Petit Canada Project
Le Petit Canada Project
The "Petit Canada Project" is gathering and sharing information about the following "pioneer" families of Petite Canada. This name was given to the franco-american group by the english speaking families that had settled northwest of Bourbonnais, in the western part of the township and in the southern part of Rockville. In the year 1848, there were about 14 families that had settled "Le Petit Canada" These families included Michel, Alexis, Luc, Jean Baptiste and Marcel Dandurand, the Audets, Bergerons, and Brays. Of the English speaking families were the Davis, Rantz, Vanmeter, Uran, Williams and Cooper families.  Subsequent to 1848, the following families arrived, increasing the population:  The Thibault, Brosseau, Hubert Provost, Paul Prairie, Paquette, Alexis Guay, Louis Deschampe, Francoise Pinault, the Blains, and others who formed a nucleus to the north, east and into the town of Rockville.
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