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This site is dedicated to those glassine envelopes full of stamps we all have, the ones labeled "Unidentified", "Unknown", or simply "??". I love this strange stuff! Sometimes I buy things just because I don't know what they are, hoping to find out later. Many times I never find out, therefore I thought it would be fun to create a web site to display many of these UPOs and ask the world for help in finding out.


My first version appeared in April 1998. Each page held a table of 20 full-size unknowns and was slow to load. Version two was uploaded in February 1999, the table size was dropped to 10 unknowns, and frames were used to make navigation easier. This third version is a major redesign: frames were dropped and it uses thumbnails that link to a separate page for each unknown. This allows the site to be organized by UPO number as in earlier versions and also by country and continent. I hope it will prove easier for viewers to navigate and find unknowns in areas of particular interest, and also easier for me to keep up to date. It has been a long time in the making. I hope you enjoy it!

The UPO's are grouped by continent and by sequence number. Click on any group to begin.

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I would also like to show some of your unknown treasures as long as time and web-space permits. Just e-mail me at the address below, and I'll do my best. However, I would like to focus this site on postage stamps (local, provisional, bogus, and fantasy stamps are fine), avoiding revenues and other Cinderella material. Of course, I know well that this distinction is not always obvious. My rule of thumb is that it's a postage stamp if it has a denomination and has the word "postage" on it in whatever language. Are there exceptions? Thousands! So we'll just do our best!

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