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BrikWars: Brikingham, March 2002

I have to admit I was a little disappointed to see 95% of the fair city of Brikingham still intact after the big game. To remedy this situation, a couple of nights later, Lila and I cleared out all the living troopers left over from the first game, and brought in four new armies for a second game.

This game spanned three nights of playing, and ended in an actual victory. Lila commanded the Warriors of Fentwick and the Native Americans on Speed, while I acted as supreme commander-in-chief for the The Resurrected and my backward namesake Nadnerb.

No photos were taken during the game, as we were much too busy slaughtering each other and blowing up as much stuff as we could. This second game started with a bang as Lila's ninja leaped from his base onto the back of the zoo's elephant, and sliced its head clean off, setting the tone for a game that would prove much more destructive than the first.

The climax of the game was certainly when the central clock tower came crashing down (to accomplish this, two of my heroes and a trooper all simultaneously whacked away at one of the tower's three remaing support pillars). By an exquisite random chance, the tower's clock section fell right on top of a group of ten Brikingham citizens who were huddled up in fear between the Bank and the Monorail Terminal, hoping to avoid detection. Squish.

In the mad dash for the fallen central flag, Lila's forces were able to navigate their motorcycles through the piles upon piles of debris, and eventually claim victory with the flag back at her base. In the meantime, my armies leveled the Starbuks while Lila's massacred the animals in the zoo.

Here are a few photos of the playing field at the end of game two...

ABOVE: Visit scenic Brikingham. Wish you were here.

ABOVE: They say every time you knock down a Starbuks, two more pop up in its place.

ABOVE: The crocodiles scored a couple of meals out of Lila's troops before being overwhelmed by cannon fire.

ABOVE: What would the statue of Sir Reginald Brikingham say if it could talk? Probably "holy shit".

ABOVE: This fallen hero's expression says it all.

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