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Let's Paint TV

John Kilduff hosts this cable access show called Let's Paint TV. It's totally insane. He walks on a treadmill, paints, takes calls, makes blender drinks etc. He's done more than 150 episodes. Brilliant. Here's an LA Weekly piece about the show.


You think we're interested in some fat guy in the States?

I'm more interested in the fat guy right here in Canada.
That chubbo with the goatee who is always seen on the show playing an idiot so that George can seem smart - what qualifies him to work in broadcasting?
Is he just there to kiss up to George and cover silly Santa Claus parades?
You can get paid for this?

Ah yes! Surrealistic juxtaposition of the disparate. It must be: TEH POSTMODERN!

Of course in mashing-up references so absurdly, and without context, postmodernism quickly runs-out of ideas and loses all meaning. So, what's next? Dance for me monkey!

(If anyone should be on that treadmill, it's the subject being painted. Though no mere treadmill is gonna help this guy. It's called low-carb buddy and it works wonders. Look into it!)


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