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"We never met a tranny we couldn't break..."
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"Questions that have been Answered a Thousand Times before."
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"A belt in time saves nine (valves)."
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"Diagnosing a Blink, Drip, Crunch, or Whoosh."
Modifications and Projects
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"Bigger, Better, Faster, More!"
Sectional View of a DSM
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"The axle's connected to the... CV joint..."
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"3900 people can't be wrong!"
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"I feel the need... the need for speed!"
The Auto-X Files
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"For those who also enjoy turning the steering wheel..."
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"These sites have enough DSM info to burst your 'head' gasket..."
Parts Market
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"When the need arises, any tool or object closest to you becomes a hammer."
Trivia 101
Factory Specs, History
"Jes' what kinda vee-hickle is that, son?"
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