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With the Rotax 503 or 1/2 VW the Avenger shows spectacular performance on take off, climb and cruise. The Avenger is quite stable for hands off flying while maintaining light control pressure with good control response. The prototype will cruise at 80 mph at just 5,000 rpm on the Rotax 503, single carb 48 horsepower engine. With the removable canopy, the Avenger can be flown in the summer or the winter. Cabin heat can also be installed. Avenger V has 2" narrower firewall for VW engines.

Fly in comfort and style and save money at the same time.

The Avenger brings new meaning to the phrase “Low Cost Flying.” It was designed to be attractive, inexpensive and to have a significant amount of room. It easily accommodates a 6'4", 240 pound pilot. This plane is perfect for the newcomer and the experienced pilot.

Flight...a dream of mankind, inspired throughout the ages by the beauty and grace of a soaring bird.

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