The Sam Wanamaker Award

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The Sam Wanamaker Award was instituted by the Globe in 1994 to celebrate work which has increased the understanding and enjoyment of Shakespeare, and which has a similar quality to Sam Wanamaker's own pioneering work.

The Sam Wanamaker Award 2007

On Thursday 14 June, Sam's birthday, the Sam Wanamaker Award for 2007 was given jointly to Jenny Tiramani, Claire van Kampen and Mark Rylance, in recognition of their achievements during the theatre's founding years. The Award was presented by Zoe Wanamaker.

Past Winners

2006 - Dawn Saunders QSM
CEO of the Shakespeare's Globe Centre in New Zealand

2004 - John Orrell
Canadian scholar and theatre historian whose work dominated thinking about the building of the Globe for more than the 20 years it took to realise the project

2003 - Stephen Unwin and Barry Rutter
Directors of English Touring Theatre & Northern Broadsides respectively, for bringing Shakespeare to thousands, especially in the regions

2002 - Paul Scofield CBE
For major roles for the Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal National Theatre, and in the West End

2001 - John Barton CBE
For his distinguished work with the Royal Shakespeare Company

2000 - Cicely Berry OBE
For her championing the art of speech in the acting of Shakespeare

1999 - Glynne Wickham
For his pioneering academic work in drama

1998 - Janet Arnold
For research into Elizabethan and Jacobean dress

1996 - William Hutt
For 32 years of work at the Stratford Festival, Ontario, Canada

1995 - Leon Garfield
For his Animated Tales of Shakespeare (itself the subject of an exhibition at the Globe in 1995)

1994 - Dr Rex Gibson
For his Cambridge School Shakespeare series

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