrugged, “What else did you expect?”

“First match contestants, please come to the stage.” Announcer began, “Contestant Spopovich versus Contestant Punta.”

Spopovich was a goofly looking wrestler type, with long scraggly hair, and a scruffy beard. Punta was a big fat guy, wearing a very tight-fitting vest. They were both huge.

“Meh,” Gohan sighed, “these guys aren’t worth watching.”

The bell rang, and the match began. Punta instantly jumped and did a rolling flip, putting him right in front of Spopovich’s face.

“See that?” Punta sneered, “Not only am I big, but I’m fast too! So there’s no way you can escape me.”

Aw crap. Spopovich thought. The last time he competed in the tournament, he had suffered a first-round defeat against the guy who later became the worlds biggest joke. I can’t lose again.

“I’m also tough, too.” Punta explained, “Go ahead and give me your best shot. I’ll let you have one free hit.”

“Here goes!” Spopovich yelled. He punched Punta in the gut as hard as he could, then began slapping him in the face. Finally he jumped up and kicked Punta in the chest.

Punta only smiled.

“I said you only get one free hit, buddy.” He laughed, “Now you’re gonna have to pay some pain-debt.”

With that, Punta picked Spopovich up, and proceeded to slam him about the ring for a while, before finally throwing him out of bounds.

“And Punta is the winner!” Announcer intoned.

“Well, that was a boring first match.” Goku winked.

“Moving right along,” The Announcer continued, “will our next two contestants please take the stage. Shin, vs Ma Junior!”

Chapter 10: Shin

What an opponent this is! Piccolo thought, He has such a presence about him…and yet I’ve never even heard of him before. Who is he?

“You’ll find out soon enough Piccolo,” Shin smiled, “for now lets just enjoy the game.”

Piccolo’s eyes widened, and he gasped.

The bell rang.

Is this…Dai Kaio? Piccolo wondered, He was in my head.

”What’s the matter, Piccolo?” Shin said, standing with his hands behind his back. “The match has begun, has it not? Lets give these people a grand show.”

Throughout the audience, the people began to grow annoyed.

“This is it,” Goku said, “we get to see what this ‘Shin’ guy is really made of.”

“Why doesn’t Piccolo just go at him?” Cell wondered, growing annoyed, “These fine citizens paid for a good show today. It’s not prudent to stand around and make everyone wait.”

“Come on, fight already!” Someone yelled.

“Will you keep your mouth shut!” Gohan yelled up at the spectator, “you idiots are about to see something amazing!”

“Here goes.” Piccolo whispered. He charged at Shin, and then leapt into the air right as he approached him.

Shin didn’t move a muscle, he remained in his stance, a slight smile on his face, both hands clasped behind his back. Piccolo dropped from behind him, and kicked at the back of Shin’s head. Shin only leaned forward, taking an almost-perfect 90 degree bow to the crowd, as he gracefully dodged Piccolo’s assault.

Piccolo landed and kicked with his other foot, this time aimed at Shin’s ankles. Shin jumped into the air, twirled, and kneed Piccolo in the face.

Piccolo flew back, but got control, and did several back flips. He landed facing Shin, then gasped. Shin was already behind him. Shin’s palms were against Piccolo’s back, and they unleashed an invisible force that sent Piccolo firing like a bullet out of the ring.

“WOAH!” Piccolo screamed, and regained control of his movement at the last second.

“Wow.” Goku blinked, “Piccolo almost just lost. Who is this guy?”

“Darn it.” Piccolo said, floating back into the ring.

“I sense you are holding back against me.” Shin said, smiling. “There’s no need to restrain yourself, Piccolo.”

“Who are you?” Piccolo demanded, “Are you… a Grand Kai… Dai Kaio?”

“He is a Kaioshin,” Kibito said suddenly, from the sidelines of the ring. “A Supreme Kai.”

Piccolo lost his breath. “A Supreme Kai!”

“Now you know.” Kaioshin nodded. “And so you also know that there’s no need in which to hold back.”

After hesitating for a moment, Piccolo then nodded. “Indeed.”

He took off his turban and mantle and tossed them out of the ring. They both slammed into the ground with a heavy thud. Piccolo popped his neck a few times, and got into an aggressive stance.

Ok, then. Piccolo thought, I’m not going to go down here without at least trying.

Remembering his training with the Cell Juniors, Piccolo rushed forward.

Kaioshin blinked. “Wha-?” Piccolo had vanished from his view.

BOOM Piccolo’s knee connected with Kaioshin’s face, sending him flying back.

What speed! Kaioshin thought, as he winced, and stopped his movement.

Piccolo pursued his opponent, but Kaioshin thrust one of his hands forward, blasting Piccolo with an invisible force kiai. Piccolo simply put both of his own hands forward, and seemed to push the burst underneath him. He kept coming.

He flew right into Kaioshin, striking him in the gut with a headbutt. As Kaioshin flew away from him, Piccolo grabbed his leg, and began swinging him around.

“Kaioshin-Sama!” Kibito yelled, clearly panicking.

“GAAAH!” Piccolo screamed, and hurled Kaioshin down with all of his might. Kaioshin flew like a bullet and slammed into the ground outside of the ring, with a massive concussion that burrowed a large crater. A huge cloud of dust billowed up.

“All right!” Goku cheered. “Piccolo’s as good as ever!”

“Hm,” Cell sighed, “Guess that stranger wasn’t so interesting after all.”

Piccolo landed on the ground and cracked his knuckles.

“And the winner of the match, by ring-out: MA-JUNIOOOR!”

Suddenly, Piccolo gasped, and seemed to turn a paler shade of green. It was just sinking in what he had done.

“Don’t think…” he whispered to himself, nervously, “I shoulda done that…”

Piccolo rushed out of the ring, and tried to help Kaioshin up to his feet. Kaioshin was all scuffed up and bloody, and seemed to have the breath knocked out of him.

“Get back, you idiot!” Kibito snapped. “What were you thinking? Do you realize what you just did?”

Piccolo bowed his head in shame, sweating large drops of sweat, “Uh..but..he said not to hold back, and.”

“You got lucky!” Kibito yelled, “Kaioshin-sama let down his guard!”

“No, Kibito.” Kaioshin said, coughing, “I didn’t. This is just how strong Piccolo is.”

“Impossible.” Kibito grumbled. With that, he placed his hands on kaioshins body, and began to glow with a soft golden light.

“Ahem, moving right along.” The Announcer said behind them, “The next match will begin now. Will contestants Videl and Krillin enter the ring.”

Well, this is as far as you make it, babe. Gohan thought to himself, but managed to smile and pat Videl on the back. “Remember your training, you can beat this guy.”

“Right.” She nodded, her face was steely determination.

As Krillin and Videl were walking towards the stage, Kibito, Piccolo, and the freshly healed Kaioshin were walking away from it.

As Kaioshin walked past Krillin, he stopped, and turned his head ever so slightly, staring hard at Krillin. Kaioshin was frowning.

Chapter 11: Gohan attacks.

“That was so impudent of me!” Piccolo groveled, “I don’t know what came over me, Kaioshin-sama!”

”It’s OK,” Kaioshin said, frowning, he was still looking back at Krillin, as he and Videl took to the ring.

“I’ve been training with Cell Juniors, so I uh... I got a little big for my britches.” Piccolo continued nervously fumbling his words.

“Really.” Kaioshin said, “It’s all right.”

“It’s not all right.” Kibito hissed.

“Calm yourself, Kibito” Kaioshin said. “We have more important matters to attend. For now, Piccolo, I would appreciate it if you kept my identity a secret for a bit longer.”

As they reached the others, Goku ran up to Piccolo and tried to give him a high five.

“That was great, Piccolo, you really pummeled that dweeb.”

”Ugh,” Piccolo shrugged past him, “keep it down, will ya, Goku?”

“Huh? What’s got into you?” Goku blinked, “You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.”

“Just, never mind Goku.” Piccolo grunted. He, Kibito, and Kaioshin walked past Cell and Goku and went to stand off by themselves.

“The next match,” Announcer began. “Contestant Krillin versus, Contestant Videl. Are you ready?”

“I’m not gonna lose to this shrimp.” Videl said, staring hard at Krillin.

Krillin seemed to be breathing rapidly with excitement, his breath almost hissing through his clenched teeth.

“You’re a cute one,” he smirked, “bet you bruise like a peach!”

“What a creepo.” Videl said, clenching her fists.

Looking forward to this, Krillin thought, his smirk widening into a toothy grin. Watch carefully, Gohan. And do get nice and angry for me, Ok?

The bell rang.

Videl ran towards Krillin, and kicked at him. Krillin stood in place, and leaned back, letting her foot fly past his face. Videl didn’t hesitate, and launched a fist at Krillin’s chest. He shifted his footing ever so slightly, and turned to the side, letting her punch sail by him.

“Darn it, he’s fast.” Videl said, she began launching a flurry of punches and kicks, but Krillin simply dodged all of them, moving as little as he had to.

Oh great, Gohan thought to himself gloomily, Since when did Krillin become such a big show off. He’s gonna wreck the poor girl’s confidence at this rate.

“Look at him go.” Cell spoke to Goku, “He looks awfully chipper, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah, don’t’ know what he’s up to right now.” Goku admitted, “He coulda ended a fight like this in a split second.”

Videl continued to grow more and more frustrated, as she continued attacking Krillin with all of her might. No matter how hard she tried, no matter how quick she was, she could not touch him.

Damn it!” she hissed, finally forced to stop and catch her breath.

“So, you’re Gohan’s girlfriend, aren’t you?” Krillin sneered, “Guess he didn’t want to waste his time teaching you martial arts, since you don’t seem ta’ be very good at it.”

“Shut up!” She said, and with that, she did a move that Gohan had taught her. He called it kiai, pronounced as “Key-eye”. She thrust her hand forward, and let her spirit flow, and it worked perfectly. An invisible blast of ki left her hand.

Krillin casually slapped it aside with one hand, then yawned with that same hand.

Cut it out, Krillin, Gohan thought, beginning to get annoyed. What do you have to prove here? Just get this match over with.

“You ready to get hurt?” Krillin asked Videl. “I’m gonna beat the piss out of you, then you can be just as big an embarrassment as your father is.”

“Don’t talk about my father!” Videl screamed, and rushed at Krillin.

Krillin leaned back, and delivered one swift kick to Videl’s kidney. She stopped cold, both hands gripping her wound, and struggled to breath. She then dropped to one knee, still unable to catch her breath.

Krillin picked her up by the colar of her shirt. He turned to face Gohan, and looked him directly in the eyes. He smiled, and winked, and then turned back to Videl, and struck her in the face with his forehead. He then threw her down on the ground, and wiped her blood off of himself. He then looked back at Gohan again, smiling, and licked her blood off of his hand.

The crowd began to stir nervously. Videl was struggling to crawl, her face a bleeding mess.

“That’ll be enough!” Gohan screamed at Krillin, “Just get it over with!”

“Why stop now?” Krillin called back, “The fun’s just beginning.”

Krillin began walking towards Videl.

“What’s gotten into him?” Goku whispered.

“I don’t know,” Cell frowned, “But I don’t like it. These people paid to see a good show of sportsmanship and skill. Not a brutal beating of a fine looking girl like this. If Krillin doesn’t come to his senses soon, I’ll step in and end this.”

“Please don’t.” A voice spoke from behind.

Goku and Cell turned to see that it was Shin, AKA Kaioshin. “As hard as it is, I have to aks you not to interfere. At least, not yet.”

“Why should we listen to you, loser?” Cell said, getting annoyed, “This is my tournament. I won’t stand for this senseless violence.”

”Don’t speak to him like that!” Piccolo gasped, “This is Kaioshin-sama! The Lord of Lords, the Supreme Kai!”

“What?” Cell asked.

Meanwhile, on the stage, Krillin had reached Videl. She’d never been in so much pain before. She had just regained her footing, when contestant Krillin stopped just in front of her.

“Contestant Videl,” the announcer said nervously, “do you forfeit this match?”

“Never.” Videl said.

“Good girl.” Krillin smiled sweetly. He then grabbed her by her pigtails and ran her face into his knee. She screamed in agony. He then tossed her aside again.

