Posted May 25, 2007 - 10:07am by Evan Hamilton

Hey Flockstars,

We are very close to releasing a new and upgraded version of Flock (due out in the next 6 weeks or so). This next version will be the final step before we release our 1.0 product (and already includes a large majority of the back end work required for us to deliver v1.0).  In the interests of reflecting the reality of this next Flock release, the version number for the release has been designated v0.9 (not 0.8 as previously suggested).  We’re super excited to get this penultimate release out to all of you who have been waiting patiently.

While the developers were the ones doing the hard work to get 0.9 ready for you, significant credit must be given to Mike Dosik for offering to shave his head if we reached Feature Complete on schedule.  We did.  He shaved.



If we've been quiet the last few weeks, it's because we've been barreling towards this deadline.  As we approach our v0.9 release date I will be posting more and more here and to the Flockstars mailing list to improve up our lines of communication and increase transparency.  We’ll be previewing the new website to a few people, comparing the abilities of Cardinal and Cormorant, and continuing to offer opportunities to help us test the heck out of this thing.
Things are getting very fun and exhilarating for us at the company - we hope you'll be there with us for every exciting development.
Flock on,

Evan Hamilton
Community Ambassador

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Congratulations on getting to feature complete!

Is Mike going to start wearing wigs like Britney Spears?


No wig wearing plans at this time though it is nice to have the option, :-).

Mike Dosik
Engineering Manager
Flock, Inc.

Awesome news. You made my day.

Now, who's drying out his Flock shirt over that cubicle wall? :)

flock on guys, you rock!!!!

Great News!

Flock on, Mike!

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Hi Evans:

Thanks a lot for this valuable scoop. I'm sure the Flock community is jumping out of its skin after reading your post.

Sorry about your hair, Mike. You certainly fit Kojak's image, though.



Great News!

Its a big difference in the pics :-)


bring back the shelf.

can't wait for v1.0!

good job!

I want to ask one and single question. Did you fix that dreaded memory leak in v0.9?

Ty and god bless.

@everyone: Thanks for the support, we truly are stoked to get this thing out to you guys

@damian_mann: We decided awhile ago that the shelf was not the optimal way to collect web snippets. In Flock 0.9 you can drag items to the Web Clipboard icon on the toolbar or right-click and select "Send to Web Clipboard". Alternatively, maybe someone in the dev community would like to build an extension that reactivates the shelf?

@ozgurc: We have been working hard to eliminate memory problems (many of which are part of the architecture we're based on) and are spending a significant amount of QA time on the subject. We certainly won't knowingly release 0.9 with any huge memory leaks. I'll continue to keep you all updated on this situation; it's one of my big concerns too.

Evan Hamilton
Community Ambassador

evan at flock dot com

Mike looks happier with no hair, I think he's been liberated.

I am waiting eagerly to see the new version!
Good luck,

shaving was an improvement imho ;-)

thanks nice text...

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