Call's Fort Cemetery

Honeyville, Box Elder County, Utah

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Sign is on State Road 38 between Brigham City and Honeyville -- just south of Honeyville.  Cemetery is short distance up gravel road to the east.    


Owner Honeyville City
Year Established  
Cemetery Age  
Earliest Headstone 1870
Last Headstone  
Number of Burial Spaces  
Number of Burials to Date 209 (possibly more; some may be unrecorded)

Burial Records:

Allen Albert A. 13-Feb-1870 15-Sep-1872    
Allen Jude William 02-May-1875 02-Mar-1877 plat 9, plot 2  
Allen Jude   12-Oct-1811 13-Feb-1900 plat 9, plot 2 Pioneer
Allen Martha   20-Feb-1834 23-Sep-1908    
Allen Mary Elizabeth 27-Mar-1870 24-Feb-1877    
Allen Myrn Elizabeth 11-Sep-1879 24-Jul-1882    
Allen Sarah Anglelsey 05-May-1846 09-Jan-1923    
Ammons James H 16-Jun-1923 19-Mar-1982   World War II
Religion: LDS
Anglesey Catherine Preston 14-Dec-1813 21-Dec-1873    
Anglesey John   09-Jul-1811 29-Jun-1870    
Barnard [unmarked grave]        
Barnard Ethel M.-Frodsham 1890 1895    
Barnard Ginevra B.-Frodsham 1870 1894    
Barnard Hyrum S. 1845 1923 plat 4, plot 18  
Barnard Ira M. 1874 1880   unknown wars
Barnard James Oliver 09-May-1897 13-Jun-1897    
Barnard Laura P. 1848 1904    
Barnard Lauvera E. 1878 1879    
Barnard Margarette Deloras 15-Jul-1899 26-Aug-1900    
Barnard Mo Lachoneus 1837 1919    
Barnard Nellie F. 1889 1930    
Barnard Osro Errol 22-Mar-1890 27-Aug-1890   Pioneer
Barnard Osro Lachoneus 19-Nov-1865 26-Sep-1935    
Barnard Roy Porter 19-Aug-1895 24-Nov-1923    
Barnard Sarah Margaret May 22-Sep-1867 23-Aug-1941    
Barnard William P. 1872 1880    
Baty Baby   02-May-1956 02-May-1956    
Baty Daniel Twin 15-Mar-1889 26-Jul-1889 plat 2, plot 9  
Baty R. Ray 1910 1921    
Baty Richard Holmes 12-Nov-1841 15-Jun-1896    
Baty Richard Wilson 23-Jun-1881 12-Jun-1953    
Baty Sarah   15-Oct-1853 26-Jul-1924    
Baty Thomas J. 11-Nov-1886 24-May-1926    
Baty Wilburn J. 05-Oct-1894 15-Jul-1972   World War I
Religion: LDS
Baty Wilhelmine Korth 24-Sep-1881 25-Dec-1961    
Baty William Twin 15-Mar-1889 02-Dec-1905    
Baty William   13-Nov-1851 14-Aug-1914    
Beckstead Christina A. 1954 1999   Korean War
Religion: LDS
Brower Darlene   28-Mar-1928 19-Dec-1933    
Bybee A.A.   10-Feb-1808 19-May-1894 plat 4, plot 27 Pioneer
Bybee Nancy   15-Nov-1815 09-Sep-1898    
Cowen Thomas   22-Oct-1825 06-Oct-1894    
Cox Michael Allen 24-Jun-1964 24-Jun-1964    
Cox Michell Aaron 24-Jun-1964 24-Jun-1964    
Davis Arthur E. 1876 1927    
Deppen Eleanor Baty 09-Jan-1902 03-Apr-1963    
Deppen Leland H. 08-Aug-1901 23-Jan-1965    
Egbert Joseph P. 27-May-1885 26-Sep-1896    
Egbert Joseph Smith 10-Jan-1859 08-Apr-1922    
Egbert Sarah M.P. 20-Oct-1866 24-Feb-1910    
Ellingsford Verna Catherine 17-Apr-1888 03-Jun-1913    
Flint John K. 15-Jan-1857 24-Feb-1923 plat 1, plot 8  
Flint William   17-Feb-1828 18-Apr-1901    
Gibbs Joseph S. 1869 1919 plat 3, plot 14  
Griffiths Maria   30-Jan-1864 25-Nov-1945    
Griffiths Minnie   11-Apr-1873 20-Oct-1893    
Hadley Adelia Johnson 1900      
Hadley Baby          
Hadley Beatrice Weaver 22-Mar-1888 06-May-1938    
Hadley Edward   21-Sep-1880 08-May-1960 plat 10, plot 1  
Hadley Mary Lillie 24-Oct-1886 09-Jul-1901    
Hadley Mary S. 1861 1935    
Hadley Mary Shooter 1809 04-Mar-1873    
