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Joe Arquette

Born in the projects of El Paso, TX in 1981, Joe’s biological father came from Mexico City and his mother Josie hailed from Victorville, CA. When Josie remarried, she moved to Colorado. Joe changed his last name to “Arquette” in honor of his stepfather, Richard, who raised him as his own son. Joe went to high school and college in Colorado, getting a football scholarship as a linebacker.

Living back in Austin, TX, Joe landed his first agent through a friend and worked in print as well. He landed the Telemundo telenovela "La Ley del Silencio" soon after. Besides "G. I. JESUS," Joe also shot a supporting role in Disney’s "THE GUARDIAN." (The role was originally written Caucasian but director Andrew Davis liked Joe so much he changed the character to “Antunez.”) After this feature stint, Joe decided it was time to head to LA and has been living on the Left Coast since earlier this year.

Patricia Mota

Patricia Mota was born in the Dominican Republic in 1982. Her mother Adys moved Patricia and her siblings - Omahyra and Omar - into the hustle and bustle of New York City when Patricia was just 11.

At 14 her mother met Ariel Jofre, a set decorator, and he became part of the family. Together he and Adys inspired her children to become whatever they so desired in life, and so they did. Omahrya became a supermodel, and brother Omar - who had been doing fashion shows and print work - left the business to continue his studies. Patricia went on to paint and be an actress.

Patricia, being born from artists, had a passion for it at an early age. She is in love with the surreal.

When Patricia was just 17 years old, she had Tracey Preciosa Mota and she too has already done print work and fashion shows.

A mother and an artist, Patricia landed her first movie - State Property 2 - when she was 22, and since then has done various print work and music videos. Her first feature lead in G. I. JESUS, directed by Carl Colpaert, is already making waves before its release date, which is due out January 2007.

Telana Lynum

Telana was born in Mesa, Arizona, where she has entertained family and friends since birth. At the tender age of 4 she decided she needed to get herself an agent. After appearing in 9 plays at the community theatre, her parents finally relented and at age 7 she landed her first agent. She has since appeared in 2 more plays, 5 shorts and just completed her first feature film.

Telana's 2 favorite things are acting and traveling. Her favorite vacation destinations are Tokyo and Maui. When she is not acting or traveling, Telana is an avid reader whose favorite subjects are history and Science. She is a gifted vocalist and loves making jewelry and writing short stories. When she is not in L.A. she lives in Arizona with her parents, little brother Kai, and her two dogs Henny and Puppy Boy.

Mark Wystrach

The youngest of 6 children, Wystrach was born and raised on a working cattle ranch in southern Arizona where his parents also ran a popular local steakhouse. Among his siblings are his fraternal twin brother, Michael, and his sister, Alex Flannigan, a sports reporter for ESPN.

After graduating from the University of Arizona, Wystrach set out to travel the world, living at various times in Spain, Costa Rica and Norway. A gifted athlete, Wystrach enjoyed the nomadic life while surfing and performing as a street musician before settling in Southern California to study acting.

Born on December 17th, Wystrach lives in Los Angeles. He frequently surfs along the Southern California coast and travels whenever his schedule allows.

Maurizio Farhad

An artist at heart, Maurizio's first love was not acting. After living in Ohio for most of his young life, Maurizio moved to New York City to attend the acclaimed Parsons School of Design. His dreams of working in design and fashion were soon replaced with dreams of working in film and television.

After finding immediate success working in theatre and student films, he moved to Los Angeles and began working. Two of his projects, WAKING DREAMS (2007 Release) and Lions Gate's SLAUGHTERHOUSE MASSACRE have been well received. He has also appeared on NBC's "E-Ring," VH-1's "Kept" and the FOX pilot "Union Jackass."

He currently stars as a recurring character on the abc family series, "WILDFIRE."