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Our crusade to end Tassie's footy snub

Article from: The Mercury

March 11, 2008 12:00am

THE AFL's 150th celebrations this year mark another significant football event -- 150 years that Tasmania has been left out in the cold.

And today, to mark Australian football's 150th anniversary, the Mercury launches its season-long campaign, Tasmania -- It's Time, to reignite the push for a Tasmanian team in the AFL.

As the AFL hierarchy looks at expanding its competition to 18 teams with new franchises on the Gold Coast and in western Sydney, the Mercury will outline its case as to why our proud football state should be part of any expanded competition.

Follow our campaign to get a Tassie AFL team

Tasmania has a long and proud history in the game, and some of the finest players the sport has seen started their careers here -- Peter Hudson, Royce Hart, Darrel Baldock, Brent Crosswell, Alastair Lynch and Ian Stewart, to name a few.

One thing is certain. The AFL can never call itself a truly national competition until Tasmania is included.

For too long AFL officials have brushed aside Tasmanian pleas and conveniently placed us in the too-hard basket.

Last August AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou stated: "There is a romantic notion that is perpetuated about having a team here.

"But I think we would do a great disservice by relocating a team here that would be unsustainable."

They may be Demetriou's views, but they are not shared by football lovers. In a Sunday Age poll of nearly 2800 readers earlier this month, 58 per cent said Tasmania should be the next team admitted to the AFL.

Over the next six months, the Mercury intends to prove Demetriou wrong with sustained, logical and rational debate.

Follow our campaign to get a Tassie AFL team

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Latest Comments:

Forget the AFL. They're taking Tasmania for granted. Go the A-League!

Posted by: Charles of Hobart 2:33pm March 12, 2008

Well - as a football state, is up to us to provide the case to the AFL to put a team here. Make it so they can't refuse. I predict the Kangaroos will be broke and on the verge of going out of business in 2-3 years anyway, which makes it perfect for Lennon and company to create a package that means THEY WILL HAVE TO RELOCATE SOUTHWARD. Put an offer to the Kangaroos that they can't refuse - and that means a decent stadium in Hobart as well as what we already have up here - and they will come. The Tassie Kangaroos has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

Posted by: Julian of launceston 10:26am March 12, 2008

Maybe the Mercury could start it's campaign by helping to build football up to the standard it used to be in the State. Grass roots football is languishing at the bottom of the chain, with Devils and AFL Tas at the top. Give us more publicity to boost the publics awareness and campaign to give local footy a fair share of the Footy dollar handed out to the State by the AFL. Get local footy up to the standard it was and with the crowd support it used to have and Tassie will be in a better position to bargain with the AFL. Recognise local footy for the cultural icon it is and stop looking at it as a feeder for the Devils and the AFL. Local footy is the breeding ground for top level footballers with hours and dollars invested by these clubs from the Juniors up, recognise this for what it is worth.

Posted by: Kate of launceston 10:18pm March 11, 2008

Why don't you look at returning the snub to the AFL, put together a good case and approach the NRL about getting a rugby league team in Hobart. Face facts, the AFL will continue to take upcoming Tassie talent but return very little, it always has.

Posted by: Harry Buttle of Mountain River 11:44am March 11, 2008

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For 150 years Tasmania hasn't had its own team in the "national" competition. Join our push to get a Tassie team in the AFL.

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