“CUT IT OUT KRILLIN!” Gohan screamed, “I’M WARNING YOU!”

Krillin only just laughed.

“This isn’t Krillin…” Goku said, he looked hard at Kaioshin, “What’s going on, why shouldn’t we interfere?”

“Please, just be patient. Your friend here, the one you call Krillin, is here for a specific purpose. We must wait until he makes his move, before we can take any action.”

Videl floated into the air, and the crowd gasped.

“She’s… she’s flying!” The Announcer declared

“Hn.” Krillin snickered. Casually, he opened his hand, and created a kienzan. (Destructo Disc) “Guess I’m about to get disqualified.” He said, grinning. He turned to look at Gohan. Perfect, he thought.

Gohan was trembling with rage. He was staring hard at Krillin, with a ‘don’t you dare’ face expression.

“HERE GOES!” Krillin screamed, and threw the disc up at Videl.

“NOOOO!” Gohan screamed, becoming Super Saiyan, and flew towards the ring at full speed.

Chapter 12: The chase begins.

“VIDEL!” Gohan screamed. He flew at top speed, and grabbed Videl, pulling her out of the disc’s path.

At this point, the audience was in an uproar.

”This match is over!” The Announcer said.

“Oh no,” Gohan said, putting Videl down, “This match is just beginning!”

“Step down, son!” Goku yelled, but Kaioshin quickly grabbed his shoulder.

”Let it come, Goku.” Kaioshin warned, “this is what we’ve been waiting for.”

“Temper, temper.” Krillin cooed, “What’s wrong kid, you a little angry.”

“More then a little!” Gohan hissed, “I hope you’re ready to bleed, Krillin!”

With that, Gohan rushed at Krillin. Krillin cowered back, thinking Oh crap! Here it comes, but then at the last second, Gohan stopped moving.

”Wh-what!?” Gohan shouted.

“Got ya!” Krillin said, throwing a capsule into the air. The Cell Capsule popped open, revealing a strange old fashioned lamp. Krillin plunged the long pointy nose of it into Gohan’s side.

“Hey!” Goku screamed.

“Relax, Son Goku.” Kaioshin said grimly, his eyes seemed focus.

“This is impossible!” Cell said, “Gohan is helpless and…” Cell suddenly blinked. “It’s you!” Before Kaioshin could reply, Cell punched him in the back of the head.

“HEY!” Kibito and Piccolo cried out in unison.

Gohan was abruptly freed. He grabbed the lamp that Krillin had stabbed him with, and looked up, smiling, at Krillin.

“Oh crap, time to fly!” Krilliin said.

“I’m not letting you leave!” Gohan said, grabbing Krillin by the throat.

“You don’t have a choice-- TAIYOKEN!” (solar flare)

Gohan released Krillin to cover his eyes. He screamed in pain and frustration. Krillin leapt into the air and flew straight up as hard and fast as he could. He tore through the top of the dome. The crowd was all screaming in pain and fear now. Everyone had been blinded by the flare of light.

“Juniors!” Cell said, and gestured with his hand.

All at once, the Cell Juniors took flight.

“Stop them!” Kaioshin warned.

Kibito and Piccolo raced up at full speed, and cut off the Cell Juniors.

“What is the meaning of all this!” Goku yelled. “You better answer fast!”

“Please, just call off your minions, creature.” Kaioshin asked, looking Cell in the face.

Meanwhile, Gohan was at Videls side. The medical staff were running towards them as quickly as they could. Just then, another one of the contestants ran to her side as well. He knelt next to her, and began sobbing her name over and over again. It was the strange guy, Mr. Hercules.

“Who the heck are you?” Gohan asked.

Mr. Hercules pulled his mask off, revealing himself to be Mr. Satan. “Videl! Speak to me!”

“Mr. Satan?” Gohan blinked.

A fierce stand off had sparked, between Kibito, Piccolo, and the Cell Juniors. Finally, the first one moved. It rushed at Kibito and Piccolo at full speed.

”Damn it!” Piccolo yelled, and raised his fist.

Just then, Cell called up from below, “Juniors! Stand down!”

The Cell Juniors all stopped.

Cell grabbed Kaioshin by his shirt and scowled in his face. “You have seconds to explain yourself, why am I letting a criminal flee for attempted murder, and why did you have us just stand around and let my Cell Game get ruined?”

“I’ll explain everything.” Kaioshin said, “and we are not letting the criminal flee. The time has come to pursue Krillin.”

“Why now?” Goku asked.

“Because,” Kaioshin explained, “He must be followed to the location of the greater evil behind all of this. Kibito, heal that girl, I’m going after Krillin now.”

Kaioshin turned to face Goku and Cell. “You may come if you wish. Your help would be appreciated. This is a matter that concerns the safety of your world.”

With that, Kaioshin flew out of the hole in the top of the dome.

“I’m going with him!” Piccolo called down, and flew after Kaioshin.

“The safety of the world?” Cell breathed, “Goku, you go after him and find out what this is about. I’ll catch up soon, after I address these frightened people here.”

Goku nodded, and flew up out of the arena as well.

”Get away from her!” Gohan hissed at Kibito, but he paid him no mind. “I said get AWAY.”

“I’m here to help.” Kibito said, simply. He placed his hand on Videl and began glowing.

In a moment, Videl was back on her feet. The crowed gasped in shock of that as well. Everything as going crazy. The people were buzzing with discussion of what that had just seen. People were starting to freak out.

Just then, the familiar voice of Mr. Cell boomed over the speakers.

“Gentle citizens.” Cell said, “I apologize from the bottom of my heart for this disturbance. It seems certain people think they can make a mockery out of the society we helped build together. Well, rest assured; I, Mr. Cell, promise to personally get to the bottom of this matter.”

With that, the audience burst into cheers and applause. Just like that, Cell had soothed their nervous hearts, and brought peace of mind to them all.

“Rest assured.” Cell told them, “the guilty party will be brought to justice. I promise each and every one of you not only a full refund for your event tickets, but also a replacement for the make-up tournament I will hold three days from now! Now, citizens, how does that sound?”

”Mister Cell! Mister Cell!” the crowd chanted.

Cell smiled to himself.

“I’m off!” Cell shouted. He then turned to his Cell Juniors. “Cell Juniors. Help escort these people out, and see too it that nothing else disturbs them this day.”

Cell hopped down off the podium, and approached Gohan.

“Are you coming?” Cell asked.

“Try and stop me.” Gohan hissed. “Stay here where its safe, Videl.”

Cell nodded, and he, Kibito, and Gohan flew up out of the dome.

Videl hugged her father close to her, ashamed and frightened of what she had just been through.


”Son Goku, I must ask you something.” Kaioshin remarked, as soon as Goku caught up. “What exactly is that Mr. Cell guy? I heard he was a great hero on Earth. The world’s ‘savior’. But when I looked into his soul, I heard thousands of people screaming… screaming in horror and agony.”

“Mr. Cell is a great man.” Goku said firmly.

“But…what I felt in his soul…” Kaioshin said. “I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to bring him to where we’re going now.”

“You mean, into this trap we’re flying into, right?” Goku asked in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Trap?” Kaioshin asked.

“Oh yes. You see, the guy we’re following, Krillin… He knows how to hide his ki. The only possible reason we’re following him right now, is because he wants us to be able to.”

“I see.” Kaioshin said grimly. “This does not bode well.”

Chapter 13: The chase ends.

“So what was that thing Krillin stabbed me with?” Gohan said. “At first it felt like it was making me weaker, but I broke free too fast.”

“It was meant to steal your energy.” Kibito explained. “Kaioshin-sama was supposed to hold you in place while Krillin stole your power.” Kibito looked over at Cell and frowned. “Until Mr. Cell interfered.”

“These people are my friends.” Cell defended, “I’m supposed to stand by and watch them get hurt?”

Don’t call yourself my friend, Gohan thought to himself, and secretly clenched a fist.

“When are you going to explain to me what’s going on?” Cell demanded.

“There’s no need. We’ll be caught up to Kaioshin in a matter of seconds. I’m certain that he will tell you everything you need to know, then.”

The three of them zoomed on.


”So, what’s this all about?” Goku asked. “What was Krillin doing back there, and why did we have to follow him into a trap before we take him down?”

“All will be made clear, as soon as Kibito and your friends catch up.” Kaioshin assured him. “I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for helping me. Nothing less then the lives of the entire universe hangs in the balance.”

They flew on in silence for several moments, until Gohan, Kibito, and Cell caught up with them.

“Explain.” Cell demanded.

“Ahem,” Kaioshin cleared his throat. “Long ago, in a time when humanity was just starting to walk upright for the first time, there existed an evil wizard named Bibidi. Somehow, Bibidi actually created a monster known as Majin Buu.”

“I said explain.” Cell said, sounding annoyed. “I don’t care about some ancient legend, tell me about the here and now.”

“Cell.” Piccolo breathed, “show him your respe--”

“I’ve given him more respect then he deserves at this point!” Cell snapped. “Did you know he was the one holding Gohan down when Krillin attacked him?”

“It was necessary!” Kaioshin defended. “And I was explaining about the here, and now. It’s important that you people hear this story. To understand the significance of our situation here.”

“I could catch up to Krillin in the blink of an eye.” Cell said, “Why are we flying this slow anyway?”

“So that Krillin doesn’t know we’re following him, of course.” Kibito said, as though he were explaining something to a child.

“Krillin knows how to both sense and hide his ki-force.” Cell said, “he already knows we’re following him.”

”Yeah, I pointed that out a little bit earlier.” Goku said.

“Good, then its settled.” Cell said. “Lets go full throttle and take him down.”

“Wait.” Goku said. “Lets hear Kaioshin out, ok Cell?”

Cell hesitated for a moment, then nodded. “I trust your judgment, Son Goku.”

There was a long awkward silence between them. Finally, Kaioshin continued with his story.

“As I was saying, long ago the magical being, Majin Buu was created by Bibidi. Buu’s fury knew no bounds, and likewise for his power. In just a few years, hundreds of planets were eradicated. The carnage was unlike anything this universe had ever seen before.”

“We Kaioshins were forced to step down from the heavens; as if Buu was left unchecked, he would certainly have eradicated all traces of life that exist.”

Cell coulda done that if he didn’t join our team. Gohan thought to himself, rolling his eyes.

“You are wrong, Gohan.” Kaioshin said. “Back then there were five Kaioshins. Each of them could have felled Freeza with a single blow, but all of them were easily retired by Majin Buu.”

“Uh, ok, that makes no sense, but whatever.” Gohan grumbled. “Like Freeza is really a big deal anyway. Any of us here could do the same.”

Please,” Piccolo insisted, “Let the man speak!”

“Thank you, Piccolo.” Kaioshin smiled. He instantly got all grim again.

“Whenever Bibidi needed a respite, he locked Buu in a shell, which contained his power. It was this fact alone that gave me the opportunity to ‘defeat’ Buu. I ambushed Bibidi while Buu was still imprisoned, and slew him on the world which was intended to be Buu’s next target. Buu was never released from his globe, and--”

“And you buried him on that world.” Cell finished, “which, incidentally, happened to be Earth. Right?”

“Uh, yes.” Kaioshin said.

“And now, some other evil force is taking over in Bibidi’s footsteps and trying to ressurect the long lost Beast of Buu? Am I still correct?” Cell’s voice was growing more sarcastic.

“His son, Babidi.” Kaioshin nodded.

”Gentlemen, this man’s a phony.” Cell declared. “I came from the future, remember? There was no such person as ‘Babidi’ who ever visited the Earth, nor was there any magical monster named Buu.”

“I grow tired of your impudence, mortal.” Kibito said, scowling. “We don’t have to take this from these low life forms, Kaioshin-sama.”

“Wait, time out guys, take it easy,” Goku said, playing peacemaker. “Cell, it’s known fact that the future you came from was split off from the world we live in now. Things happened… differently. No matter what, something at least is going on right now.”

“I suppose.” Cell sighed.

