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 Welcome to the Gunpowder Plot Pages!
The Internet's  Most Important Source for the Study of the Gunpowder Plot, Its Commemoration and Times

. The historical Gunpowder Plot of 1605  was a multifaceted Catholic conspiracyContemporary Portrait of the Plotters, a part of the counter-reformation directly known to  and tolerated by the leading Jesuits in England.  The plot was designed   to commit terrorism in England by Guy Fawkes and other Catholics motivated by religious persecution, financial reward and political power.  The plot and its discovery is  celebrated worldwide with bonfires and fireworks. The plot as it has been celebrated through time has grown to be much more than simply an historic event.  The significant body of tradition and folklore of celebration which has grown up around the history of the events themselves now is significant in its own right.   Many aspects of the plot and its discovery can be celebrated. There is no one true path.

             Many simply enjoy a celebration of the last of the Fall weather and the warmth of the fire before winter sets in. Others celebrate the bravery of the plotters who many consider "freedom fighters" others celebrate the deliverance of the Parliament and the ancestor of the American Congress and Democracy as we know it. One can also celebrate the provision of the separation of church and state. Which ever way you choose to  celebrate the day we hope that these pages will provide you with a treasury of folklore, custom and tradition with which you can enhance your own folk experience.
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