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New Forest Airfields: 1. Holmsley South CFS2

The first New Forest Airfield add-on for CFS2. I originally started designing this in CFS1 on an island in the mid-Atlantic, waiting for the day when I could get CFS2 and put it in its rightful place in the New Forest. It has three runways, and many dipersal points for aircraft. There are static Typhoons and Mosquitos plus 4 B1 hangars, Nissen Huts courtesy of Ralf J. Triebel (Thank You SO much!). There are also loads of trees plus Barrack Block, Operations block, fuel tanks, and a Gun Butt (firing range). The *.bgl files are arranged to allow tailoring to improve frame rates for example getting rid of the trees or the aircraft etc. It also has all over refueling. It requires the Nova texture packs by RG Sanchez for the trees to appear properly. These are available from and

You can now also fly over the nearby airfield of Winkton ALG.


Holmsley South airfield was built during 1942 and though not completed was opened in October of that year. From October 1942 to December 1943 it was a Coastal Command base. No 547 Sqd. RAF and 330 Sqd. of the 8th US Air Force were the first to patrol the Eastern Atlantic from Holmsley. Later 58 and 502 Squadrons RAF took over anti-U-Boat work. Also using the airfield between May and June 1943 the crews of 295 Squadron and pilots of the Glider Pilot Regiment practiced long distance glider towing in preparati on for towing 30 Horsa Gliders to North Africa. In January 1944 the 2nd Tactical Airforce took over Holmsley for attacks on Northern France and later after DDay support of the invading troops. In March 1944 it was 144 Wing with 441, 442 and 443 Canadian Sp itfire Squadrons, then from April to June, 121 Wing with 174, 175 and 245 Typhoon Squadrons RAF and for a week after they left 306, 315 Polish Squadrons and 129 Sq. RAF with Mustang fighter-bombers and 182 and 184 Squadrons Typhoons. From April to July No 418 Sqd RCAF flew Night-Intruder operations from Holmsley South. From July 25th to the end of August 1944 the 394th Bomber Group, 9th US Air Force with 584, 585, 586 & 587 Marauder Squadrons flew missions over France from Holmsley. From October 1944 to October 1946 Transport Command, 167 and 246 Squadrons flew routes to Europe, the Middle and the Far East from the airfield. The airfield closed for flying in October 1946 and was returned to the Forestry Commission and private ownership in the 1950s.

This view shows the main operations area looking North. There are a few Typhoons around this area with the majority over to the far right of this view.

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The Mosquito squadron area on the North Eastern part of the airfield.

The large dispersal area where the Typhoon squadrons were based.

The main operations area with the Watch Tower, Nissen Huts, Operations Blocks and Barrack Blocks.

Plan of the airfield, two tarmac runways and one concrete.

The airfield as it appeared in 2000. Many of the dispersals are still in use as a Camping site.

Another view of the Mosquito squadron area showing aircraft and fuel truck and B1 hangar.

Another view of the operations area.

View from the main road on the Operations Block and Barrack Block/Station headquarters.