“Besides,” Goku continued, “You still haven’t told us the part about Krillin yet. What was he doing at the Cell Games? Why has he changed so much. That wasn’t the man I grew up with, back there. He was… dark. Evil.”

“Babidi, like his father, controls those who are impure,” Kaioshin explained, “Even the tiniest shred of evil in one’s soul can be used against you. For whatever reason, this Krillin you all know was a prime target for Babidi’s manipulation. It is not unusual for him to find natives of a world to do his bidding.”

“But Krillin had no darkness in his soul.” Goku protested.

Oh dad, Gohan frowned, You’re always so naïve. You can’t remember what happened with Krillin seven years ago? This is all your fault, dad.

Kaioshin continued his story. “Babidi needs power to raise Majin Buu at this point. His long respite has likely left the beast in a state of weakness. He requires raw, pure energy in order to resurrect Buu. That is why he attacked Son Gohan.”

“And why he’s leading us into a trap right now.” Goku reminded everyone.

“This feels all wrong.” Piccolo spoke up, “I mean, if it were Krillin’s intention to lead us into a trap, why not trick us before we knew he had become a villain? Wouldn’t it have been far easier, and far less risky for him to simply lead us to this trap as a friend?”

“Because,” Kaioshin said, “I would never let you people walk into a trap, and Babidi knew that.”

“That makes no sense.” Gohan shook his head, “You are letting us walk into the trap.”

These people are impossible! Kaioshin thought to himself.

“Wait, I still don’t get it.” Goku said, “explain it to me one more time. Why are following Krillin?”

“To find Babidi’s base!” Kaioshin snapped, his patience wearing thin, “we have no idea where it is!”

“We’re about to find out!” Piccolo interrupted, “Krillin is descending!”

“This area?” Kibito wondered, “I searched here before!”

“There.” Kaioshin said, pointing ahead to a huge rock-hill. “Everyone hide behind there, and lower your ki, if you please.”

And so the group descended, and all hid behind the huge hill. They saw Krillin, flying down to an odd stretch of land. The soil looked too fresh.

“It looks weird over there.” Goku noted, “like the ground has been dug up.”

“Of course!” Kibito enunciated. “That’s why we didn’t find the ship. It was buried.”

As they surveyed the scene, they noticed a small hut-like structure protruding from the ground. It would seem that this was the tip of Babidi’s space ship, buried beneath the soil. Krillin stood in front of the structure. As Cell scanned the area, he noticed a small residence near by. A family lay, slaughtered in the dirt. Cell bared his teeth and clenched his fists.

Those animals, Cell thought, such senseless violence.
“Look!” Piccolo whispered, “Someone’s coming out of the ship.”

First, a small yellow figure, dressed like a magician came out of the ship, following close behind him was a tall red figure, garbed in blue, with a white cape.

Dabura!” Kaioshin gasped.

“It can’t be!” Kibito trembled, “he has even the King of the Demon Plane on his side?”

“Someone else is coming out too.” Goku said, sounding none too worried about Dabura. But then suddenly, all of the Z-senshi gasped in unison.

“No way.” Gohan whispered.

Following close behind Dabura, was Vegeta.

Chapter 14: The wizard, Babidi

“So, you have returned?” Babidi nodded.

Flanking Babidi on either side, were Dabura, and Vegeta. Both had the ‘M’ mark stamped on their foreheads, just like Krillin did.

“And,” Krillin said, “just as I told you, they followed me here.”

“Good, good.” Babidi said, smiling. “I’m so happy I was able to find you, and Vegeta here. Your cooperation has been most helpful. Without you two, Dabura and I would have never known what we were truly up against here.”

“I count six of them in all.” Dabura said. “They think they’re hidden.”

“Not really.” An annoyed Vegeta groaned. “They know we know they’re here. And they probably know that we know they know we know.”

What?” Babidi blinked.

“Vegeta’s right.” Krillin said, “They know this is a trap. They know they couldn’t have followed me here if I didn’t want them too.”

“It was necessary to do things this way.” Babidi said, dismissively, “The only one we needed to fool as Kaioshin. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t have let them come.”

Krillin and Vegeta exchanged annoyed looks. Neither of them spoke, but they both understood what the other was thinking.

This guy is an imbecile.

“So then,” Babidi smiled, trailing off.

“We cannot use energy from the Lord or Kibito.” Dabura said, “But three of them have great potential.”

“Indeed they do.” Babidi cooed, “it’s just like you told us, Earthlings. These three alone will soon have Buu overflowing with power. Then we all get what we want. I get to resurrect my Daddy’s Majin, and you will get your own personal revenge. How does that strike you?”

“Fine by me.” Krillin grinned. “Revenge, sounds nice.”

“Hmph.” Vegeta said.

“So then,” Babidi repeated, “It’s time to get moving. I’m too excited to wait any longer. Dabura. Dispose of the trash, the others are sure to follow in anger. Of course, leave the Kaioshin alive, so I can deal with him myself, later. After you anger them, lead them into the ship, where we can drain them of that wonderful power they possess.”

“It’s really not necessary.” Vegeta said, “I could call them all down right now, they’d all willingly come.”

“No.” Babidi said, “Dabura will be fine alone. Kaioshin wouldn’t let them come, so we have to do it this way. Now come, my minions. Hee hee hee. Krillin, since you have preformed so admirably in bringing us the energy we need, I will let you handle stage one.”

Perfect!” Krillin cheered. “You’ll have to wait in line for your revenge, Vegeta. I’m sure to kill those naïve twits before they know what hit them.”

“Whatever.” Vegeta said.

Vegeta, Krillin, and Babidi entered the ship.


”So, Vegeta has sided with them too?” Cell asked.

“Who’s Vegeta?” Kaisohin asked, “I’m more worried about Dabura, he’s the bad one.”

“Nah.” Goku agreed with Cell, “It’s much worse news that Vegeta’s in on this. Although, he’s nothing we can’t handle, right Cell?”

”Oh, absolutely.” Cell said, “I never really liked Vegeta… I always felt uneasy knowing that he was always somewhere out there, waiting to cause trouble. He has no regard for human life, and that’s not cool with me.”

“You guys… are more concerned with your own personal vendettas, instead of this dire situation we’re in, aren’t you?” Kaioshin asked. He was perplexed.

“Hey,” Piccolo interrupted once again, “Everyone went inside except for that Dabura character.”

“What?” Kaioshin asked, suddenly afraid.

“Oh no!” Kibito breathed. “I think they know we’re here!”

“Duh.” Cell said.

Dabura suddenly flew at them at top speed. He seemed to appear right in front of Kibito, with ghastly speed. His palm was hand was outstretched, his palm inches from Kibito’s face. Kibito drew in a breath to scream. Dabura’s mouth went wise as he began to laugh. Time seemed to grind to a hault in this critical instance of life and death, and then suddenly.

”Wha?” Dabura said. He just now noticed that there was a hand directly in his face.

Cell blasted Dabura back with a kiai. Taken by surprise, Dabura flipped through the air, stopped his movement.

“Oh!” Kibito gasped, hardly comprehending what had just happened.

“Thank me later.” Cell said, and flew towards Dabura.

“Damn it!” Dabura said, annoyed.

Cell reached Dabura, and struck out at him, but only hit air.

“What’s this?” Cell said.

“Magic.” Dabura answered.

Everyone spun around. Dabura was standing on the rocks behind the other fighters. Cell cursed, and rushed at Dabura, but Dabura quickly spat twice. Dispose of the weaklings Babidi had ordered, and Dabura intended to do just that. One of the droplets flew towards Kibito, the other at Gohan.

“Don’t let it touch you!” Kaioshin warned.

The droplet aimed at Kibito hit him. Piccolo, however, moved on pure instinct and adrenaline. “GOHAN!” He screamed. He pulled Gohan out of the way, just in time for the spittle to hit him instead.

“Double damn it!” Dabura cursed. First his surprise had been ruined, now he had solidified one of the wrong targets.

Cell screeched to a halt in mid air as he stared with everyone else in horror at Kibito and Piccolo. Slowly, painfully, their flesh was made into stone.

“Oh, you are going to PAY!” Cell screamed.

“Only if you can catch me.” Dabura teased. With that, he faded from view.

”How!?” Cell demanded.

“Magic,” Kaioshin spoke grimly. “Look.”

Everyone followed Kaioshin’s gaze. Dabura was standing down infront of the spaceship again.

“Follow me if you dare!” Dabura challenged, “Not that you have the guts to actually do it!”

With that he cackled laughter, and vanished into the ship. Everyone gathered around the statues of Piccolo and Kibito.

No, Gohan anguished, that attack had been meant for me. Piccolo, you were faster then I was, you managed to save me…at the cost of your own life. Why did you do that Piccolo? Twice, you sacrificed yourself for me. Gohan began trembling slightly.

“I can fix this.” Cell said. “I’m sure I can analyze them and find a cure.”

”Unlikely.” Kaioshin said. “This is magical in nature. The only solution is to kill Dabura.”

“Oh?” Cell asked, looking at Goku. Goku smiled back at him. “Then that’s easy.”

“What?” Kaioshin asked? “Killing Dabura, easy? Are you people insane?”

“Come on.” Goku gestured for them to follow, “we’re going in the ship.”

“NO!” Kaioshin insisted, “That’s what they want us to do.”

“Thank you for your help, sir.” Cell said, dismissively. “You’re no longer needed.”

With that, Goku and Cell raced towards the ship. After hesitating for a bare moment, Gohan took flight after them.

“No!” Kaioshin breathed. “They can’t do this… this is madness.”

Chapter 15: Gohan fights first.

“What is this place?” Goku marveled.

“It’s just a big empty room, that’s all.” Gohan said.

The three of them had flown down into a large chamber, inside of Babidi’s ship.

“This appears to be some kind of hatch.” Cell said, nudging his discovery with his foot.

“There’s another door over here.” Gohan noted, from the wall.

“Hey.” Goku suddenly remarked, looking up.

From the hole in the ceiling above them, Kaioshin dropped down and joined them.

“You decided to join us, after all?” Goku asked.

“I can’t abandon you to your own idiocy.” Kaioshin grumbled. “Now, we won’t be able to exit this ship, until we defeat Babidi.”

“I beg to differ, good sir.” Cell interjected, “One tactical strike, and--”

“Stop!” Kaioshin warned. “If we damage the ship, the shock could awaken Buu early. Even if he doesn’t have all of his power yet, he’ll still be more then enough to kill us all and destroy this planet.”

“So what are we supposed to do?” Goku said, “Just wait around?”

As if in answer to his question, the door on the wall slid open. To everyone’s surprise, Krillin stepped out.


”Hee hee hee!” Babidi squealed in delight. “Lets see what you’re made of Krillin.”

“Prepare to be disappointed.” Vegeta said.

Babidi and Dabura looked at Vegeta.

“Dissapointed?” Dabura asked.

“Krillin’s power is no where near any of those three. He has a death wish choosing to fight them.”

“Huh? But he seemed so confident.” Babidi puzzled.

“He can’t handle power like this,” Vegeta remarked, pointing to the “M” symbol on his forehead. “It’s gotten to his head. This is a waste of time, none of your warriors are going to make any progress. Just make sure you send me to stage two.”

“Your arrogance annoys me, Vegeta.” Dabura warned. “You’re not the mightiest warrior in the cosmos, let alone in this ship.”

“Is that so?” Vegeta inquired, smiling at Dabura.

“Calm down, you two!” Babidi ordered. “No matter if Krillin fails or not, certainly he’ll manage to take some energy from them.”


”Welcome to stage one.” Krillin explained, “If you manage to defeat me, you can move on to stage two. But be warned, for every bit of damage you guys take, Majin Buu will grow that much stronger.”

If we manage to defeat you?” Goku asked, “Krillin, no offense, but aren’t you forgetting your place here?”

Krillin scowled at Goku angrily.

“Listen, Krillin,” Goku tried reasoning, “Cut this out. I know this Babidi guy’s gotten into your head. We can forgive you for what you’ve done so far, but not if you take this any further.”

“Speak for yourself,” Gohan interrupted, “He’s on the same team with these guys that just turned Piccolo into a statue!”

Krillin began smiling again. “Awww, baby sad?” he teased.

