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ew people may actually remember that before developer Insomniac Games got big with Sypro the Dragon and Ratchet & Clank, it made a first-person shooter called Disruptor. It was a good title, but like many games of the era, it was limited by the hardware of its time. As Insomniac gets back to its first-person shooter roots with Resistance, there is a pedigree here that I think few people expected. Combine that with the power of the PlayStation 3, and Insomniac has pulled off one of the best launch games I’ve ever seen, up there with the likes of Halo and Call of Duty 2.

The setting is an alternate history where World War II doesn’t happen because the planet is invaded by an alien race known as the Chimera. This sets the stage for a game rooted in reality with a satisfying twist of science fiction. The single-player game features three difficulties that will challenge players of any level. I thoroughly enjoyed the single-player experience, even though the story doesn’t ever really develop as much as I would have liked. Resistance’s story mode can also be played co-op, but unfortunately this option is only available in split-screen, not through the online service.

This melding of aliens and reality is most obvious in the game’s selection of amazing armaments. For anyone familiar with Insomnaic’s Ratchet & Clank series, you can get a good idea of the variety and execution of the weapons and how they affect gameplay. The players start out with a standard issue Carbine that does plenty of damage, but as you advance through the game you get a taste of the game’s awesome weaponry. One of my personal favorites is the Bullseye, which lets you paint a target with the alt fire button, then bend bullets around corners from the safety of cover. My other favorite weapon, the Auger, lets the player fire through walls. It may sound cheap at first, but since the enemy has the weapon as well, it makes for some very interesting gameplay mechanics. Plus, the effect looks like bullets dripping water-like through walls as they burrow their way through the environments to reach the target. This is just a taste of the awesome weapons that the game puts at the player’s disposal, but  how they affect the gameplay is most important. When I came upon a nest of Chimera, I often found myself strategizing about which weapons I would use to best get me through the situation.

This is about the only online service that Resistance doesn’t offer (for free, I might add. There is no Xbox Live-type service that you need to sign up for to play). In fact, Resistance’s online multiplayer options are quite impressive. With six different multiplayer games that support up to 40-players, you can quickly find yourself lost in its spectacular online offerings. Deathmatch,Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag modes are standard fare, but the game’s Breach and Meltdown options give the players strategic positions on the giant maps to acquire and protect. Plus, the final mode, Conversion, offers a fun twist on the classic Deathmatch game by letting players play as the Chimera and human races. Since each race has unique powers, players must use both races to counter any perceived advantages one may have over another. The surperbly implemented online tracking and ranking services, plus the rich and varied content, makes Resistance’s multiplayer one of the game’s strongest features.

Graphically, the game is simply stunning, and when you tie in all the single player and mutliplayer components it is easily the PlayStation 3’s premiere, must-have title.


There’s a good reason why Master Chief has been looking pale these days. Sony just dropped a bomb down his pants. No matter how you cut it, Resistance is PlayStation’s answer to Halo. It bombards you with relentless action, opens your mind to new gaming possibilities with its inventive selection of weapons, and offers a multiplayer experience so deep and dangerously addictive that your hands may permanently form to the contour of the controller. Insane 40-man online battles, weapons that can shoot through walls and around corners, having to violently shake the controller to free yourself from an alien that has latched onto your neck – there are few experiences in gaming that are this exciting, and thanks to the development muscle of Insomniac, this finely polished and balanced. The only blemish that this game has is the uneventful finale to the single-player campaign. Outside of this, Resistance pounds you into submission with its remarkable gameplay. Without question, it’s worth getting a PS3 just for this game.
Aliens invade before World War II, which changes the course of history and mankind
Not only does this game look fantastic, it has perhaps the most on-screen action I have ever seen in a first-person shooter
The soundtrack is good enough to make most Hollywood movies pale in comparison
Nothing terribly new in the gameplay department, but it does it all well
The story doesn’t develop as well as you would hope, but the online multiplayer options are outstanding
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