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Roger Ebert describes Errol Morris as a “magician and as great a filmmaker as Hitchcock or Fellini.” A titan of documentary filmmaking, he is considered one of the defining auteurs of the genre as one of the first to use reenactments and development of a first-person interview tool called the Interrotron. His body of work spans over 30 years garnering 19 award wins and nominations, including an Academy Award.

His latest film, Standard Operating Procedure, is an investigative piece on the Abu Ghraib prison. For the first time the infamous members of the 372nd military police company tell their version of events. Zoom in Online’s Megan Cunningham sat down with Morris to discuss this important film, his recent interest in photography and the controversy surrounding tactics Morris used to secure interviews for the film.


Host: Megan Cunningham
Editor: Nam Choi
Producer: Jim Rohner

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