Gohan clenched his fists.

“So, which of you will it be?” Krillin sneered, “Who’s going to fight me? I know you’re all too noble to team up on an opponent like me.”

“Leave this to me.” Goku began, stepping forward.

“Don’t think so.” Gohan said, and pushed his dad roughly.

“Hey!” Goku protested.

“He’s mine.” Gohan said, he stared cold hatred at Krillin.

Krillin’s smile widened, and his eyes sparkled.

“Oh, Gohan.” Krillin laughed, “It’s almost a shame that you’re the one I have to kill first.”

He and Gohan walked to the middle of the room, they stood apart. Krillin rearranged his footing, bracing himself, then all at once, began to power up.

“Release your ki!” he screamed to himself, and ignited in a flashing white light.

The room filled with wind. Gohan stood firmly in place, not moving a muscle, his frowning expression unchanging, as he patiently waited for Krillin’s power-up to finish. All around the room, everyone blinked and did a double take at Krillin, while Kaioshin actually gasped and took a step back.

“Help him!” Kaioshin demanded.

“You’re kidding, right?” Goku chuckled.

“But still,” Cell remarked, “not bad. How did you improve so much, Krillin?”

“Hn!” Krillin snickered, and pointed to the majin symbol on his forehead. “Being a member of this club has certain perks.”

“I see.” Cell replied, thoughtfully. He rubbed his chin and said “hmm.”

“You done yet?” Gohan snapped.

“No, but you are.” Krillin laughed, and in each of his hands, he formed a destructo disc.


”Hee hee!” Babidi laughed, pointing at the viewing-sphere. “He’s going to start off with that brutal attack of his. The one he used to slice Pui Pui in half! This should cause some nice damage.”

Dabura licked his lips, and stared on in anticipation.

How can anyone be as stupid as these two? Vegeta wondered.


”Here goes, zippo!” Krillin said, “you ready for this Gohan?”

“Just like old times,” Gohan nodded. His face was steely determination, but his eyes were cold and anticipating.
“NOW!” Krillin leapt at Gohan.

He threw the first disc right at Gohan’s head, but Gohan simply leaned to the side. The disc whizzed past him, but then banked hard and began circling back around. Gohan heard it coming from behind him, and took flight.

Krillin threw the second disc into Gohan’s path. Gohan stopped moving, letting it sail past him, then as the first disc caught up to him, he ducked and it went over his head.

“Not bad.” Krillin said, “But I know how soft you guys are. Lets see you keep your cool now.

Krillin raced at Gohan and stopped about three feet short of him. “TAIYO-KEN!! (solar flare)” he screamed.

“Oh no, I’m blind.” Gohan said in a sarcastic monotone.

“DIE!” Krillin said, and slashed his arms in an ‘X’ in front of him.

The discs came at Gohan, and cut into him like scissors. An instant later, ‘Gohan’ faded from Krillin’s view.

”Wh-“ he began, but was cut short when Gohan’s foot struck him in the small of his back, and caused him to propel forward and strike first the wall, then the ceiling of their room, before skidding to a stop on the floor.

Krillin started to get up, his face pure rage, but then gasped.

Goku winked and gestured a ‘look behind you’ from across the room.

“FOUR!” Gohan shouted, and kicked Krillin in his bald, cue-ball head, sending him flying on another wild trajectory.


”This isn’t going well.” Babidi gasped.

”Told you.” Vegeta said, rolling his eyes.

“Dabura.” Babidi asked, “where was it again that Krillin told us he was at his prime?”

“I believe he said it was the planet Namek.” Dabura intoned.

“Yes. Maybe he’ll be inspired if we take him there. PARAPA-PA!!”


All at once, the room shifted around everyone.

”What in the world?” Cell gasped.

“He’s taking us somewhere else!” Kaioshin warned, “probably to where the opponent has the greater advantage.”

“Hah!” Krillin laughed, as they realized they were on ‘Namek’. “This is where I stood against Freeza! I saved your life from him, Gohan! It was my most shining moment. It was here that I even allowed Goku to become a Super Saiyan! I can’t go wrong!”

Gohan didn’t bother replying with words, instead he just laughed.

“STOP LAUGHING!” Krillin screamed, and threw a single disc at Gohan.

Gohan stood his ground, preparing to dodge, but to his surprise, the disc burst into many other discs at the last second. It was the move Krillin used against Freeza’s second form.

“Taiyo-Ken… One more time!” Krillin screamed, unleashing a blinding solar flare.

“Yikes!” Goku said, wincing, “nice move.”

“Gohan!” Cell called, genuinely concerned.

Gohan frantically dodged in the darkness of being blind. He had to sense the discs out. First his gi was ripped, then his left sleeve was cut off. But by the time Gohan had regained his vision, he had dodged all ten of the discs that split off from the first one. Nothing was damaged but his clothing.

“No!” Krillin hissed, “Why isn’t it working!?”

“Honestly?” Gohan said. “You really thought combining solar flare and destructo disc would make you some kind of God?”

Gohan began walking towards Krillin.

”Crap!” Krillin winced, beginning to feel nervous. This isn’t how it was supposed to happen.

Between steps, Gohan flared up into a Super Saiyan and vanished. Krillin spun around as fast as he could, but he may as well have been going in slow motion. Gohan delivered a roundhouse kick to the side of his head, in a move that mirrored what the Ginyu, Recoome, had done to Krillin years ago.

Krillin smacked the ground and dragged several feet, before coming to a stop. He lay twitching, his pupils, unfilled circles.

“Well played, Gohan!” Cell offered, encouragingly.

“Guh-Gohan…” Krillin breathed, then coughed. “G-Gohan… I think… you broke something…can’t move.”

Gohan didn’t reply, he began quietly walking towards Krillin. He was still a Super Saiyan.

“You’ve won.” Goku said.

Gohan didn’t respond.

“C’mon Gohan, go easy.” Krillin whined. “I can’t even…move…any more.”

“You beat up Videl and tried to kill her.” Gohan said quietly, “and you joined the same side of the guys who turned Piccolo into a statue.”

Gohan stomped down on Krillin’s leg and broke it like a twig.

With horror, Krillin realized he couldn’t feel a thing. His back had been broken by Gohan’s earlier kick. With unsettling clarity, he heard his own leg bones snap like frail tree branches, but couldn’t even feel it.

“GOHAN!” Krillin cried, “N-no.. this isn’t… you’re not supposed to be this way! You guys are heroes, you don’t torture…and kill your opponents. Vegeta acted that way, not you. Not you.”

”Wake up.” Gohan said, “You think this is some bedtime story? This is reality. This is life. And it sucks.”

With that, Gohan ki-blasted Krillin and put him out of his misery. Moments later, ‘Namek’ shifted back into the room on Babidi’s spaceship, and the large central hatch in the floor opened up.

“Let us proceed.” Cell said cheerfully, and Goku, Gohan, and Cell flew down.

“Such brutality!” Kaioshin gasped. “And what I felt earlier from that Mr. Cell guy. I’ve got a bad feeling about these guys.” Kaioshin swallowed hard, and followed them down to Stage Two.

Chapter 16: Dabura vs Cell

“So it is true…” Babidi trailed off. “I hadn’t wanted to believe it.”

“No,” Dabura insisted, “they just got lucky.”

“That wasn’t luck, Dabura.” Babidi insisted, “What Vegeta and Krillin told us were true…these guys have power in excess of several thousand kirii each…easily.”

“Hmph.” Vegeta said, “and you didn’t believe me.”

“Lord Babidi.” Dabura began, “If it will put your fears at rest, then I will go to stage two personally.”

“Don’t waste your time sending him,” Vegeta argued, “I’m the only one who can defeat them all.”

“No, Vegeta.” Babidi said, “I must save my best weapon for last. I do think sending Dabura first would be a better course of action.”

Your best weapon? Dabura thought. Curse you Vegeta, I’ll show you AND Babidi. I’ll kill all three of these Earthlings myself.

“Then its settled,” Dabura smiled, “I’m off.”

Dabura swiftly left the room.

“Don’t disappoint us, Dabura.” Babidi beckoned him. “Cause at least a little damage… thin their numbers, weaken them much as you can.”


”Gohan, do we need to talk?” Goku asked softly.

“Hah.” Gohan shrugged, “so you go run off with the perfect Mr. Cell, and now suddenly you want to talk?”

“Gohan.” Goku repeated, “You just killed Krillin. I’ve never seen you act like that. You’ve never harmed a fly in your life.”

“Krillin was the bad guy.” Gohan grumbled, “What difference does it make? You think you can give me advice now? Tell me what to do? Just mind your own business, dad.”

“Gohan is right,” Cell defended, “Those who ally themselves with this ‘Babidi’ Character need to be removed from society, one way, or the other. Though I don’t condone his methods…I can certainly appreciate that Gohan made Earth a better place in which to live.”

Suddenly, behind them, the door in the wall opened up, and out stepped Dabura.

“OH” Kaioshin gasped, reeling in terror.

“You have preformed well, for Earthlings.” Dabura smiled, “But this is as far as you come.”

“Sorry.” Cell said, smiling, “I disagree.”

“Talking is for the weak.” Dabura smiled, “Now come at me, all three of you at once.”

“That’ll hardly be necessary,” Cell said, stepping forward, “I alone should suffice.”

Dabura scowled. “You think this is a game?”

”Time to send you elsewhere.” Babidi’s voice echoed into the chamber. “We don’t want you damaging my precious spaceship. Parapa-pa!”


Back at the Cell City, the Cell Juniors had escorted everyone home. The people of Cell City all sat, nervously in their homes, as the news stories buzzed about the disturbance at the Cell games, and Mr. Cell going to apprehend the suspects personally.

Mr. Satan sat in the living room, looking at the news, while Videl was curled in a ball on her bed, sobbing.

“Videl?” Mr. Satan asked, at her doorway, “Do you need anything? Are you going to be ok?”

“Just leave me alone.” She cried softly. “You’re the reason this happened.”

Slowly, sadly, Mr. Satan walked away from his daughter’s room, and into his own. He opened a drawer, pulled out a gun, and shot himself in the head. His blood spattered on an old Mr. Satan poster from back when he was still champ.

Videl shrieked in horror, running into Mr. Satan’s room, and cradled his body in her arms, she threw her head back and screamed “NOOOOOOO!”


”HU-Hu-Hu!” Cell grunted, throwing punch after punch at Dabura, Dabura blocked them, only to be roundhouse kicked by Cell. Dabura was sent flying backwards, but regained his control, and shot fire breath out at Cell. As Cell dodged, Dabura faded slightly.

Cell fired a death beam at Dabura, only to discover it was yet another afterimage.

“Over here!” Dabura called, and shot Cell in the back with his Evil Impulse Blaster.

Cell took the hit, and was blasted down into a red pond of liquid that was probably blood.

“So he uses magic, huh?” Goku asked, “He’s better then I thought.”

“Should I start getting worried?” Kaioshin timidly asked Goku.

“Heh. Not on your life.” Goku smiled.

Cell floated out of the pond, smiling.

“My power is superior to your own, by a great deal.” Dabura laughed, “And you know it.”

“I know of no such thing.” Cell smiled, “Now allow me to show you the terror of perfection.”

With that, Cell curled into a ball, and then threw his limbs out, screaming. A bright flash of light emanated from Cell’s being, as a massive wind was kicked up. Dabura shielded his eyes, turning away from Cell. The light got brighter, and brighter, and then SHAZAMM! The flash died away with a huge burst like an explosion.

“Super Perfect.” Cell said quietly, smiling confidently. He crackled with lightning like power, and his aura was huge.

“This means nothing.” Dabura said, “You’re only glowing.”

“Come see.” Cell beckoned.

Dabura charged at him.


”This is unexpected.” Vegeta said, smiling.

“What does this mean?” Babidi asked.

“Somehow, Cell has surpassed the level of Super Saiyan. Surprising, seeing as how he isn’t even a Saiyan.”

“Then…we’ve lost, haven’t we?” Babidi asked.

Vegeta’s eyes twinkled. “Not by a long shot.”


