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Daramone album

Posted in News by admin on the September 14th, 2007

Daramone album
It’s brand new and fresh, we remastered and in some cases remixed all Daramone’s e.p’s as a single album and it is available as a download(hi quality mp3 and CD quality .wav files with artwork) only on the Pragmazic.net platform for 6€ only(about 4£).
66% of the sale will go half to the label, half to the artists, 16,5% will go to the free music fund managed by dogmazic.net to help promote the open-licensed music scene, and the rest goes to the platform. So most of the money goes to the artist and the production unit !
You can make up your mind on line by listening to all of the tracks and if you like it why not buying the album !

It is released under a creative commons license so you can copy it and give it to your friends legally !


Posted in artists by admin on the February 9th, 2007

A 3 piece pop/indie band from London with Christian Fist(vocals/gtr),Jake Bullet(gtrs/vocals),Flat Ed (gtr/bass/vocals). Inspired by songwriter Tom Baker (aka Christian Fist), Daramone went from a full band line up to an intimate 3 piece acoustic set. Probably fed up of too much noise, they decided to clean up their act and keep it simple. Nice harmonies, catchy tunes, meaningful lyrics if possible and…beer.
Daramone’s Dogmazic.net page

Are you gonna go now


Posted in artists by admin on the February 9th, 2007

Electron X is a punk/big beat influenced band which members are Antoine and Matthieu MERCIER.
Both brothers have joined forces to produce a quirky unformatted sort of electronica, that will remain unique.
They are the historical Alphatester band being the very first artists signed on the label in 2000. Nothing new seems to be planned in a near future, as Antoine is pursuing his movie making career under the name Jean Bitonio and Matthieu is still making music as Dakat (his debut album should be released here shortly). But who knows, as long as they remain brothers anything can happen !

Electron X page on Dogmazic.net


Alphatester is well thank you !

Posted in News by admin on the February 9th, 2007

It seems that things have been on the quiet side. Yes and no. The apparent label activity has slowed down considerably on Alphatester compared to the years 2000-2002. The Ecosystem part of the website has somewhat been moved and developed on a new project Dogmazic.net in association with people from musique-libre.com. The problem we were facing at the time is that our music hasn’t been published legally, not that it was illegal to acquire the compilation “Contact”, but no license was provided to inform our public, that the music could be copied, played and shared freely. The open licenses for music hadn’t made it to our consciences yet. So with Dogmazic, which has become one of the referential archive for open licenses music the focus is on information and development.
Most of Alphatester catalog will remain available freely as mp3, which means that if you don’t have a music budget, you will still be able to play your favourites Alphatunes.
On the other hand people who want to buy some of our music to help sustaining the label and encourage the artists will be able to do so and we make sure that the quality of what we sell will be worth the money !
On the production side, things haven’t stop although the absence of hard-copy releases.
We are working on compiling the 5 previous years of various work. Electron X (who are sadly no more!) should see a proper compilation release later this year. But one half of the band is working on a new album under the name “Dakat”
We have signed last year an indie band “Daramone” from London, their various EPs are going to be remastered and released on a full length album.
Flat Ed will see his back catalog treated the same way, and a compilation is on the way, with probably a few unreleased stuff.
We are also having another terrific band joining the Alphatester stable, but we can’t say much yet.
So there is loads on our “todo”, and 2007 will be a complete rebirth for the label. So stay in tune !


Posted in artists by admin on the February 8th, 2007

Flat ED is the label’s main producer. He also writes songs, trying to get the words as right as possible to communicate uncertain feelings. You can spot loads of various influences, such as folk, indie, dub, electronica, country, pop… His output rate is low as he’s always producing for other people and cautious about releasing his songs too quickly. They have to be… perfect (at least for him).
Flat Ed website

Late Autumn Walk


Posted in artists by admin on the February 7th, 2007

Zestoff is only a short musical experience. Another way to express himself, showing sometimes nostalgia or evil.
Zestoff Dogmazic.net page

Paseo Digital

Past artists and collaborations

Posted in artists by admin on the February 13th, 2006

Soyoper was a project gathering various musicians led by Bernard Dupouy, with regular members like Cyril Touille and Ancris Cano. Atmospheric, cinematic and jazzy influenced compositions, the album “Nelly” released in 1999 was produced by Flat Ed for the “ersatz” label.
Soyoper’s Dogmazic page

Krapulax is a house music producer based in Paris, we met him in 2000, impressed by the quality of his tracks we agreed to release 2 remixes on our “contact” compilation.
Krapulax home page

Wazif produces all sorts of drum and bass, hard techno tracks, he is also a DJ, we produced one of his tracks that was released on our compilation.

Contact Alphatester sampler (2001)

Posted in Releases by admin on the November 9th, 2001

Contact is our first ever CD release, in a “real” luxury digipack. You can’t beat the eclectism on this one, punk techno beats along dub or ambient tracks, a folk song out of the blue, and a little drop of dancefloor beats after pudding. It’s more than a record it’s a statement in favour of open mindedness. It’s also a mixture of various artists, influences and fun. A great listen !

Flat Ed - Upstairs To Bed

Electron X - Once Upon A Time