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AGRE Program Information

AGRE provides biomaterials and an unprecedented resource of phenotype and genotype information that is freely available for analysis by members of the scientific community.
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AGRE Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to commmon questions about AGRE.

ISAAC User Guide:
A step-by-step guide for downloading phenotype data from ISAAC.

NEW!High-density SNP (500K Affymetrix) data on 777 families contributed by the Autism Consortium. (contact researcher liaison)
-Whole Genome Scan and Finemapping data on 356 families.
-Genome-wide High-density 10K SNP data on 426 families from the Autism Genome Project (AGP).
-High-density SNP (2007 SNPs) data of Chr.17 on 219 families contributed by the UCLA Collaborative Autism Genetics Project.

ADI-R, ADOS, Raven, and Handedness testing results with all interview data points and computer scored algorithm results are available for download.
Medical histories, Physical Neurological exam data, Peabody scores, and Vineland scores are also available.
NEW!Language History Data
NEW!Social Responsiveness Scale Data

Instructions on how to cite AGRE in publications.


AGRE participants may also be interested in the following studies:
>> Autism Tissue Program
>> UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment (CART) Program



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