”CURSE YOU!” Dabura cried, as Cell landed in front of him. Dabura got back to his feet, stumbled a bit, then took his footing. He wiped blood from his chin.

Dabura suddenly drew his sword out of thin air, and slashed it in Cell’s direction. The cut-wave sliced a rock wall behind them in half, but Cell was nowhere to be seen.

“I think I’m pretty fast too.” Cell said, speaking from behind Dabura, “even if I don’t have magical afterimages.”

“Cell has learned my Instant Transmission well!” Goku cheered.

Gohan felt a pang of anger and hurt. You taught Cell Instant Transmission? You never taught that move to ANYONE…not even ME.

Cell punted Dabura, and pursued him through the air, pummeling him with blows.

“This is amazing!” Kaioshin cheered, “He’s making light of Dabura!”

Cell finished his perfect combination with a double overhead hammer-strike, sending Dabura rocketing to the ground. Cell pursued, eager to finish him off. But Dabura did not smash into the ground, he flipped quickly in a cannonball position, and landed on his feet. He quickly looked up and spat right at Cell.

“DON’T LET IT TOUCH YOU!” Kaioshin yelled, but Cell was approaching too quickly.

”Ngh!” Cell said, raising his arm. The spittle hit his forearm. Cell swooped back and stared at his arm in terror. Slowly, it began turning into stone. Not hesitating for another second, Cell shot his own arm off with a powerful ki blast. He winced in pain and cried out.

Cell’s stone arm fell to the ground below, and shattered. Cell floated slowly down to face Dabura, his arm squirting weird purple blood.


”Fantastic!” Babidi coed, “He’s damaged him! He’s damaged him.”

“Lord Babidi!” a henchman cried. “The meter on Buu’s shell just moved up. Majin Buu is at 25% capacity.”

“Good, good.” Baibdi nodded. “Keep up the good work Dabura.”

What good work? Vegeta thought, If I know Cell, Dabura is in for quite a surprise.

”Curse you and your magic!” Cell grumbled.

“What’s wrong?” Dabura asked. “Not so tough with only one arm, are you? And how is the pain?”

“Well, its like the Earthlings say,” Cell explained, “No pain, no gain.”

With that said, Cell grunted with effort, and a brand new arm popped out of his bleeding stump. He opened and closed his fingers a few times, while rotating his wrist.

“Ah, Perfect.” Cell smiled, “Kind of like me.”

“M-monster.” Dabura said. He flew at cell, his sword raised above his head.

“Enough games, prepare yourself!” Cell charged forward to meet him.

Dabura swung the sword down, and Cell caught it in both hands. The two struggled for a moment, but Cell snapped the blade like a twig, and thrust it into Dabura’s chest. Dabura cried in pain and leapt back, losing his footing, and falling on the ground. Dabura looked at his blade protruding from his chest, and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“Weakling.” Cell sneered, and teleported.

Cell appeared right in Dabura’s face, his hand inches from Dabura’s eyes, perfectly mimicking the pose Dabura had used when he tried to kill Kibito earlier.

“W-wait!” Dabura cried, but cell wouldn’t have it.

Cell unleashed a full power energy wave, and Dabura’s body was burned away into ashes.

Outside of Babidi’s ship, Piccolo and Kibito abruptly returned to normal.

Chapter 17: Vegeta, the Prince of Destruction, returns.

As the warriors went down into stage three, Babidi paced back and forth nervously.

“This is all wrong. We’re going to lose!”

“Nonsense.” Vegeta beamed, cracking his knuckles. “After all, now it’s my turn.”

”But Vegeta!” Babidi protested. “How can you beat them? You may be tough, but there are three of them, and you are but one.”

“Hah!” Vegeta scoffed, “I know these fools well. They’d all die fighting me one at a time before they teamed up. It’s the Saiyan way, and they inherited it well.”

“That’s an awfully big gamble to make.” Babidi said, his hand trembling with anxiety.

“Trust me.” Vegeta smiled. His eye twinkled.

Outside of Babidi’s ship, Piccolo and Kibito both blinked and shook their heads.

”What happened?” Piccolo asked.

“Dabura came at us, and then…” Kibito trailed off.

“Where is everyone?” Piccolo wondered.

“You don’t suppose?”

”There!” Piccolo said, pointing to the ship, “They’re all inside.”

“Kaioshin-sama!” Kibito gasped, suddenly alarmed. “we must go and help him!”

“Right.” Piccolo said.

The two of them flew down towards Babidi’s ship, but stopped cold as a shadow fell over them, blocking out the sun.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you go in there,” a deep, gravely voice declared. “Lord Babidi asked me to guard the ship, once those aliens were drawn in. You see, he is doing important work, and mustn’t be disturbed.”

Piccolo and Kibito spun around and gasped at the large monster they saw before them.

“What in the world is that thing?” Piccolo demanded.

“If…if my memory is correct,” Kibito trembled, “that is Yakon, the magical beast!”

”Bingo!” Yakon said, and pounced at them.


”Man,” Goku complained, “What’s taking so long? How long do we have to sit around in stage three until someone comes out.”

“Not much longer.” Vegeta’s voice said.

Everyone spun around, and saw Vegeta stepping out of the door in the wall. He had the Majin Symbol on his forehead, but he was currently down in base form. He stepped to the middle of the room, and crossed his arms, smiling.

“Vegeta.” Goku spoke quietly, “you intend to fight us?”

“I intend to kill you, Kakarot,” Vegeta corrected him. “You and Cell. Just like I swore I would, seven years ago.”

“And what makes you think you can?” Cell said, smiling.

“Oh, I know I can.” Vegeta said. “So then, which of you will it be? You, Kakarot? Or Cell himself? It doesn’t matter which order I kill you in.”

Goku and Cell exchanged glances. Kaioshin and Gohan hung back from them.

“Let me do it,” Goku said, walking forward.

“As you wish, Son Goku,” Cell nodded, stepping back to join Kaioshin and Gohan.

Vegeta grinned from ear to ear. “You’ve got a lot of guts Kakarot.”

“I’m not afraid of you, Vegeta,” Goku smiled.

“Time to go!” Babidi’s voice echoed down. “Parapa-pa!”

They where whisked away to another place. They were outdoors now, though they were on Earth. It seemed to be a wasteland, but there was one big, perfectly circular hole in the ground.

“This place…!” Gohan gasped.

“Yes.” Vegeta nodded, “This is where the Cell Games took place seven years ago. This is where Kakarot disgraced me, by befriending Cell. It’s where he humiliated his Saiyan lineage and it’s where I’ll fulfill my promise at long last. I will kill you.”

“Don’t count on it, Vegeta!” Goku said, getting in a stance that meant he was about to power up.

“Show me the results of your training with Cell,” Vegeta laughed.

“I intend to,” Goku replied. With that, he screamed, and began powering up. His hair spiked up, and went Super Saiyan, but he wasn’t done yet. “HAAAH!” he yelled, and flashed with blinding light. When the light had died, Goku’s hair was taller and spikier, with one strand hanging down over his forehead. His Super Saiyan aura was like a huge jet afterburner of brilliant light, and crackling through his aura were sparks of electricity.

Without saying a word, Vegeta powered up into Super Saiyan.

“Heh, you ready to lose, Vegeta?” Goku asked.

“Oh, you only wish this was my full power,” Vegeta laughed, and then did the exact same powerup Goku just had. “HAAAH!” Vegeta flashed with light, and became a Super Saiyan two as well.

“Wha?” Goku gasped, taking a step back.

“Impossible.” Cell said, his eyes wide in amazement.

“Hah! You’re more surprised then I expected!” Vegeta announced. “What a pity.”

“But how?” Goku demanded, “I had Cell to train with, how did you reach a level like this?”

“Oh, you simple fool,” Vegeta began, walking towards Kakarot. “You never realized it, but training with Cell was a curse, not a blessing. You thought your training would be so amazing, just because his power was far beyond ours back then. But Cell isn’t a Saiyan. He doesn’t have the same kind of unlimited potential we have. While you thought you were scaling an impossible wall, you were actually hindering yourself without even realizing it. You see, Kakarot, following Cell didn’t make you God-like… Cell’s been holding you back!”

”Preposterous!” Cell exclaimed.

“If you had trained as Kakarot,” Vegeta continued his lecture, “there’s no telling what heights you could have reached in seven years. You may have even stumbled upon Super Saiyan three, if such a thing existed. But your blind ignorance allowed you to think that you were training to the best of your abilities, just because you were keeping up with that hybrid freak.”

Vegeta flared his aura, causing Goku to shield his face from the wind.

“Incidentally,” Vegeta laughed, “My power as a Super Saiyan 2 surpassed yours and Cell’s long ago. Die Kakarot.”

Vegeta leapt at Goku.

“No!” Goku said, leaping to meet him in the air, “You’re not better then me, Vegeta, I surpassed you in the Room of Spirit and Time and you’ve never caught up!”

“KEEP TELLING YOURSELF THAT!” Vegeta screamed his reply.

The two met in the air, and their impact created a huge sound like a sonic boom. Goku threw punches and kicks at Vegeta, but Vegeta skillfully blocked them all, and kneed Goku in the face. As Goku fell back, Vegeta grabbed him and head butted him several times. Finally he threw Goku down to the ground. Vegeta followed, and tried to stomp Goku’s face, but Goku teleported behind him and delivered a roundhouse kick.

Vegeta wiped some blood off of his chin and smiled. Goku wiped blood off his own forehead, and had a look of utter desperation on his face. Vegeta charged Goku.


”Yes!” Babidi cried out in joy. “It’s working! Vegeta’s going to do it!”

”Lord Babidi!” The minion called up form the basement, “The meter is already approaching the halfway point.”

“Good, good!” Babidi cheered. “And I see that leaving Yakon out as a watchdog was a wise decision as now. He’s keeping their other friends at bay!”


”Ngh!” Piccolo grunted, dodging Yakon’s massive blades by inches. “He’s so fast!”

“And durable!” Kibito complained, “our ki based attacks are causing little damage.”

”It’s because of its high battle power,” Piccolo explained. “It’s stronger then either of us.”

Suddenly, Piccolo froze. That ki. He could sense Goku and Vegeta fighting, not in the ship beneath them, but far away.

“Focus, Kibito!” Piccolo yelled, “We need to beat this thing and join the others!”


Goku hit the ground, and dragged several feet. He got up, but Vegeta blasted him with a strange ki blast that wrapped around his wrist, and pinned him to the ground.

”What’s the matter, clown?” Vegeta said, walking forward, “feeling desperate? Feeling humiliated? Afraid that I was right and you have failed? Not just yourself, but the Earth, and everyone you care about?”

”Shut up!” Goku screamed, pulling his hand free. A large chuck of rock came with it, and he bashed Vegeta in the head with it.

Vegeta, however, leaned right back up, and grabbed Goku by the throat.

“You miserable excuse for a Saiyan, you’re going down, and I’m going to take my time making you suf--” Vegeta was cut off, by Cell’s fist hitting him in the jaw.

Vegeta flew backwards, did a back flip, and landed facing Goku and Cell.

“Are you all right, Son Goku?” Cell said, helping Goku to his feet.

Goku wiped some blood off his chin. “Course.” He muttered.

“We’ll take him together!” Cell declared, powering up into Super Perfect Cell.

”Right! Together!” Goku agreed, getting in a fighting stance.

”What?” Vegeta demanded. “Together!? You can’t do that!”

“Oh, yes we can!” Cell assured him.

Goku and Cell rushed at Vegeta. Vegeta attacked Cell, but Goku blindsided him. As Vegeta spun to elbow Goku in the face, Cell kicked him in his own. Vegeta flew back and fired multiple ki blasts at Goku and Cell, but they flew around like mad, dodging, and returning fire.

Vegeta took a few hits and slammed to the ground.

“They’re actually teaming up to fight an opponent!” Gohan said, clenching his fist. “Dad and Cell are teaming up! Even though he made me fight Cell… alone.”

“It’s great though!” Kaioshin said, “Look! They’re beating him!”

And indeed they were. Vegeta was slightly stronger then either Goku or Cell, enough so that he could beat either one of them in single combat. But when they joined forces? Vegeta was being overwhelmed.

