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LOUISVILLE NEWS:Fire on Big Four Bridge
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Big Four Bridge Fire

Crews Extinguish Big Four Blaze

POSTED: 7:09 pm EDT May 7, 2008
UPDATED: 8:00 pm EDT May 7, 2008

Fire broke out Wednesday on one of the bridges spanning the Ohio River, making it difficult for crews to extinguish.

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Officials said an electrical problem may be the cause of the fire, but no final determination has been made yet.

The Big Four Bridge was once used for trains. Its wooden timbers caught fire.

Louisville Fire Chief Greg Frederick said more than a decade ago, there was another fire on the bridge. At that time, crews ran 2,000 feet of fire hose along the bridge to fight the fire.

But he said the timbers have deteriorated since that time, so he didn't want to take that risk with Wednesday's blaze.

Instead, the Harrod's Creek Fire Department used a boat shooting 1,500 gallons of water per minute some 70 feet in the air during high winds.

Waterfront Development's Mike Kimmel said a crew was changing navigation lights used for barge traffic at the time the fire erupted.

"It appears that the culprit might be a junction box associated with the old navigation system that periodically did have some problems with it," Kimmel said.

"So we're looking at that, but we won't really know a cause or anything until we're able to do a little bit more of an investigation," Frederick said.

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