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Convention Information

Name:Anime Weekend Atlanta [visit site]
Date:September 24-26, 2004
Location:Renaissance Waverly Hotel & Cobb Galleria Centre
Atlanta, GA
Attendance:5,837 people
Pre-Reg. Rates:$20 by Jan 1; $25 by May 1; $30 by Aug 1
At-Door Rates:$40 weekend; $20 per day
and Events:
Video Programming:
Anime Screening(s)
AMV Contest
AMV Screening(s)
Panel Programming:
Guest Panels
Industry Panels
Fan Panels
Costume Events:
Hall Cosplay
Masquerade / Cosplay Competition
Art Programming:
Art Show & Auction
Artists' Alley
  Music Programming:
Formal Dance
Game Programming:
Video Gaming
Collectable Card Games
Role Playing Games
Other Events:
Autographs (free)
Dealers' Room
Con Suite
Game Shows
Guests:Christine Auten (Voice Actress, ADV Films)
Jonathan Clements (Author and Scriptwriter)
Emily DeJesus (Writer / Editor/ Manager, Studio Capsule)
Robert DeJesus (Artist / Writer / Character Designer, Studio Capsule)
Fred Gallagher (Comic Artist, Fredart)
Lauren Goodnight (Voice Actress, ADV Films)
Carl Gustav Horn (Editor, Viz Communications)
Amy Howard-Wilson (Voice Actress)
Mari Iijima (Voice Actress / Singer)
Patrick Macias (Editor in Chief, Otaku USA)
Helen McCarthy (Writer)
Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
Neil Nadelman (Translator)
Fred Patten (Anime Expert)
Stephanie Sheh (Voice Actress)
Kari Wahlgren (Voice Actress)
David Williams (DVD Producer, ADV Films)
Larissa Wolcott (Voice Actress, ADV Films)
Information:Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) is a convention geared towards Japanese Animation and Comics held in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Since our first convention in 1995, AWA has become one of the most popular Japanese Animation conventions in the United States.

AWA has promoted the anime and manga medium by having guests who have worked in the industry from the 1960's to present, appearances by some of the major companies who produce anime and manga in the United States, and promoting various events throughout the convention.

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