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Web Design Classics Gold Award
Jan 2005


Presented by Web Design Classics
For great content and excellence deserving of recognition

The Golden Web Award 2004
May 2004


Presented by
The International Association of Web Masters and Designers
For excellence in web design, architecture and content

World Web Award For Excellence
May 2004


Presented by Art Space
For excellence in design and high artistic merit in content


“I have read many comics in my life, and this is one of the rare few with that special magic to it.”

- Mervin


“…better than Pokemon and Beyblade! I want to get a dog and name him Effdee!”

- Oliver Tan


“…one great story that shouldn't be ignored!”

- Jit King


“You are an inspiration to me.”

- Minwei


“The whole package… is just incredible. The only few comics which... attain this status are Sandman, Bone and Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind.”

- ‘Shogun’, from M.A.G.E forums


“(Johnny is)... one of the rare few...a true comic artist .”

- M.A.G.E Magazine, Sept 2003


“It was really cool! Nice job all around…"

- Ian McDonald, creator of Bruno The Bandit comic strip


“Your work looks great. I think you would have a future
here in the USA…”

- Jim Toomey, creator of Sherman’s Lagoon comic strip


"I gave (the books) to my 9 year old son, and he had great fun reading them. He's been inspired by you to do his own comic series!"

-Mr Ho Kwon Ping, Exec. Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings & renowned Singapore businessman


"(Hopes to be)...mentioned in the same breath as...Stan Lee (creator of Spiderman)...and Charles Schultz (creator of Snoopy).

-The Sunday Times, 17 Aug 2003






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