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Quadrant Magazine March 2008 - Volume LII Number 3


  • The Struggle to Keep Faith in the Blake Prize Patricia Anderson
Book Review 
  • The Next Christendom by Philip Jenkins Michael Warby
  • The Shape of Space by Jeffrey R. Weeks Mike Alder
  • Losing It: A Conversation with Joe Hockey Frank Devine
  • Strangers in Their Own Country: A Diary of Hope Helen Hughes
  • The Classroom Lottery Mark Lopez
  • The Mad Rush to Decarbonise Ray Evans
  • The Genres are Rising Neil McDonald
How Good Was Howard? 
  • Our Greatest Prime Minister John Stone
  • Adrift in a Perilous Kingdom Sophie Masson
  • The Poet of Sudden Cloudbreak Alan Gould
  • The Christian Resonances of Modern Epic Hal G.P. Colebatch
  • Stranger Stephen McInerney
  • Eucalypts in Exile Les Murray
  • Green Fire Michael Sariban
  • Family Portrait Peter Skrzynecki
  • Mosquito Meditations Andrew Lansdown
  • Heat Michael Byrne
  • My First Lithium Michael Byrne
  • Turkish Dessert Barbara Fisher
  • Bread without Butter Philip Loyd
  • Clean Sweep J.R. McRae
  • Morning Star Peter Skrzynecki
  • The Turtle Comes Up for Air; Letter to William Carlos Williams Leah Kaminsky
  • Potatoes Martin R. Johnson
  • Zinnias Jan Owen
  • Sound; New Lilies Andrew Lansdown
  • Stone Suzanne Edgar
  • Blackcurrants; Road Train Anna Buck
  • Finishing Up Andrew Lansdown
  • Creation of the Birds; Hieroglyph Moth; Creation of the Trees Pascale Petit
  • Prayer Flags David Chandler
  • Career information night Angela Smith
  • Beachcombing Andrew Lansdown
  • A Summer Morning, Sydney Stephen McInerney
  • Australia under Attack Peter Ryan
  • Salvation Hugh Canham
  • The Rectilinear Man Andrew McBurnie
  • The Follies Bizarre: Australia's Political Theatre Michael Connor
  • Vale Paddy McGuinness: A Difficult Case Peter Coleman
  • Vale Paddy McGuinness: The Last Bastion Keith Windschuttle
  • Vale Paddy McGuinness: My Culture Shock Bill Hayden
  • Vale Paddy McGuinness: An Inextinguishable Light Frank Devine

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