Park Valley Cemetery

Park Valley, Box Elder County, Utah


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    State Highway 30 is the main road that runs through Park Valley.  At the center of town are the local store and L.D.S. Church house.  
    Traveling east on Highway 30, pass the center of town.  The first road on your left leads up to the cemetery.  A gate and sign are visible from the road (the gate is not locked).



Year Established 1896
Cemetery Age 104 years
First Burial 1896 - William Erastus Mecham
Last Burial still in use
Number of Burial Spaces  
Number of Burials to Date approximately 125 identified


    In the early days of Park Valley, there were a few scattered graves. It was common at that time to bury a family member on his land.  The community would rally around, with Erastus Carter and William Carter making many caskets, and Martha Burton and Jane Rose sewing burial clothes and lining the caskets.

    The first community cemetery was located just north of the current public school.  Digging was very hard at that site and there was trouble with water, so it was decided to establish a new cemetery at it's current location.

Information for this website was taken from a book on Park Valley, written by 
Norine K. Carter, Letitia W. Palmer, and Dorothy K. Morris

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Photos were taken by Annette Nelson - August, 1999
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