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Performer Michael Morrison Dies

By: Thomas J Stanton

Posted: 01/22/2007

AVN Hall of Fame performer Milton Ingley (a.k.a. Michael Morrison) passed away on Dec. 22, 2006. He was 54. Ingley is survived by his daughter Helen, two granddaughters, Sydney, 7, and Taylor, 3.

Ingley started his adult career in 1977 as a favor to his girlfriend at the time, Darleen. He performed throughout the 70's and 80's for companies such as VCA and Caballero, and was hailed by director Bob Vosse as "the best stunt-cock in the business."


Ingley went on to become a successful producer and director well into the '90s, owning and operating Chandler Studios during that time.

"We became great friends for nearly 30 years," Sharon Mitchell, P.h.D., told

"Milton always had a joke, a laugh, and a story to tell; long, tall stories like every Texan does. He always used to say 'Here's the deal.'"


"In 1997, Milton dropped out of sight," explained Mitchell. "No one could find him. It was a mystery to some...but most found out later that Milton lived happily for over 7 years in Amsterdam, traveling throughout Europe, the way he lived life: fast and hard."

According to Mitchell, Ingley, a Vietnam vet, succumbed to Agent Orange, and he had to move back to Lubbock, Texas. "He then moved to Arizona to be close to his grandchildren," explained Mitchell. "Some say Milton grew tired of life; diabetes had left him blind. He ate too much, lived hard, fucked a lot, loved a lot, and laughed more. For a man like that to be inactive is like a death sentence, I think.

"I will miss my friend Milton," said Mitchell, "but I know he's o.k., because 'the deal is,' as he would say, he had a lot of fun here."

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