Blender RC5 "Bird"

(May 11, 2008)

The build team now prepares the last official testing build for 2.46.
You can download it from

Preparations for 2.46

(February 2008)

The work of the past half year - also thanks to the open movie project "Peach" - has resulted in a greatly improved feature set, worth releasing! We currently are scheduling a 2.46, to accompany the Peach movie release in april/may 2008.

For all 2.46 goodies, check the links to the right.
(Note; support for NDOF devices is part of the release spec too)


The current release status means "svn freeze", we know what is going to be realized for 2.46, and allow the developers only to fix bugs in Blender.
We also want to encourage people to provide as much bug fixes as possible..

New features currently in SVN

Release notes in progress:

Plans for 2.50

There are still many projects in the roadmap, like recode of core event structure (how clicks, motion and key presses are handled) and creation of an uniform API for access to tools  (hot keys, buttons, menus, ...) Result of that work should enable, for example:

- Customizable key maps
- Macros
- Construction history
- (Custom) Toolbars, Pie menus, ...
- Better pthon UI integration, custom editors

There is also design work required for:

- where are we putting tools in UI (toolbars, extending the headers for tools? vertical headers?)
- refresh and redesign of button panels
- icon redesign
- file browser refresh

Other projects for 2.5x versions that have been mentioned or maybe are even being developed (mostly via separate branches in SVN):

- add canvas and/or 'region of interest or tile optimizer' in composite
- node refactor -> plugin api (bob)
- render export api (aqsis, yafray, prman, povray, mental ray, ...) [GSOC]
- rigid body construction set (tools oriented)

And of course better tools for integrating Blende in a 3d game creation environment. See the details of that on the Apricot project blog