“Cowards!” Vegeta screamed, “this is an outrage! This is not the Saiyan way.”

”Like you so gracefully pointed out,” Cell explained, “I’m not a Saiyan. I’m not bound by your stupid traditions.”

“Grrr!” Vegeta hissed. His mind raced, his eyes darted across the battle ground. Suddenly, he seemed to remember something important.

“Lord Babidi!” Vegeta cried, “take us back to the ship, hurry!”

What? Babidi contacted him telepathically. You’re not doing enough damage, it’s too soon to come back!

”JUST DO IT!” Vegeta screamed.

A second later, the old site of the original Cell Game shifted back into the Stage Three chamber. Vegeta flew to the door.

“He’s running away!” Goku declared.

“Oh, no I’m not.” Vegeta sneered. “Since you double-crossers want to fight DIRTY, then I decided to do the same. I’ll get to have that one-on-one match with you, very soon, Kakarot. Very soon!”

Vegeta disappeared behind the door, and it shut.

“Don’t let him get away!” Cell cried, and prepared to shoot at the door.

Kaioshin teleported in front of the door, his arms outstretched.

“You mustn’t!” Kaioshin declared. “The shock will awaken Buu.”

“Who cares about Buu!?” Cell roared, “He’s getting away.”

“Please, just be patient, he has nowhere to run!” Kaioshin beseeched.

“It couldn’t hurt to take a moment to catch our breath.” Goku said, “I got a little worked up by him before you joined in.”

“Very well.” Cell intoned. “For now, we’ll wait.”


“What is the meaning of this!?” Babidi demanded. “How long do you think they’ll sit around in there before they decide to blast their way out? We have to defeat them!”

“Can’t you see that I tried?” Vegeta grumbled, “They ganged up on me. I never would have expected that in a million years, it’s that dirty Cell’s fault.”

“So, that’s just it then? That’s why you wanted to come back. You give up? You can’t win?”

“NO!” Vegeta shouted, “I wanted to come back, because I know how to keep them from teaming up. I know how to tear their team apart!”

“How?” Babidi blinked, suddenly interested.

“Because!” Vegeta rasped, smiling as he wiped more blood from his chin. “Because of the darkness in his soul!” Vegeta pointed at the viewing sphere.


”How much longer?” Cell asked, his arms crossed, his foot tapping impatiently. “How much longer are we going to wait around doing nothing!?”

“I suppose, if we have no choice…” Kaioshin began timidly.

Suddenly, Cell took a step forward. His hands went up to to his temples. “Ungh!” he growled.

“Cell!” Goku said, looking alarmed, “What’s wrong?”

Chapter 18: The newest Majin

“Ngh!” Cell grunted in pain, gripping his temples.

“Cell!” Goku said, suddenly alarmed. “is everything all right?”

“Oh no!” Kaioshin gasped. “Is this?”

Cell leaned up, and took a deep breath.

“Gah.” Cell breathed, “its just all the stress gave me a headache. All those innocent lives hanging in the balance, and us sitting here doing nothing.”

”Really?” Goku blinked, “You’re fine?”

”Yeah.” Cell admitted. “I’m a perfect being, so I’ve never gotten a stress headache before. Wasn’t used to it, but now I’ve adjusted.”

“Well.” Goku said laughing nervously, “that’s good. For a second, I thought something terrible was about to hap--”

“GAAAAAAAAAAAHH!” A bloodcurdling scream startled everyone.

They all three spun around and were shocked to see Gohan, on his knees, gripping his head and trembling in agony.

“Gohan?” Goku asked.

Cell blinked “What’s happening to him?”

”Oh NO!” Kaioshin gasped, “This is Babidi’s greatest spell. He’s turning your son into one of his minions!”

”Absurd!” Cell protested, “that gentle child has no trace of evil in him, he’s pure and innocent, and good.”

“Stop…” Gohan hissed, “stop…calling me…gentle…CHILD!” Gohan got to his feet, fell back to his knees, then struggled and got back up again.

“AAAAAAAAAARGH!” He screamed, “get out of my HEAD!!” Gohan burst into a Super Saiyan.

“Oh crap!” Goku said, his mind racing. “I can’t do this, we can’t kill my son! Fight it Gohan, fight it!”



”You’re right!” Babidi cooed, “the young one is so very deeply disturbed. He’s harboring a great hidden darkness in him.”

“As well he should be.” Vegeta said gruffly. “You should have seen that kid get angry back in the day. You didn’t want to piss this one off. He was gentle as a lamb until he got angry.”

“Yes.” Babidi said, “I feel it. A raging demon, hidden deep within his soul. I sense that he’s been holding it back all of these years. Restraining it. If he had simply released it, I’m sure it wouldn’t have festered so. But since he held it in.. Hah, I’m going to bring it out of him!”


”URGH!” Gohan screamed, gurgling on his own spit. He was writhing and thrashing in agony. “AAAARGH!”

“Listen!” Kaioshin said, “Clear your mind Son Gohan, think of nothing.”


Gohan threw his head back, and gave one more scream. Suddenly, he exploded with a bright flash of light. Everyone shielded their eyes. It seemed as if Gohan’s entire body had exploded from the inside, a bright green flare, blinding them all.


”Impossible.” Vegeta whispered, staring at the viewing sphere in disbelief. “The Legend… it’s him!”


As the flare died down, they could see Gohan again. His body was huge and muscular. He flashed with a pulsating Super Saiyan aura of power, only the usually golden energy now had a certain green tint to it. Gohan’s hair was wild, like that of an Ultra Super Saiyan 2, like Trunks had become once upon a time.

Gohan snapped his head, up staring at them. On his foehead, was the Majin Symbol. His pupils were gone, his eyes all white, he was smiling, and a single trail of drool was coming from his mouth and dribbling off his chin.

“G-Gohan?” Goku asked, timidly.

“That feels so much better.” Gohan hissed.

Chapter 19: Two battles to the death.

“This feels great,’ Gohan said, staring at his hands. He smiled wickedly, and then began laughing.

“What’s happened to him?” Cell asked, breathlessly. “He’s changed somehow!”

“This isn’t like any other Saiyan form I’ve ever seen!” Goku warned.

“Father!” Gohan said, smiling sweetly. “Are you still too busy to play with me now?”

“Listen, Gohan.” Goku said, “Get a hold of yourself.”

”Oh, I’ve got a hold of myself.” Gohan said, walking slowly forward. “Now then, I asked you a question just now. Are you still too busy to play with me now? Because I have a game we can play…we can play it until you’re bleeding and dead.”

”Stop!” Kaioshin warned, stepping between Gohan and Goku. “I can’t let you two fight. It’s what Babidi wan-“

Gohan backhanded Kaioshin, knocking his head off.

“NOO!” Goku screamed.


”Hey! He just stole my vengeance!” Babidi complained. “What has he become, Vegeta? You said he’d turn on them, you never said he’d turn into some kind of monster.”

“This… this is a Legend passed down by my people…” Vegeta marveled, “it’s unbelievable. That kid’s rage was the key. If he had released it long ago, I doubt he could have attained this form. But he kept it bottled up inside of him, allowing it to grow bigger and bigger, until it consumed his soul.”

Vegeta smiled wickedly. “Well now, I suppose its time I go back. Cell and Kakarot will both be dead before you know it.”


”You killed a Kaioshin!” Goku gasped, “What have you done, Gohan?”

“What you wanted me to do, father.” Gohan sneered, “What you’ve always wanted me to do.”

“End this madness, Gohan.” Cell pleaded, “your father never wanted you to be a murderer!”

“Didn’t he?” Gohan smiled, “He wanted me to FIGHT. He wanted me to embrace VIOLENCE. But I didn’t want to. But still, he made me face you, alone…do you have any idea what kind of pressure that puts on a nine year old? He put the world in the palm of my hand… and when I folded, when I turned away from fighting you, Cell…he did the worst thing imaginable. He made me feel guilty about it!”

“Gohan,” Goku pleaded, “I wasn’t trying to make you feel guilty…it’s just that I--”

“You were a bit disappointed?” Gohan interrupted him. “Disappointed that I walked away? Cell, did he ever tell you why he thought I was going to be the one who defeated you? Did he?”

“No.” Cell solemnly replied.

“It’s because ever since I was a little boy, whenever I got angry, I would lose control and go berserk. I had access to incredible power when this happened. He was counting on me to tap into that, on that day. But I didn’t. I let it stay buried inside of me. I remained afraid of my own power, and he made me feel guilty for doing it. He went and played with you, instead of me. He left mom. He became best friends with Mr. Cell.”

“He’s delusional.” Cell whispered to Goku, “He’s suffering from extreme social anxiety disorder, and likely an acute psychosis.”

“Does this look like psychosis?” Gohan asked, gesturing at his massive frame. “The power in me is finally out now, Dad. Just like you wanted it. I’ve finally become the great warrior you dreamed I would. Aren’t you happy? Well, you can DIE happy.”

“That’s enough, boy!” Vegeta said, reentering the room. “You’ll be too busy killing Cell, Kakarot is all mine.”

“Buzz off, small fry.” Gohan grunted.

Vegeta’s eyes widened. He’d never seen Gohan stand up for himself before.

“I’m fighting dad.” Gohan said, “ALONE. And no one is standing in my way, not you, not Babidi, not Cell. Anyone who tries to interfere will die.”

“This is madness!” Cell reasoned, “I’m not letting you fight him alone, Goku.”

“No.” Goku said, stepping forward. “I will fight Gohan alone. I owe him this.”

“But Goku?” Cell Protested.

“You hear that, Cell?” Vegeta laughed, “looks like you’re stuck fighting me now, by yourself. Without Kakarot to back you up. I guess I don’t mind surrendering Kakarot’s execution to his son…the anguish of being murdered by his own blood will be sweet enough.”

“This is perfect!” Babidi’s voice echoed in the chamber, “Buu will be revived very soon. Very well, Gohan, you will get your wish. Parapa PA!”

Gohan and Goku winked out of the room.

“So, that leaves just you and me.” Vegeta sneered.

“Curse you, Vegeta!” Cell roared, “I somehow feel this is all your doing.”

“Hn!” Vegeta only snickered.

“Come, Vegeta, we may as well do this outside the ship. I don’t want Buu to damage anything when he gets released,” Babidi beckoned.

“Very well,” Cell said, “but I will defeat you both…somehow.”


As Piccolo and Kibito struggled to survive against Yakon, Piccolo felt a tremendous darkness open up beneath hem, the likes he never had sense before.

“NO!” Piccolo gasped, “Is this BUU?”

”I do not know.” Kibito admitted, “I’ve never felt the likes of this before.”

“Curse you, monster.” Picoclo rasped at Yakon.

“Hu hu hu!” Yakon chuckled, walking towards them. “It’s time I turned out the lights.”

With that, Yakon began devouring the light out of the very air around him. The area began to darken rapidly.

”He’s doing it again!” Kibito warned.

That’s it! Piccolo realized, My chance to beat him!

“You like eating light?” Piccolo asked, “Then eat this! LIGHT GERNADE!”

Piccolo fired the shot into the air, it was caught in the suction and pulled into Yakon’s belly, where it exploded him from the inside.

“Good show!” Kibito cheered.

“Shew.” Piccolo said, wiping sweat from his forhead. “Glad that’s over.”

Suddenly, Vegeta, Cell, and Babidi all appeared out of nowhere, causing Kibito and Piccolo to jump back, startled.

“Ah!” Cell greeted, “Piccolo, thank Kami. I need your help here.”

“Let him help!” Vegeta sneered, “You’re toast. I’ll kill all three of you without trying.”

“Kaioshin-sama!” Kibito asked, “Where is he? I can’t sense him.”

Cell closed his eyes and shook his head, “Didn’t make it I’m afraid.”

Kibito fell to his knees. “No,” he whispered.

“Well then,” Vegeta said, flaring up into Super Saiyan 2. “Shall we get started?”

Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan had been brought back to the old site of the first Cell Game, where Vegeta had fought Goku just a bit earlier.

