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112 Part III

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For 112's Part III," Puff Daddy continues to brand his soul acts with everything B.I.G. Here, the slain rapper's "Dead Wrong" serves as intro music; there, a vocal snippet from his "Who Shot Ya" punctuates the R&B quartet's "Dance With Me." But this album doesn't need B.I.G. to bump - the jittery, futuristic "Dance" bounces like something Judy Jetson would jam to when George isn't around, the prurient "Peaches and Cream" thumps hard with synth rattles and a thugworthy groove.

The ballads - "Player," "Sweet Love," "Do What You Gotta Do" - drip with sweetness, but not at the expense of cool self-awareness. Produced largely by group member Daron Jones, Part III sounds as if 112 have come to terms with lacking the all-out star power of the boy bands or the ubersentimentality of glory-years Boyz II Men. Enter exhibit Part III: proof positive that Puffy's artists pack dance floors and hit the charts with bullets. We mean the right kind of bullets. (RS 867 - April 26, 2001)


(Posted: Apr 2, 2001)


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