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Walsh schedule and press conference set

Former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh is set to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. in the latter’s New York offices. He’s then going to fly directly to Washington to speak to Senator Arlen Specter in the early afternoon.

Before Walsh flies out, Goodell plans to hold a 10 a.m. press conference at the Intercontinental Hotel in New York. Walsh and his attorney, Michael Levy, have been invited to attend, but they may not be able to make it because of their meeting with Specter.

We’re still trying to find out if Specter will have anything to say. He released a statement yesterday on the eight tapes Walsh turned over to the league and the NFL’s assertion that they merely relate to what the Patriots have already been punished for.

“I think it is very unfortunate that the NFL has already started its ‘nothing new’ spin before watching the tapes or finding out what Mr. Matt Walsh has to say,” Specter said. “Let’s see where the evidence leads.”

UPDATE (4 p.m.): It appears unlikely that Walsh or Levy will be speaking in New York. They’re tentatively scheduled to meet with Specter at 1:30 in Washington. Specter will then hold a press conference from the Capitol in the late afternoon, probably no sooner than 3:30. There’s a chance that Walsh and Levy will speak there, but it has not been decided.


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