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Institutional Strengthening Action Plan (ISAP):

Steps are being taken to modernise and improve PWD's performance covering all its activities so as to keep pace with the new developments and requirements.  With this in view, a consultant was engaged to undertake an Institutional Development Strategy study to help establish a strategy for developing the PWD's technical, managerial and financial capabilities to effectively manage the State road transport network and to be responsive to road users' demands.  Based on the study's recommendations, an Institutional Strengthening Action Plan (ISAP) was developed and debated.  The Government has formally endorsed ISAP. Based on ISAP, the PWD is developing programmes for: 

  • establishment of a core road network for Kerala
  • formulation of Road Policy
  • human resource development strategy
  • improving PWD's financial management capacities
  • capacity building for planning and policy functions
  • a management information system
  • strengthening environmental and social impact monitoring
  • improving procurement procedures
  • strengthening road safety engineering capacities
  • incorporate IT throughout the organisation
  • revision of outdated codes and manuals
  • introducing quality management
  • Strengthening routine maintenance management system in PWD
  • introduce quality management

Training session in progress

These measures are expected to reform PWD into a modern agency that will serve as a knowledge provider, while sourcing private sector capacities.  Thus ISAP will assist PWD in moving from a traditional road infrastructure execution agency to a market-driven modern transportation organization

The Institutional Strengthening Consultant (ISC) is serving as an external expert to assist PWD in refining and implementing the ISAP, and is working closely with PWD .

In addition, there has been a number of training courses and workshops covering a variety of introductory topics such as quality management, leadership, procurement, road safety, time management and a workshop for contractors.

Important actions under ISAP till date

•  Road Sector Policy formation is in the final stages in GoK
•  Environmental and social guidelines preparation in progress.
•  Revision of Code & Manual work in progress
•  Contractor Pre-qualification document revised.
•  The revised Standard Bidding Document revision in final stages

  • Training needs assessment completed and core skills training programme commenced.
  • Wings web portal operational
  • IT Training room established
  • Connectivity of different offices of PWD - work under progress
  • Development & Implementation of Financial Management System underway.
  • Road safety Engineering Guidelines drafted & Training programme being implemented.
  • Black Spot Improvement program being implemented
  •   Road Safety Demonstration project on NH47 ( Trivandrum – Kollam) being implemented.
  • GIS based Road Information Management System (RIMS) being developed
  • Road Maintenance Management System being developed.
  • Financial Management System being developed.
  • A Road Safety Action Plan (RSAP) for co-ordination with other departments like Police department, Education department etc involved in road safety activities is being implemented. As part of this School education material & training strategy is developed and is tested in a no. of schools
  • The other departments involvement in the Road Safety Demonstration project on NH47 is being Co-ordinated.
  • Materials for training Highway Petrol personnel is developed
  • Procurement of equipments for police department is in progress
  • Road User's Guide is being prepared.
  • A public education programme is being implemented.


Road safety work in progress
GIS for Ernakulam District
Road safety Education

Some important programmes conducted as part of ISAP



June 2005

Workshop on Inland Water Transport for the Boat owners & govt. officials related to IWT Policy.

April 2005

Road Safety Public Education Programme

March 2005

Presentations to the Minister on ISAP covering all the separate components

March 2005

Time Management Training Programme

November, December 2004

Road Safety Engineering & Road Safety Audit for engineers of PWD (In three Circles)

September 2004

Leadership (for top management of PWD) Training programme

September 2004

Seminar on road safety engineering aspects for Police and PWD engineers

July 2004

Workshop for Contractors in relation to the different document revision as part of ISAP.

April 2004

Workshop on RMMS

January, February & March 2004

Workshop on Reshaping & Modernising the PWD. (In three circles)

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