Hadley Richard   1800 12-Nov-1878    
Hadley William   29-Mar-1844 27-Mar-1902 plat 9, plot 1  
Harper Celia Ann 30-Jun-1867 26-Apr-1947    
Harper Claribel Richardson 16-Aug-1905 29-Jan-1964    
Harper Cumorah J. 1906 1906    
Harper Ellen   15-Nov-1850 17-Sep-1883    
Harper Emma A. 20-Sep-1875 03-Oct-1962    
Harper Hannah J. 07-Nov-1936 26-Feb-1922    
Harper Hyrum   1860 1919    
Harper Onal   1908 1908    
Harper Rachel Lewis 23-Jun-1866 13-Sep-1946    
Harper Reese M. 19-Feb-1863 13-Nov-1935    
Harper Rulon Jay 27-May-1903      
Harper T. Carris 1904 1904    
Harper Thomas E. 18-Aug-1857 15-Oct-1923    
Harper Thomas   05-Mar-1830 07-Nov-1899    
Horral Earl A. 08-Aug-1897 13-Jan-1927    
Jeppesen Douglas R. 1947 1988   Vietnam War
Jeppesen Lemuel R. 11-Jun-1888 01-Nov-1964    
Jeppesen Van L. 31-Dec-1920 13-Oct-1976   World War II
Jeppsen Grace B. 07-Mar-1897      
Jones Abraham   19-Feb-1893 18-Mar-1893    
Jones Daniel P. 11-Jan-1870 11-Mar-1870    
Jones David P 19-Mar-1877 18-Jun-1877    
Jones Howel P 22-Oct-1873 07-Jul-1874    
Jones Joseph E. 13-Jul-1890 09-Jan-1891    
Jones Joseph P. 02-Mar-1891 04-Mar-1893    
Jones Lucy Ann 15-Sep-1871 03-Jan-1888    
Jones Lucy Lewis 28-Apr-1812 09-Oct-1880    
Jones Mary Jane 15-Apr-1879 19-Jul-1898    
Jones Ruth P. 23-Dec-1874 21-Feb-1881    
Jones Wiliam T. 22-Mar-1809 09-Feb-1877   Pioneer
Kelly James A. 19-Jul-1899 10-Sep-1899    
Lasley Elizabeth   -03-Nov-1813 3-May-1884   Pioneer
Lasley John W. 28-Nov-1841 09-Oct-1883    
Lasley W.W.   17-Aug-1854 25-May-1932   Pioneer
Loveland Chester   30-Dec-1817 05-Mar-1886 plat 7, plot 14 Pioneer
Loveland Fanny Call (2) 11-May-1816 20-Nov-1898   Pioneer
Loveland Martha Ivlue 02-Oct-1894 29-Dec-1894    
Loveland Rosannah Winters (1) 06-Dec-1825 13-Apr-1896   Pioneer
Loveland Sarah F. 27-Jun-1861 09-May-1937    
Loveland Seth   03-Aug-1854 25-Aug-1872    
Loveland Willaim Elmer 03-Dec-1856 31-Jul-1900 plat 7, plot 13  
Maero Hortense Wheatley 02-Dec-1896 23-Jan-1938    
Maxwell Lance Mason 03-Jun-1940 12-Jun-1986   Vietnam War
May Elizabeth Ann,Henry 02-Nov-1859      
May Emma J. Wright 16-Oct-1875 25-Apr-1925    
May Frank   28-Nov-1872 31-Oct-1923    
May George   28-Nov-1861 22-Dec-1942 plat 5, plot 9  
May James Eugene 1888 1918 plat 5, plot 10  
May James Ira 29-Nov-1857 30-Mar-1938    
May James   01-Jun-1832 29-Mar-1910   Pioneer
May Joseph Howard 13-Nov-1898 27-Dec-1899    
May Martha A. 26-Sep-1839 17-Nov-1923   Pioneer
May Martha Ellen-Davis 28-Jun-1867 22-Nov-1922    
May Martha Jane 13-Jan-1883 05-Mar-1883    
May Merlin C. 31-Mar-1901 26-Jan-1914    
May Stanley Frank 1932 1999   Veteran
Moss Rhola M. 12-Mar-1891 14-Apr-1963    
Mozingo Vernon Ira 18-Oct-1906 15-Dec-1990   Veteran
Olsen Albert LeRoy II 29-Jan-1917 09-Nov-1976   World War II
Orme Azella D. 24-Nov-1889      
Orme Clifton R. 1919 1924    
Orme Dewey G. 29-Mar-1910 16-Sep-1965    
Orme Emily Green 30-Nov-1826 27-Oct-1901   Pioneer
Orme Emma W. 1855 1927   Pioneer
Orme George W. 16-Mar-1882 13-Dec-1963    
Orme Heber W. 07-Jan-1866 30-Mar-1924 plat 4, plot 28  
Orme Herbert   1842 1894 plat 4, plot 25 Pioneer
Orme James   06-Apr-1844 25-Oct-1904 plat 4, plot 24 Pioneer
Orme John J. 03-Feb-1876 18-Aug-1910    
Orme Joseph   04-Mar-1819 29-Apr-1904   Pioneer
Orme Joseph   25-Jul-1844 22-Feb-1956   Pioneer
