Terriers used for badger baiting and foxhunting
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Hunt Terriermen

Most foxhounds have their terriermen who are called upon to use their dogs when foxes take cover below ground. Terriermen can somestimes be spotted driving quad bikes with boxes for terriers. Paul Woodhouse, Huntsman for the Derwent Foxhounds, added the sheer callousness of terriermen stating, "In every hunt there are one or two people, particularly terriermen, who get a sadistic pleasure from tormenting foxes."

A sure sign of illegal hunting will be the presence of terriermen at a fox hunt. The League Against Cruel Sports exposure of the Crawley and Horsham Foxhounds in 2007 revealed the hunt's terrierman using 'hard' terriers which is an offence under the Hunting Act 2004.

Nearly 40% of foxes that are killed by hunts are dug up by terriermen and killed - something the hunts don't want the public to witness as it totally destroys the fantasy of a 'quick kill'. Consider the time locating the fox, digging the hole and then dragging it out from the earth. Some terriermen who work for foxhunts have been sentenced for illegal badger baiting.

We are complying a list of all hunt terriermen, please send us details of your local hunt terrierman.


Campaign for the Abolition Terrierwork