Magician Claims "Family Guy" Stole His Act

Art Metrano, an actor who frequently appeared on "The Tonight Show" performing simple magic tricks, is suing the FOX show "Family Guy" for stealing his routine in their animated movie, "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story." Those of you over 40 know who we're talking about.
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In the movie, a future version of Stewie Griffin says that he traveled back in time and that Jesus' abilities may have been exaggerated. The scene then cuts to Jesus performing, Metrano claims, a "comedy routine identical in music, sound and action to Metrano's act, 'The Amazing Metrano.'"

Metrano, who played Captain Mauser in two of the "Police Academy" films, filed a lawsuit in federal court yesterday, claiming copyright infringement, among other things, and is seeking in excess of $2 million.

Calls to reps for "Family Guy" were not immediately returned.

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1. I’m first (yet again). Oh yeah. Go me. CBL rocks the house.

Posted at 2:06PM on Dec 6th 2007 by CBL66

2. and second. Oh yeah.

Posted at 2:07PM on Dec 6th 2007 by CBL66

3. Family Guy Funny
Art Medrano NOT! Shut up nobody!

Posted at 2:10PM on Dec 6th 2007 by MMK

4. Another TMZ story ripped off from Courthouse News Service...with no credit, of course!

Well, at least this time they didn't slap down one of their "Exclusive" banners on it...maybe the guilt is getting to them. Though probably not.

Posted at 2:11PM on Dec 6th 2007 by CNS

5. Shut up nobody?????????

Posted at 2:12PM on Dec 6th 2007 by Get an education

6. #4 - CNS.... jealous?
bitter, party of 1

Posted at 2:14PM on Dec 6th 2007 by Jealousy

7. Art should look at this from a differnet angle.... he should be flattered they are paying homage to him. I mean it's a cartoon for f**k sake! And 2 million dollars??!! Guess his career is in the crapper and he's looking for a free payday!

Posted at 2:14PM on Dec 6th 2007 by Mommywhatsadouchebag?

8. You dumb asses who are always like "first" are freaking retarded! WHO CARES!!!

Posted at 2:18PM on Dec 6th 2007 by JKT

9. its about time! family guy (although funny) is as notorious for stealing jokes as carlos mencia!

Posted at 2:20PM on Dec 6th 2007 by mo

10. I understand that it's just a cartoon but come on, can't family guy be a little more creative and at least changed the song? Unless they really meant to "pay homage" but they obviously weren't. I don't know if the guy should get 2 million dollars, but it is copyright infringement here. It's about people not being able to get away with that kind of stuff without crediting the source.

Posted at 2:25PM on Dec 6th 2007 by www.myspace.comliketheredpanda

11. #8- JKT. Jealous!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 2:35PM on Dec 6th 2007 by BE QUIET

12. Forget "Paying Homage", they wanted to imply that Jesus had exaggerated abilities, so they used an act by a Magician.... by calling Medrano a Magician is greatly exaggerating his abilities... so it all fits Family Guys satiric form perfectly.

Posted at 2:49PM on Dec 6th 2007 by Mattie

13. #13- what does jkt mean?
im sorry, not being 12 years old, i use real words when i speak or type.

Posted at 2:55PM on Dec 6th 2007 by mo

14. Da duh da da, Da duh da da, Da duh da da, Da duh da da, Da duh da da, Da duh da da, Da duh da da, Da duh da da, Da duh da da, Da duh da da, Da duh da da, da da dada dada dada da da!
If you don't understand stand this, you never saw Metrano's act.

Posted at 3:08PM on Dec 6th 2007 by jeff

15. I remember seeing Art many, many years ago and that really was his act first. He should get something for coming up with it in the first place. AND he should be flattered. They do need to pay him something, maybe not $2 million dollars, but something.

Posted at 3:12PM on Dec 6th 2007 by Missyg

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