“Father.” Gohan smiled, “For years I blamed myself, I tortured myself, I felt miserable, I had no self esteem…but I was blaming the wrong man. You were to blame. Well now I finally get my wish, don’t I? You finally have to pay attention to me.”

”Gohan.” Goku said quietly, and became Super Saiyan 2.

The two leapt at eachother.

Chapter 20: Majin Buu

Gohan clothes-lined Goku, and slammed him into the ground. As Goku got back up, Gohan grabbed him, and tossed him over his head. He did a back flip, kicking Goku, and sending him flying.

Gohan then appeared behind Goku, catching his head in his huge hand, and slamming Goku’s face down into the dirt, before picking him up, and throwing him away.

“See dad?” Gohan sneered, “just like you wanted. I’m stronger then everyone!”

“G-Gohan.” Goku winced, getting up.

“What?” Gohan asked. “If you have something to actually say to me, I suggest you spit it out before you’re dead.”

“HYAH!” Goku screamed, and unleashed a kamehameha at point blank against Gohan’s chest. When the smoke cleared, and the dust settled, Gohan hadn’t moved an iota.

Gohan picked Goku up by the hair, and Goku smiled.

“Why are you smiling?” Gohan asked.

“I’m…proud…” Goku said, “your power is maximum.”

“Damn you.” Gohan said, and punched Goku right in the face.

“You don’t get to say that, not now!” He threw Goku down to the ground.

“But its true, Gohan. I had such high hopes for you, and now I see that I made the wrong decision. I was wrong to place my faith in Cell. You were the one I should have looked up to.”

“STOP!” Gohan said, gripping his head in his hands, “STOP CONFUSING ME!”

“Son.” Goku said, putting his hand on Gohan’s shoulder. “It’s all right.”

Instinctively, Gohan punched Goku hard in the kidney. Then Gohan, suddenly gasped. He felt the wet warmth on his hand, and realized that he his punch had penetrated his father’s torso.

“NO!” Gohan gasped.

Goku collapsed to the ground, and faded out of his Super Saiyan 2 form. Gohan knelt by him, and cradled him in his arms.

“Daddy?” Gohan whispered.

“G-Gohan…” Goku breathed, “tell Mom…tell her that, I’m s-“ Goku’s breathing stopped.

“Daddy?” Gohan repeated, shaking his father gently.

Son Goku was dead.


”It’s about time!” Vegeta cried, and leapt at Cell and Piccolo.

Just then, there was a beeping noise. Everyone stopped. All at once, steam began hissing out from Buu’s shell.

“Oh!” Babidi cried, “It’s full! MAJIN BUU IS AT FULL POWER!”

Everyone turned and faced Buu’s shell.

“He’s coming out!” Babibi cheered, “The Majin my daddy made! He’s coming out!”

“This…is not good.” Cell whispered.

“You mean he’s actually coming out?” Vegeta questioned.

“Indeed!” Babidi agreed, this will mark the beginning of my dark conquest over all life in the galaxy!”

“NO!” Cell screamed, powering up the full extent of his Super Perfect Form. The ground rumbled, and the clouds split open. “I’m not letting it end like this! My Kamehameha has enough power to destroy a solar system! TAKE THIS!”

Cell unleashed a full power Kamehameha directly at Buu’s sphere.

Vegeta scooped up Babidi, and leapt out of the way, right in the nick of time.

The Kamehameha crashed into the spehere, and sent it flying up into the air. Everyone gasped. Finally, it fell back down, and rolled for a while, before splitting open.

“NO!” Piccolo cried out, but then went silent again.

It was empty.

“Wh-where are you, Majin Buu?” Babidi whined.

“Hhmph.” Vegeta grunted, “just another dumb story, like I thought.”

“But… but…” Babidi said.

“Kaioshin-sama.” Kibito said grimly, may you rest in peace, knowing that your life work was fulfilled. Majin Buu no longer exists in this world.”

“D-don’t be too sure.” Cell breathed. “I feel it gathering. What in the world is that!?”

Suddenly, Cell’s head snapped up. One by one, everyone followed his gaze. Floating above the field, was a pink cloud of vapor.

“What is that, a cloud?” Babidi asked.

“No.”Vegeta realized, “the steam that came out of Buu’s shell…”

“It’s gathering!” Cell hissed with surprise.

Everyone watched in disbelief.


Gohan stood for a long time, holding his father’s corpse in his arms. Finally he looked over at a soft patch of ground, and widened his blank, pupiless eyes. The ground exploded, revealing a crater.

Gohan walked over the crater, and gently set his father down inside it.


The smoke gathered and formed a vaguely humanoid shape. Suddenly, it snapped into clear view, a big fat pink bundle of hilarity, with baggy white genie pants and a belt with a golden buckle, baring the “M” symbol.

“BUUUUU!” It screamed, and fell to the ground with a thud.

“Is that?” Kibito began.

”Could it be?” Cell asked.

“This is?” Vegeta wondered.

“Majin Buu?” Babidi blinked in amazement.

“Aah!” Buu said happily, and began doing stretches

Cell looked harshly over at Kibito.

“Is this Buu?”

“No idea.” Kibito breathed. “Only Kaioshin saw him. I wasn’t around back then.”

“Majin Buu?” Babidi questioned, walking over to him.

“Yes.” Buu smiled, and nodded his head.

“Goodness.” Babidi said, “th-this really is Majin Buu?”

“Hah!” Vegeta scoffed. “This fat, ugly thing?”

Buu frowned, and looked at Vegeta.

“What’s wrong, blob? You got a problem with me?”

Buu danced over to Vegeta, and then stopped right in front of him.

“You want to fight with me?” Vegeta asked, “So not only are you stupid, but also arrogant!”

Buu’s suddenly began emitting steam out of a series of holes located on his head, shoulders, and arms. As he did so, there was a high-pitched whining noise. Finally it tapered off.

“What a buffoon.” Vegeta remarked.

Just then, Buu’s eyes opened up and looked at vegeta, as he smiled a big toothy grin.

“Whoah!” Vegeta gasped, as Cell and Piccolo both did the same. Buu’s power had increased enormously.

Vegeta tried to jump back, but he was too slow. Buu’s hand rushed forward and poked him hard in both eyes, squirting blood out from behind his fingers. Vegeta screamed in agony, and took several steps back. Buu hopped into the air, and kicked Vegeta, who flew like a missile and smashed through a large boulder several dozen yards away.

“You’re…amazing, Majin Buu.” Babidi cooed.


Gohan was staring at his father’s grave, when suddenly he blinked. He looked back over his shoulder into the distance. He felt a massive power appear, far away. It was unlike anything he ever felt before.

“This is Majin Buu.” Gohan whispered. “Oh father, I’m so sorry. Look at the mess I made. I promise, I’ll set everything right with the Dragonballs… if I’m still alive.”

Gohan walked to the hatch in the ground, and fired a blast.

Chapter 21: The last stand

“His power…” Cell gasped, “He’s strong. He’s unbelievably strong. I can’t believe this.”

“It is just as the Lord warned,” Kibito said grimly, “no force on heaven or Earth can defeat Majin Buu.”

“We’re…done for…” Piccolo said.

They were all staring hard at Buu. Vegeta was laying motionless in the pile of debris. He had fallen down to his base form. He was either dead, or dieing, from his wound.

“Majin Buu!” Babidi cooed, in a sing-song voice. “Majin Buu, I am Babidi, the son of Bibidi, who created you. So--that means I’m your master.”

Buu stuck his tongue out at Babidi.

“Look!” Cell remarked, “He may be freakishly powerful, but he seems to have a child like mentality. Perhaps if I slay Babidi, we can rehabilitate him!”

Before anyone could protest, Cell blasted Babidi with a giant death beam.

Buu clapped and laughed out loud.

“Good sir.” Cell prompted, nervously, “You’re not going to kill anyone and blow things up, are you?”

“Yes I am!” Buu said cheerfully, and with that, he fired a ki blast right at Cell. Cell gasped, and leapt out of the way, the blast hit where he had been standing, and exploded. The shockwave knocked Piccolo off his feet, but it caused Kibito to fall apart, his arms, legs, and head flying away from the force of the blast.

“Buu see you!” Buu said, appearing above Cell’s head.

“NO!” Cell cried, but Buu smashed him with his fist, knocking him into the ground.

“Curse it all!” Piccolo said, “We’ve had it!”

Buu floated in front of Piccolo. “You die” it said.

Just then, Babidi’s spaceship exploded with one massive blast.

Buu and Piccolo looked over at it. Emerging from a massive cloud of black smoke, came Majin Gohan, still glowing green, and buff as ever.

“What the!?” Piccolo yelled, “Is that… GOHAN!?”

Buu turned its attention away from Piccolo, and landed next to Gohan, facing him.

“So, this silly looking critter is Majin Buu.” Gohan said.

“You look scaaary.” Buu teased, “but Buu not scared.”

“Damn you, it was because of this monster that my father had to die, that Krillin had to die as well! I won’t forgive you!”

“D-did you say, Goku…” Cell began, climbing to his feet.

“He’s gone.” Gohan said quietly.

“Why you…” Cell gritted his teeth.

“Deal with it later,” Gohan said, “we need to fight together, all three of us, to beat this monster.”

“You expect me to trust you after what you’ve done?” Cell demanded.

“You’ve no choice!” Gohan said.

With that, Buu had heard enough. “BUU!” It screamed, and jumped at Gohan. It struck Gohan in the face with its fat belly, and Gohan was sent sailing into the mountainside.

Cell cursed, and rushed at Buu, with Picoclo right behind him.

Cell dropkicked Buu hard and sent Buu flipping, end over end, but Buu neatly rolled with it, and landed on his feet, like he was in the Olympics. Buu had a big dent in his cheek where Cell had kicked him. The dent popped right back out.

Just then, the mountain that Gohan had crashed into exploded with a wash of green light. The green light shrunk and focused into a single point, Gohan’s hand, where he tossed the blast at Buu. It hit Buu and blew a big hole in his chest.

“You’ve done well!” Cell cheered, but then did a double take.

Buu stood right back up, and popped the hole closed.

“Can’t be.” Gohan growled.

“His regeneration is different from mine,” Cell noted, “that took no effort for him, nor did it cost him any energy. It seems we’ve got a real monster on our hands.”

“Use the Kamehameha!” Gohan yelled, “blow him to bits.”

Gohan and Cell leapt up into the air, did several flips, and landed standing side by side about 10 meters from Buu. Buu put a finger up to his mouth, tilting his head in a curious gesture.

“Who ever would have thought,” Gohan snickered, “me and Cell fighting side by side.”

“Life never fails to amuse, does it?” Cell said.

With that, they began chanting together. “KA…ME…HA…ME…HA!!”

They unleashed a massive joint-kamehameha. Buu gasped in fear, and the wave smashed into him. Buu was pulled off his feet, and rode the beam, as his body began to break and burn up. Finally the blast died down. Pieces of melted Buu sprinkled the ground, as torn shreds of his cape and pants drifted down.

“Whew.” Cell breathed, “We actually got him.”

“NO!” Piccolo said. “The pieces, they’re moving.”

Sure enough, the pieces of Buu all gathered together, and he reformed.

"That…hurt…” Buu said, a big vein popping out of his forehead. “Tiny bit.” Buu added, smiling a devilish grin.

All at once, Buu lit up with a bright aura, and the ground began shaking. Cell and Gohan exchanged terrified glances. They thought that Buu’s power had increased a lot before, but now it was literally skyrocketing.

“Hurt YOU!” Buu cried, “KILL YOU!!!”

Buu threw his arms open, and unleashed a massive wave of power. Cell and Gohan braced themselves.

“OH SH--” Piccolo began, but was cut off when his body was instantly turned into fine soot by the wave of power.

The blast hit Cell and Gohan head on, and tossed both of them backwards. When the flash of light died down, Buu floated happily over a massive crater. Cell’s arms had been burnt away, from the elbows and down, while Gohan’s arms were simply bleeding. Mustering some effort, Cell popped new arms out in a regenerative frenzy.

“Damn…” Gohan said, surveying his damaged body. “All this new power I had, and its useless against Buu.”

