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intermediate Tip #866: Cut/Copy(All)/Paste with Ctrl-X/C(A)/V

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created:   February 5, 2005 18:23      complexity:   intermediate
author:   Matous Jan Fialka      as of Vim:   6.0

"<Ctrl-X> -- cut (goto visual mode and cut)

imap <C-X> <C-O>vgG
vmap <C-X> "*x<Esc>i

"<Ctrl-C> -- copy (goto visual mode and copy)

imap <C-C> <C-O>vgG
vmap <C-C> "*y<Esc>i

"<Ctrl-A> -- copy all

imap <C-A> <C-O>gg<C-O>gH<C-O>G<Esc>
vmap <C-A> <ESC>gggH<C-O>G<Esc>i

"<Ctrl-V> -- paste

nm \\paste\\ "=@*.'xy'<CR>gPFx"_2x:echo<CR>
imap <C-V> x<Esc>\\paste\\"_s
vmap <C-V> "-cx<Esc>\\paste\\"_x

Matous Jan Fialka

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Additional Notes

Anonymous, February 5, 2005 18:28
Just for including in ~/.vimrc ...
Anonymous, February 7, 2005 12:14
Whats wrong with the default:

vnonremap <silent> <C-C> "+y
vnoremap <silent> <C-X> "+x
nnoremap <silent> <SID>Paste :call <SID>Paste()<CR>
inoremap <script> <C-V> x<BS><Esc><SID>Pastegi
vnoremap <script> <C-V> "-c<Esc><SID>Paste

function! s:Paste()
let oldVE = &virtualedit
set virtualedit=all
normal `^
if @+ != ''
normal "+gP
let c = col(".")
normal i
if col(".") < c " compensate for i<ESC> moving the cursor left
normal l
let &virtualedit = oldVE
Anonymous, February 7, 2005 14:51
go back to notepad
Anonymous, February 7, 2005 16:56
It was just for my friend, I do not really need it :-) But why not to put it here? Lot of people like such strange behaviour. I have never had something called :notepad:, huh...
Anonymous, February 8, 2005 5:13
Vim neds *something* analogous to Emacs' CUA mode. I think this tip is wonderful, personally.
Anonymous, February 8, 2005 16:34
But why? Everybody can write some *tricks* in ~/.vimrc. Thus there is no need of such modes. I thing Emacs is wrong if it has only one style of... you know (poor english...)...
Anonymous, February 8, 2005 16:38
No, in Emacs CUA mode is off by default; you have to turn it on if you want to use it. (I only use Emacs for Gnus, BTW.)
Anonymous, August 10, 2005 2:11
Thank you, it is helpful for me!
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