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Early Reins

Anime Info
Type:  OVA
Length:  44 minutes
Genre:  Action
A departing train is hijacked by bandits and it's up to a small group of young women to save the day.
Set just after the civil war, Early Reins tells a simple tale of bandits who hijack a train. They hold the passengers at gunpoint and make all the men get to the back cars and keep all the women in their car. Unfortionately for them, these girls aren't ready to give up so easily. The women outsmart and outgun the bandits and take back the train. However, they soon realize that more bandits are waiting for them at the next station.

As far as the action is concerned, there are some decent shootouts, but a lot of it is so-so. Overall, the animation is average, but the animators did a good job with the atmosphere. The guns, outfits and environment all coincide with the time period in which the show takes place. Even the music has a western feel to it. On a side note, most of the scenes involving the exterior of the train are done in CG.

At its best, Early Reins is an average OVA. It's a straightforward show that provides just enough to get by. This one shot OVA doesn't amaze, but it was a fun way to pass the time.

Marc Frost, 2005

Some profanity.
Bandits get shot to death.
One of the bandits fondles a woman's breast and another scene where you see a woman's lingerie when she is changing her clothes.