Everybody is Talking about The Late Show

Nick Ward and Deena Barbely are heating up the campus nightlife with a late night talk show, The Late Show, on SEC Radio Channel 11 complete with a cult following and controversial topics.

The Late Show, which runs 10:00 p.m.-12:00a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays, invites callers to share their views and stories on the air about topics ranging from  "Why are Pastor's Kids Worse than other Christians?" to "Favorite Monty Python Scenes."  Regular segments include looks at Betty Cornell's Etiquette Guide for Teens as well as the rules in the Southeastern College handbook.

The show featured as guests the Matt trio, three students all named Matt so as to hide their identity from the controversial topics discussed that night.  Problems with the worship choir, pet peeves with modern evangelism, and the required class attendance on Martin Luther King Jr. day were among the more scandalous.

The show has its more serious moments, as well.  Two days after the shootings in a Ft. Worth church, The Late Show provided a memorial service for the Christian victims and an innovative look at the connection between Wedgewood Baptist church and Columbine High school.  The studio was thick with emotion and concern as each of the names of those who had died were read respectfully.

Ward came up with the idea last summer while discussing with friend Jeff MacIntosh the Christian media's inability to be entertaining.   SEC Radio, known to students by its tagline "Get the Music," decided to add the talk format show for one semester.

"Since we are listened to through the television, we wanted to compete for the Leno-Letterman crowd," says Ward

The show is doing better than expected due to an unanticipated change among the hosts.  MacIntosh was originally slated to be co-host opposite Ward, but due to a heavy workload and a growing newborn, passed up the opportunity, and Barbely filled the position.

"No one had any idea that Deena would be such an overwhelming success, "said Ward, "but The Late Show could not exist without her."

The latest phase of the show produced by Phil Wortz includes a video format live broadcast from the Bolin studio.  Ward and Barbely welcomed musical guest Faintly Macabre and entertained the campus with their irreverent hilarity.

Quite possibly the best night in the show's history, it held many callers with responses ranging from sweet to bizarre.   The show included a Betty Cornell segment about personality.  The hosts watched in horror as they realized the control room was typing their mailbox numbers on the screen.

Faintly Macabre played an acoustical set that sounded perfect.  During their interview they told how they came up with their interesting name and answered questions from callers.

There are currently plans to continue the show next semester in video format.