Kelton Cemetery

Kelton, Box Elder County, Utah

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    (Directions to the small town of Kelton):  From Brigham City, go north on I-15, then northwest on I-84; after the Snowville exit, take state highway 30 west; after driving approximately 25 miles, you'll find a gravel road on the left that goes south to Kelton (about 3 miles).  The cemetery is located at the west end of old Kelton.


Year Established  
Cemetery Age  
Earliest Headstone 1872
Last Burial  
Number of Burial Spaces  
Number of Burials to Date  

Burial Records:

  Kevin M      
Forbes Ester Seddon F      
Forbes Henry M      
Forbes Henry Clay M      
Grose Thomasine Rosevear F 22 Mar 1834 23 Aug 1872 Sister of John & Joseph Rosevear
Landon Dwane R. M      
Olsen D. A.   15 Mar 1923 23 Oct 1954  
Riley Francis        
Riley Mary Emma F 22 May 1876 19 Oct 1879  
Riley Russell T. M     Buried in same lot as Mary Emma Riley
Riley Willa H.       Buried in same lot as Mary Emma Riley
Riley William T. M      
Rosevear John   21 Nov 1831 27 Nov 1874  
Ryan Albert M


  birth or death: 
27 March/June 1876
Age 10?
Father: O.L. Ryan
Mother: Sophie J.
Ryan Elsie F   2 Jun 1876 Father: O.L. Ryan
Mother: Sophie J.
Sparks Georgina F 1834 1876 wife of John Sparks
Whitaker Thomas M      

Rumored Burials*:

1. Three individuals by the name of Boards
2. Two individuals by the name of Badger
3. Possibly Elijah Rhead
4. One of the Miller family
    * per research done by LaMar Tracy

History: - not available

Maps: - not available

Thanks to the Utah Historical Society and Elaine Daniels for sharing this information.  Some records were also compiled by LaMar Tracy.

Please send comments and questions to  Annette Nelson, Box Elder County Coordinator

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