Nancy Sherman

Professor, Psychology

Office:  Faculty House #2; Rm 10
Phone:  x2290
E-mail: f-sherma@mail.vjc.edu


Ph.D., University of Maine, Experimental-Social Psychology 
B.A., Ithaca College, Psychology

Awards & Affiliations

Favorite Teacher of the Year: VJC (1989)

American Psychological Association

Eastern Psychological Association

Capitol Area Social Psychological Association

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Research Interests

disgust face The unifying theme of my research reflects my curiosity about the the emotion of disgust. I am especially interested in further articulating the definition of disgust by exploring the differences between visceral disgust (i.e., your response when you see someone lick a flyswatter--even if it is clean) and the disgust emotion evoked by moral dilemmas (e.g., your response to America's fascination with the details that only Monica can provide). To this end, my research focuses on identifying the personality characteristics which correlate with differing levels of disgust sensitivity. For instance, one specific area of my research examines on the relationship between the personality parameter of neuroticism and the characteristic of Disgust Sensitivity, especially as it applies to successful training as a nurse.

Another (recently published!) facet of my work, in collaboration with Martin Sherman and J. Quigley (Loyola College of Maryland), employs the statistical construct of moderator variables to develop a model of the relationship between one's threshold for disgust and their willingness to donate organs.

Another, more pragmatic, are of  research  in which I am involved focuses on the development and validation of new, more  efficient personality-based screening batteries for use in the therapeutic environent.

Representative Publications

Sherman, N., Sherman, M. Smith, R., Rickert-Wilbur, P. (1999). Disgust Sensitivity and Attitudes toward organ donation among African American students. Presented at the Eastern Psychological Association Meeting (Providence, R. I.)

Quigley, J., Sherman, M. & Sherman, N. (1996). Personality Disorder
Symptoms, Gender and age as predictors of adolescent disgust sensitivity.
Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, 22, 661-667. 

Sherman, N. (1996)."Disgust Sensitivity among College Women by Major,"
Presented at the Eastern Psychological Association Meeting (Philadelphia,

Other Interests

Animal behavior
especially in 
Siamese Cats

Two of Dr. Sherman's siamese cats

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