Orme Mary D. 1851 1917    
Orme Nancy Louise-Stowell 13-Aug-1875 28-Aug-1954    
Pierce Asael Smith 12-Feb-1906 06-Jun-1907    
Pierce Eli Thomas 1870 1929   Pioneer
Pierce Jerusha Smith 13-Jan-1836 26-Jun-1912    
Pierce Lucy Lucinda 22-Jan-1877 18-Jun-1880    
Pierce Margaret Olsen 1871 1926   Pioneer
Pierce Ruth McCarty 24-Sep-1895 25-Dec-1939    
Pierce Willaim Harvey 26-May-1868 21-May-1880    
Pierce Willaim   02-Apr-1833 07-Feb-1908 plat 4, plot 17  
Pyatt Elizabeth   1893 1916    
Pyatt Esther B. 17-Mar-1812 28-May-1881    
Pyatt George M. 15-Sep-1883 26-Mar-1885    
Pyatt Lucy Smith 1859 1936    
Pyatt Willaim   1846 19-Feb-1893   Pioneer
Sampson John   15-Sep-1867 20-Apr-1910    
Sayama Miyano   23-Mar-1923 30-Mar-1923    
Sayama Soichi   1916      
Sayama Tome   20-Apr-1894 21-Oct-1918 plat 4, plot 5  
Stocks Don LeRoy 01-Jun-1930 01-Oct-1988   Korean War
Religion: LDS
Stone Samuel-baby 04-May-1921 05-May-1921    
Stowell Nancy-Jane Bybee 01-Aug-1849 23-May-1938    
Varley Maria   01-Mar-1814 23-Oct-1898   Pioneer
Weeden G. W. 12-Jun-1921 21-Sep-1971   World War II
Wheatley Abraham   16-Oct-1861 09-Nov-1944    
Wheatley Ben   02-Apr-1921 01-Mar-1922    
Wheatley Catherine Maud 06-Sep-1884 18-Sep-1885    
Wheatley Catherine   19-Feb-1838 30-Dec-1889    
Wheatley Elizabeth   1848 1909    
Wheatley Heber K. 1856 1920    
Wheatley Homer A. 22-May-1911 10-Feb-1913    
Wheatley Jane   06-Feb-1866 27-Apr-1901    
Wheatley Jonathan   25-Apr-1892 12-Apr-1900    
Wheatley Joseph G 14-Jun-1886 14-Feb-1952   World War I
Wheatley Joseph G. 14-Jan-1886 14-Feb-1952    
Wheatley Martha   09-Feb-1999 20-Jul-1905    
Wheatley Martha   03-Jul-1881 01-Aug-1881    
Wheatley Mary B. 15-Mar-1872 07-Jan-1947    
Wheatley Mary Ellen-Gibbs 30-Nov-1853 25-Mar-1931    
Wheatley Michael   1835 1918    
Wheatley Raymon   17-Jan-1913 02-Jun-1913    
Wheatley Richard C. 02-Sep-1894 07-Feb-1907    
Wheatley Richard   08-Jul-1875 31-Jul-1875    
Wheatley Sarah A. 1869 1924    
Wheatley Thomas Jr. 22-Aug-1853 25-Mar-1931 plat 7, plot 2  
Wheatley Thomas Leslie 30-Mar-1890 11-May-1961    
Wheatley Thomas Sr. 19-May-1830 08-Dec-1907 plat 7, plot 1 Pioneer
Whitworth Charles Clark        
Whitworth Martha Faloy 03-Jan-1892 26-May-1894    
Wight Clinton   1896 1915    
Wight H. Elizabeth 1863 1958    
Wight Leland F. 13-Nov-1928 13-Sep-1929 plat 2, plot 15  
Wight T. Theon 1885 1945    
Wight Thaddeus   1854 1927    
Wihitworth Mary Maria 12-Mar-1886 03-Jun-1899    
Wilson Charles J 13-May-1921 12-May-1998   World War II
Religion: LDS
Yates Catherine   19-Mar-1888 18-Feb-1893    
Yates Elizabeth Ann-Liptrot 01-Nov-1912 28-Mar-1960    
Yates James Carlyle 24-Sep-1927 24-Sep-1927    
Yates Jane Baty 21-Dec-1844 20-Feb-1909    
Yates Joseph Henry 02-Jun-1876 04-Mar-1963    
Yates Joseph   20-Mar-1891 09-Feb-1907 plat 2, plot 16  
Yates Leland H. 1924 1925    
Yates Libby M. 11-Jun-1878 10-Nov-1900    
Yates Mary Adelia-Harper 12-Dec-1884 17-Jan-1941    
Yates Susan   14-Dec-1952 14-Dec-1952    
Yates Thomas John 03-Oct-1879 13-Dec-1897 plat 2, plot 13  
Yates Thomas   17-May-1840 23-Apr-1910    
Yates Vila   1912 1912    
Yates Willard Moss 30-Mar-1908      
Yates Willard   05-Feb-1893 15-Feb-1901    

* LDS religion = Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons)

History: - not available