IT'S TIME FOR A REVOLUTION IN MUSIC - new music - no format music.

With Rock and Roll now becoming everything it started out opposing, it's time to build on rock and roll with a new music that's only criteria is NOT that it fit a radio stations playlist, but quality; and it's only format is that it has no format.

Here's a sampling of the new music, my music, all kinds - recorded as Hunkasaurus & His Pet Dog Guitar, or Kat Keys, or my real name, Tom Hendricks, - recorded in sometimes great studios on state of the art equipment, sometimes cheap cassette machines in my bedroom. Doesn't matter. The quality of the music, not the cost of making it, is what counts. Also I've included some of the songs of friends.

So take a listen. If you like what you hear and can say NO! to 45-year-old rock and roll, format radio, the "Big 5" (the 5 companies of Corp. Art that control all the music), and dullness; then join the art revolution, tell your friends and let us hear from you. - Art S Revolutionary (editor of Musea - Tom Hendricks);

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A Walk in the Field





Fractured Beethoven

Heartbreak Hotel

History of Rock & Roll

I'll Sing for You


Love is Forever


Soul Sesarching

Spanish Melody





Subatomic Particles

That's Alright Momma

The Happy Flea

Another Happy Flea

The Signal

The Bugs Bunny Theme

Tommy's got a Song

Treat Me Nice

Watching Her Walk

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