“Indeed.” Cell noted, “it seems the creature is near immortal, as well as super powerful. No wonder that Kaioshin was so afraid of ever letting him be released. However, I have calculated the creatures one weakness.”

“Weakness?” Gohan asked.

“Yes.” Cell replied, “we must destroy every single molecule of his being. Only if we complete destroy him in that way, will there be nothing left for him to regrow on.”

“Hello.” Buu said, from behind them. Both of them spun around, and each ate one of Buu’s fists.

Gohan and Cell flew back from Buu and slammed into each other. Buu apparead behind them again, and hit them both into the ground.

“Ungh!” Gohan grunted, rolling over, and holding his side in pain.

“Guah!” Cell coughed, and vomited up green fluid.

“So, we have to destroy ever bit of him?” Gohan coughed.

“Indeed.” Cell said, “It’s the only way.”

“Then I’ll…” Gohan began, standing up, “I’ll grab him and release all my energy at once. I’ll self-destruct, and wipe him completely out.”

”Don’t do it.” Cell warned, “You don’t have that much power. You wouldn’t wipe him out, you’d still leave fragments of his body behind.”

“Then how?” Gohan asked.

“It’s hopeless,” Cell sighed, “even if we combined our energy together, it wouldn’t be enough to… wait…combined…” Cell seemed deep in thought.

“Look out!” Gohan screamed, and tackled Cell, knocking him out of the way of Buu’s beam.

“Listen, Gohan.” Cell spoke quickly, “I’ve come up with a plan to defeat Buu. You have to trust me on this one.”

”A plan?” Gohan said. “What plan? You just said we’re not strong enough to wipe him out…what could any degree of planning do.”

Please,” Cell begged, “I said you have to trust me. This will beat Buu…but I need to leave the battle field for a while, in order to pull this off. You’ll have to hold Buu off alone, for a brief time.”

LEAVE!?” Gohan burst, “Are you planning to just run away?”

“No!” Cell argued, desperately, “It’s the only way. Gohan, please. We can fix everything that’s gone wrong with the Dragonballs, but we have to destroy Buu. I’ve calculated several outcomes, and this is the only one that will work!”

“Ngh!” Gohan grunted, “You better be right, Cell.”

“Just try to hold up as long as you can.” Cell said, placing two fingers on his forehead. “I’ll be back.”

Cell teleported.

”Huh?” Buu said, “Green guy go bye bye. But scary guy still here. Buu kill you first.”

“Here goes nothing.” Gohan muttered. He charged towards Buu at full speed.

Chapter 22: The exciting conclusion

“argh!” Gohan winced in pain, as Buu rained blow after blow upon him. “Cell! I’m dieing! Whatever you’re doing…you have to… HURRY!”

Gohan exploded with a wash of light, and sent Buu flying back. With that, Gohan began firing blast after blast at Buu. Finally he got tired, and stopped to catch his breath. Buu’s arm suddenly sprang out of the smoke cloud, stretching long, and grabbed Gohan by the face. The arm retracted, and pulled Gohan into the smoke cloud. Seconds latter, massive thudding noises resounded from the cloud.


Cell materialized in Cell City. He had sensed for any human’s ki and teleported to the first one he could find. The citizen dropped his bag full of groceries in surprise.

”Many pardons, good citizen.” Cell apologized, as he flew at top speed, “I haven’t a second to spare.”

Hurry. Cell thought to himself. I haven’t much time.

Cell flew into the Z-TV lobby.


Gohan lay in a pool of his own blood. But still he dragged himself to his feet. Buu was hopping around, not even seeming to look at him now. It simply danced and hopped about, making silly noises.

Gohan suddenly realized his best bet for buying time was to avoid fighting as much as he could. Gohan flew away from Buu as fast as he still could, with his reduced power.

“Uh oh.” Buu said, smiling, “Scary man go bye-bye? No go bye-bye. Buu wanna kill first.”

Buu rushed at full speed, and cut off Gohan’s escape.

“DAMN YOU!” Gohan screamed, and focused. The air turned green around him, as he focused all of his power into an Omega Blaster.

“YOU’RE DONE!” Gohan screamed, and threw it right in Buu’s face.

The blast exploded, blasting Buu’s face clean off. But by the time the smoke cleared, Buu had already grown a new one.

“Me too!” Buu said excitedly, and then the air turned pink. Buu focused his own power, just as Gohan had done, and made an Omega Blaster of his own.

“Oh no!” Gohan screamed, as Buu fired the blast.


”And so you see!” Cell spoke quickly, to the camera, while the news crew trembled in anxiety from what he was saying. “I need your help, citizens of Earth. I need the help of every man, woman, and child on the face of the planet! I need you all to raise your hands into the air, and give me your energy!”

“Now then,” Cell said, looking at the new crew. “It’s up to you. Loop that message, and play it on every channel, broadcast it on every radio frequency. Make sure there isn’t a person on Earth that doesn’t hear that message!”

“Yes Sir, Mr. Cell!” The executive saluted. “And afterwards, we’ll all do as you asked, we’ll raise our hands up too!”

”Thank you,” Cell smiled. “Thank you all.”

Cell flew up to the roof as quickly as he could.

Years ago I told the Z-senshi that I could do a Genki Dama if I wanted to, Cell thought to himself, time to put that theory to the test!


Gohan took one step forward, stumbled, but regained his footing. Slowly. Painfully. He took a second step forward. He was holding the stump that had been his right arm with his only good hand. Buu had blown the arm clear off with his omega blaster.

Powerfading…Gohan thought to himself. Betrayed by Cell…he’s not coming back.

Just then, Gohan felt something. Far, far away, a power began to grow. Suddenly realzing what was going on, Gohan somehow found the resolve to stay standing.

”Come on, tubby.” Gohan smiled, his face a mess of bruise and blood. “Lets finish this.”

Buu clapped enthusiastically.


All across the world, people were chanting “Mister Cell! Mister Cell!”
All across the world, people were raising their hands.
All across the world, every race, ethnic group, and city joined in the chant.

Cell’s Genki Dama grew.


Gohan couldn’t hold on any longer. Blood loss was making him fade in and out of consciousness. Finally, his swelled muscles shrank, his aura vanished, and his hair went black. Beaten, battered, and missing an arm, Gohan collapsed to the ground.

”Hmm.” Buu said, thoughtfully. “Me hungry. What should I turn you into?”

Buu pointed his head-tentacle at Gohan.

Gohan could only muster enough strength to prop himself up slightly on the stump where his arm ended, and stare at Buu.



”It’s coming!” Cell cheered. Above him, the massive Super Genki Dama began to fill up the whole sky. “This is incredible. Every man, woman, and child on Earth. They’re all helping me!”

Cell did some quick calculations. “Almost there.” He said, “Gohan, hold on just a BIT longer!” Finally, it was done.

”This is it!” Cell said, “The power of every Earthling combined. I pray that It’ll be enough.”

Taking control of the sphere of power, Cell placed his hand back on his forehead. He locked onto Buu’s power, and teleported.


Buu sat on the ground, his face a mess of chocolate. He had just finished eating Gohan. Suddenly, Buu heard a noise, and looked up into the air.

”Ah!” Buu said, cheerfully. “Green guy came back! Buu still hungry!”

”You fiend.” Cell hissed, and then raised his hands into the air.

Buu’s gaze went above Cell’s head, and then Buu gasped in surprise. A massive blue sphere of energy filled the entire sky.

“Thank you, Gohan!” Cell screamed, “Your sacrifice…WILL NOT BE IN VAIN! DIE, BUU!”

Cell hurled the Genki Dama down at Buu. Buu created an Omega Blaster, and quickly threw it up at the sphere. But the attack hit the massive spirit bomb, and fizzled out of existence.

“OH!” Buu cried, suddenly terrified. It leapt to its feet, and held both of its arms out, bracing for impact. The Genki Dama struck Buu, and began weighing heavily down upon him.

“HYAH!” Cell screamed, powering up into Super Perfect Cell. “You were a real monster, but you were no match for the power of PERFECTION! GOOD BYE!”

Cell pushed, and Buu screamed. The spirit bomb fell upon him, and the world was awash with a bright flash of white light. Finally, the light died down, revealing a massive trench, as wide as the grand canyon, leading to a huge crater. Cell focused, and couldn’t detect a single shred of Buu’s power.

“It’s… over.” Cell breathed, and fell out of the air.


“Are you sure this is your decision?” Dende asked.

“It is.” Cell nodded, solemnly.

Cell had expected it to take six months to build the time machine, it had only taken three.

“You don’t… have to do this.” Dende went on, “you’ve proven yourself a great hero. These people love you.”

“They deserve better then me.” Cell said, “and Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, and Vegeta, they all deserve better then what happened too.”

Cell finally placed the last Dragonball into the socket on the mother board, and placed the board into the Time Machine. He closed the hatch, and flipped the switch, which would turn the power on.

All at once, the sky darkened.

“Won’t you cease to exist?” Dende asked.

“I doubt it.” Cell replied, “but if I do, then that’s just the way it has to be.”

“Cell…” Dende tried.

“Rest your mind.” Cell said, placing a hand on Dende’s shoulder. “I’ve calculated fourteen thousand scenarios. The solution is always the same.”

Cell closed his eyes as he continued to speak. “I’m the reason things went so bad with the Z-senshi.” Cell said. “It was my presence here. I do not belong. It was because of me that Goku never realized his true potential. It was because of me that Gohan became a murdering sociopath. It was because of me that Krillin and Vegeta were villains in the end. It was all wrong, the world was meant for something else.”

“But what if they don’t turn out as good as you think they will?” Dende pressed, “What if they don’t stop Buu without your help?”

“I have faith in them, Dende.” Cell said. “They’re good people.”

With that, Cell stood up. “It’s time.”

They looked at Cell’s invention. The Dragon Sphere. The Dragonballs were hardwired right into a perfect replica of Bulma’s time machine. Cell built it himself, basing it on brief visual memories he had, from the time he used it to journey to the past in the first place. After extensively testing it, powering it with his own ki, he confirmed that it was a real-life working time machine, and so he wired the Dragonballs into it, modifying it into the Dragon Sphere.

With the Dragonballs alone, Cell could not erase the Z-senshi’s memories of all that had transpired, as their power was too great, and strange to be effected directly by a wish. Gohan’s reputation would still be stained, Goku would still feel the guilt he had died with, Krillin would still be a maniac.

This was the only solution. A powerful Dragonbolt, directed through the time stream, at the exact moment the world started turning bad. The day that the Z-crew woke up to go and fight Cell at the Cell games, would be the day their soul-essence was copied, and dumped into this time. All of Cell’s influence would be erased. They would remember only that Cell had somehow been defeated, and that the world had been saved because of it.

The second wish would be to resurrect the Z-senshi who had died, their minds freshly wiped by the time-edit.

The plan was complex and difficult to comprehend, but such was the way of Mr. Cell. A simple time-jump would only serve to create a new future, and a simple Dragonball wish would only leave the tormented victims of Cell’s influence to wallow in their past mistakes. This was the only way.

“Goodbye, Dende.” Cell said.

“I’m sorry.” Dende replied.

“There are other worlds then this.” Cell said, smiling. He winked, and flew off into the sky.

As per Cell’s instructions, Dende hit the switch on the machine, and the Dragon Sphere vanished.

As Cell flew out of the orbit of Earth, the planet lit up in a soft, warm, golden glow behind him. Cell masked his ki, and examined the Earth carefully with his keen Perfect Vision.

In a metropolis called Satan City, Son Gohan, dressed as the hero: The Great Saiyaman, thwarted a bank robbery. At his side, was Gohan’s lovely wife, Videl, dressed in a similar costume.

In a metropolis called West City, Bulma, Vegeta, and their daughter, Bra, ate at a picnic in West Park.

On a tropical island, Goku trained happily with the child, Uub.

On Mount Paouz, Chi Chi fondly watched over Goten and Trunks playing basketball in the front yard.

And on Master Roshi’s island, Krillin and #18 lay out on the beach, while their daughter, Marron, frolicked in the sand.

“Yes.” Cell thought, and was content. “This is about right.”

And so Mr. Cell flew off to explore the wonders of the universe.

The end