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Oriolo" Scene by Donald Vivacqua  Photo 2001.
The photograph shown here is one of the many photos taken by  "Donald Vivacqua"  during his summer 2001 visit to Oriolo.
His collection includes a large number of both historic and modern subjects and are sure to be recognized by anyone who has visited.

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Your Oriolo Research
Click Here ...This is a list of surnames, complied by "Joseph Oriolo" of families living in the village of Oriolo, in the 1800"s. This list is important to your research, as it contains original names and spellings, that may have since been changed.

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Members who are Researching Ancestry from the village of Oriolo and the names they seek. Click- Reseacher names, for E-Mail Addresses to contact members with family connections.

ACCATTATO Anthony Kattato Cattat - Kattato
ACCIARDI Damon Ascolani Chard
ACINAPURA Joseph Oriolo
ALFANO Kathryn Snogans
AMENDOLARE Roy Swiger  Chuck Valente  Tony Vivacqua
BARONE Kim Barone  Norman Barone  Jim Frega
BELLINO Damon Ascolani Belline
BIANCHI Larry Carelli  Robert Bianchi
BLANCO Larry Carelli
BONAMASSO Mark Musil  Joseph Oriolo  Jim Frega
BONGIORNO Ron Bongiorno   Kathryn Snogans Jennifer Bongorno
BRANCACCIO George Lilli .JoAnnVolz.Francis Grates
Niel Broncaccio. Florence Korrie.Robert Bianchi
Branch- Branck
CALO Mary Vartorella Waltz
COLOTTA Damon Ascolani   Maxine Kelly
CAMPOSANO Joseph Oriolo
CARELLI Larry Carelli
CARUSO Joseph Oriolo
CASTRONOVA S Durse.. MaryLynn Durse Costa
CHIPPARI Catherine Paige.Roy Swigger Kipper
CORRADO Larry Carelli  George Lilli  Tony Vivacqua
Francisco Corrado  Florence Korrie  JoAnn Volz  Damon Ascolani  Brian Paul Corrado   Joseph Nudo
CUCCERA Jeremy Cooker Cooker
De LIA Joe Spine  Roy Swiger  George Lilli D'Elia-D'Lia
Daley, Dailey
De PELLIO Roy Swiger Deluke
Di ANGELO Damon Ascolani
Di EGO Jim Frigo  Bedrnie Morgen   Joseph Nudo   Jennifer Bongorno
Di LUCA Roy Swiger Deluke
Di NICCO George Lilli
Di SANTO Joseph Oriolo.Damon Ascolani
Di STEFANO Mark Musil
DONADDIO Phyllis Shelton   Ron Bongiorno Donadio-Dunadee
DURSI MaryLynn Durse  S Durse  Ann Klegin Durso, Durse
FIGUNNI Fran Kattato
FIORAVANTE JoAnn Volz  George Lilli  Francis Grates   Florence Korrie.
FRANCHINO Jon Franchino  Damon Ascolani  Tony Vivacqua
Guiseppi Franchino
FREGA Jim Frigo.Bernie Morgan Frego
GATTO Pasqual Nurod 
GIANNOTTI Joseph Oriolo
GIAMPETRO J LaGamba James Palermo
GRECO Julie Woodin
GRIZZUTI JoAnn VolzGeorge LilliRosemary Conte.
Gustavo Grizzuti  Florence Korrie  Maria Grizzuti
Grizzuto - Grates
GUARINO Chuck Vivacqua Green
LABOLLITA George Lilli
LABORIOSO Kathryn Snogans
LAGAMBA J LaGamba. George Lilli Lagamma
LAMANA George Lilli
LAVIOLA Joseph Oriolo
LILLI Anthony Kattato Jeremy Cooker Joseph Oriolo  George Lilli  Jim Frigo  James Kinney  James Palermo Lill - Lille
LIGUORI Julie Woodin
LOCUOCO Mary Vartorella Waltz  Mary Ponto
MANFREDE Gustavo Grizzuti.Maria Grizzuti
MARINO Joe Spine Marine
MAURO Damon Ascolani
MAZZI0TTI Joseph Oriolo
MUSCETTA Rosangela Muscetta
ORIOLO Jeremy Cooker.Joseph Oriolo
PANIO Damon Ascolani  Frances Pine Pania
PANNO Veronica Panno   Mary Vartorella Waltz   Joseph Panno   Mary Ponto
PETRELLI Giuseppe Petrelli Petrell
PISTOCHI Larry Carelli  Mary Vartorella Waltz
PUGLIESE Larry Carelli   Julie Woodin
RICCUDO Jon Franchino Rich
RUCERETE Mary Vartorella Waltz
RUFFO Joseph Oriolo
SANTAGATA Giuseppe Santagata  Chuck Vivacqua  Sid Vivcaqua Sanders
SICILIANO Maria Grizzuti   Larry Carelli  Tony Vivacqua
SILVESTRI Shirley Spitzberg  Joseph Oriolo  Donald Vivacqua  Sid Vivacqua  Catherine Paige  Jim Frega  Donna Sylvester Silvester- Sylvester
SORIA Bernie Morgan..Jim Frigo
SPAGNA Jeremy Cooker  James Kinney  Joe Spine
Esther Triunfo
Spine - Spanio
TOSCANI Damon Ascolani
TRIUNFO Esther Triunfo
VARLARO Damon Ascolani
VARTORELLA Joseph Oriolo  Mary Vartorella Waltz Sandy Vartorella
VITALE Joseph Oriolo
VIVACQUA Shirley Spitzberg  Joseph Oriolo  Chuck Vivacqua  Donald Vivacqua  Sid Vivacqua  Tony Vivacqua

