Vegans, Shows, and Rock-and-Roll

Musicians around the world are using their music to promote animal welfare and vegetarianism. Two Massachusetts artists shared with us their experiences distributing Vegan Outreach materials on their recent concert tours.

inblackandwhite is a Boston, MA rock band comprised of four vegetarians who are proud of their compassionate choice to follow a plant-based diet. During their east coast tour in December, January, and February, they displayed the Even If You Like Meat and Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating brochures on their merchandise tables. Interested fans were seen flipping through the booklets in between sets and while browsing the buttons and CDs for sale. At one of the shows, a volunteer leafleted all of the patrons exiting the club. The band looks forward to sharing VO's message during their future tours as well.

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Kyle Vincent is a multitalented vegan singer/songwriter who currently hails from western Massachusetts. He recently completed a winter tour of the midwestern United States and distributed Vegan Outreach literature at each of his tour stops. His audience -- both human and non-human -- seemed to be incredibly receptive to the material. Kyle had this to say about his experiences:

Akron, Feb. 2, at Musica
My assistant Carolyn manned (womanned?) the merch table at this environmental awareness night. We had both pamphlets out on the table. Carolyn remarked that the Prius salesman took one of each brochure and put them in the backseat of the car for all to see.

Ann Arbor, MI, Feb. 9-10, Seva veg restaurant
One of my faves. Put out a stack of flyers in their literature section -- only one remained the next day!

Dexter, MI, Feb. 9-10, Living Room Shows
Several vegetarians in attendance giving us kudos for having the flyers
available, and the host of the night had set out vegan options and even a vegan b-day cake!

Whittaker, MI, Feb. 10, Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary
One of the most peaceful places on earth. Left some brochures here for future visitors. Our tour guide Celeste was charmed when I tried to preach to the choir and show one of the top bunnies a pamphlet, both of us knowing that he was already a lifelong vegan.

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