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Sun Modular Datacenter S20

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The Sun Modular Datacenter is ideal for customers who are running out of datacenter space and need fast, economical, and environmentally sound solutions to address capacity needs.

Key Specifications

  • Configurable up to 8 racks (19" w x 30.75" d payload dimensions)
  • Can cool up to 25kW per rack
  • Compatible with Sun or third party gear
  • -29°C to 54°C (-20°F to 130°F) operating range
Dimensions and Weight
Length 6.06m (20 feet)

Width 2.44m (8 feet)

Height 2.59m (8 feet 6 inches)

Shipping Weight (no payload) <8,165 kg (<18,000 lb.)

Maximum Weight <15,422 kg (<34,000 lb.)
Rack Quantity 8 racks: 7 for payload and 1 for network and the Sun Modular Datacenter control equipment

Rack Units (RU) 40 RU per rack for 320 RU total
  • 280 RU available for IT equipment
  • 25 RU available for network equipment
  • 15 RU reserved for the Sun Modular Datacenter monitoring, management, and control equipment

Rack Dimensions EIA/ANSI (RETMA) standard 19" EIA RS-310-D

Height (usable) 177.9 cm (70 inches)

Depth (usable) 78.1cm (30.75 inches) *Includes cable, bezel, & handle depth

Width (usable) 48.26 cm (19 inches)

Load capacity per rack 862 kg (1900 lb.)

Power per rack 12.5kW standard per rack; 25kW "high power option" for seven payload racks
Power Options
Low Voltage Configuration North America/Japan

Input Voltage: 110/190 - 127/220 VAC, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 600a per panel
Internally Distributed Voltage: 110 - 127 VAC, 1 Phase and 190-220 VAC, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz (Internal single phase not accessible)

High Voltage Configuration International

Input Voltage: 220/380 - 240/415 VAC, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 300a per panel
Internally Distributed Voltage: 220-240 VAC, 1 Phase and 220/380 - 240/415 VAC, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz (Internal single phase not accessible)
External Network Connections
Two network panels supported (choice of one option for each side) Network Panel Options:
  • RJ-45 network panel (8 x RJ-45 connectors)
  • LC Fibre network panel (8 x LC fibre connectors - single or multi mode)
  • RJ-45/LC Fibre network panel (4 x RJ-45 and 4 x LC fibre - single or multi mode)
  • Bulk cable pass-through panel
External temperature and humidity deployment range (doors closed) -29°C to 54°C (-20°F to 130°F), up to 100% humidity

Internal operating temperature and humidity (doors closed) 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F) and 20% to 80% relative humidity (RH), noncondensing

Altitude 3048 m (10,000 ft) or lower depending on payload maximum

Noise 56.0 dBA (external at 2 m)
78.5 dBA (internal at nominal load)
External Water Connectivity
Water Hook-ups (each side) 50 mm (2 in.) supply and return

Water Pressure 50 PSIG nominal, 80 PSIG maximum.

Water Flow and Temperature 170 to 246 LPM (45 to 65 GPM), 18°C to 22°C (64°F to 71°F) nominal
Regulations (meets or exceeds the following requirements when deployed)
Safety UL 60950-1 (ETL Classification Marking) UL 50, Ed. 11 (NEMA 3R equivalent levels) Russia CB Scheme with national differences CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1 EN60950-1 CENELEC EN 60529 (IP-44 levels)

RFI/EMI EN55022 (the Sun Modular Datacenter & payload) Payload relevant testing:
  • CFR47, Part 15, FCC Class A
  • ICES-003 Class A
  • VCCI
  • CNS-13438
  • AS/NZS 3548

Immunity EN55024
Safety CE Mark, GOST


ROHS RoHS-compliant (with lead-in solder exemption) for control & management equipment
Supported Hardware
Supported Hardware Click here to see complete details
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Discover Sun MD Tour
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