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Members Profile

Contact Members who are Researching "Oriolo". Click ( NAME ) For...E-Mail address - Mem profile, or for personal information:
******Indicates Photos.
Damon Ascolani Chicago .IL.: MEM PROFILE******
Kim Barone
Cleveland OH: MEM. PROFILE:

James Barone

Bakersfield CA: MEM. PROFILE:

Robert Bianchi

Cleveland, Oh. MEM. PROFILE:

Ronald Bongiorno

Herkimer NY: MEM. PROFILE:

Neil Broncaccio

New Orleans La: MEM PROFILE
Lawrence Carelli Youngstown, Ohio MEM.PROFILE******
Rosemary Conte Matawan NJ. MEM.PROFILE
Jeremy Cooker

New Orleans La.

Francisco Corrado

Oriolo Cs. Italy


Brian Paul Corrado


MaryLynn Durse

YoungstownOh. MEM.PROFILE:

Suzi Durse

Boardman .Oh. MEM.PROFILE:
Jim Frega: Bakersfield CA. MEM. PROFILE:

Francis Grates

Frankfort NY. MEM. PROFILE:
Gustavo GrizzutiSan Paolo BrazilMEM.PROFILE:
Maria Grizzuti Bounos Aries Argentina: N/A

Anthony Kattato

Francis Kattato Coldbrook NY: MEM. PROFILE:

James Kinney

Long Island, NY. MEM. PROFILE
Florence Grizzuto Korrie  Utica NY. MEM. PROFILE
George Lilli St Paul Mn. MEM. PROFILE******

Joseph Nudo


Pasqual Nurod


Joseph Oriolo

Frankfort NY MEM. PROFILE:

Catherine Paige

Rome(Floyd) . NY. MEM. PROFILE:******

James Palermo

Youngstown OH MEM. PROFILE:

Joseph Panno

New Orleans LA MEM. PROFILE:

Giuseppi Petrelli

Torino. (LE). Italy MEM. PROFILE:

Giuseppe Santagata

Oriolo, Cs: Italy MEM. PROFILE:
Phyllis Donadio Shelton Virginia Beach Va, USA MEM. PROFILE:
Donna Sylvester Brooklyn NY, USA MEM. PROFILE:
Joe Spine Cary, North Carolina MEM. PROFILE******
Shirley Spitzberg Ft. Worth, TX. MEM. PROFILE
Kathryn Snogans Verona, NJ MEM. PROFILE
Roy Swiger Livermore Ca. MEM. PROFILE
Esther Triunfo St.Petersburg FL. MEM. PROFILE
JoAnn Voltz Salt Lk City, UT. MEM. PROFILE:

Chuck Valente

Frankfort NY. MEM. PROFILE

Sandy Vartorella


Vincenzo Vaticano

Varapodio-Calabria, Italy. MEM. PROFILE

Chuck Vivacqua


Donald Vivacqua

Falls Church . VA. MEM.PROFILE

Tony Vivacqua

Youngstown Oh. MEM.PROFILE

Mary Vartorella Waltz

West Chester Ohio MEM. PROFILE:

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These are some of the home pages of members. These sites, may
or may not be Genealogical, but in each case expresses something
of the author.

Ascolino, Damon......Damon Ascolino Home Page

Woodin, Julie ......Welcome to Julie's Research

Oriolo, Joseph...........JOSEPH ORIOLO Home Page

Vivaqua Donald.....ImageEvent-by Donald J. Vivacqua

Vivaqua Chuck.....Sanders (Santagata) Family of Frankfort NY

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* Oriolo_Research*

Important addresses:
Address for ordering civil records is..

Municipio di Oriolo Calabro
Piazza Toscano
Italia 87073
Phone.......0399 81931 042
Address for Ordering Church Records...
Chiesa S. Giorgio Martire
Via Vittotio Emanuele 127
Oriolo, Cosenza
Italia, 87073
Priests name is...
Don Alessio
Phone 0398 193 1104

Now! you can go directly to...
Benvenuti Oriolo
Where you'll find first hand information, history and culture,
also up to date news, photos and current matters.

Immigration History Research Center:
A Internet site of great importance in finding and understanding all types of immigration Information and Records.

Immigrant Ship Information
Excellent detail and discriptions of early Immirgrant ships.Indexed and classified.

Chapter V
Research Methods:
How to start and carry out your Genealogical Research.

Chapter Vl
Researching Argentina:
How to Research Argentinia.

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Frankfort Family Surnames
Early Families from Oriolo, to Frankfort NY.

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