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Proposition 98 – The Best Yes

“Farm Bureau has always stood up for the rights of property owners and we’re very concerned about abuses of the government’s power to condemn land. It’s not right that court decisions allow the government to take your property and give it to someone else” – CFBF President Doug Mosebar

This June, voters have the opportunity to add meaningful property rights protections to the state Constitution. Proposition 98, the California Property Owners and Farmland Protection Act will appear on the statewide ballot, after supporters submitted 1.1 million signatures to quality the initiative.

Kenny Watkins
CFBF President Doug Mosebar speaks out in favor of Proposition 98, at a news conference in front of Redding City Hall.

As part of an ongoing effort to protect property rights, the California Farm Bureau Federation joined with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and the California Alliance to Protect Private Property Rights to sponsor the measure.

Proposition 98 addresses concerns raised by a 2005 U.S. Supreme Court decision, known as the Kelo case, which gave governments the right to condemn private property and grant it to another private owner.

Proposition 98 would allow government to take private property only for a stated public use and would specifically prohibit private property to be taken for private use. It requires agencies condemning property to provide just compensation to owners, including reasonable relocation expenses and payment for temporary business losses. But it allows continued use of eminent domain for legitimate public projects such as roads, schools and water projects.

Farm Bureau and its partners in Californians for Property Rights Protection will work to assure that voters adopt these crucial private-property protections this June.

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