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ECOTECT is a complete building design and environmental analysis tool that covers the full range of simulation and analysis functions required to truly understand how a building design will operate and perform. It finally allows designers to work easily in 3D and apply all the tools necessary for an energy efficient and sustainable future. Check out it's features to learn more.

Early design focus

4 April 2007

In almost all projects, decisions made in the first few weeks have the greatest overall impact on building performance. Where it is on site, its basic form and orientation, internal layout, external materials, window size and position - ECOTECT helps you get all this right from the very beginning.

Built by and for designers

20 Jan 2008

ECOTECT was written and developed by architects with its application in architecture and the design process firmly in mind. However, it is also used extensively by engineers, local authorities, environmental consultants, building designers, owner-builders and environmental enthusiasts alike. To see how others are using it, check out the Gallery and Example Output pages.

Most visual and interactive

20 Jan 2008

Seeing is believing, and ECOTECT shows your results in 3D within the actual context of your design. Be it surface mapped information, spatial volumetric renderings or simple shadow animations, you can interact with data usually in real time and with stunning visual feedback.

Advanced scripting control

4 April 2007

With its advanced scripting engine, easy-to-use editor and the new WizardMaker visual interface, making ECOTECT do exactly what you want has never been easier. Moreover, these tools provide the perfect infrastructure within which to fully investigate performance-driven design techniques, moving your architecture to a whole new league.

ECOTECT v5.60 on it's way...

3 February 2008

After nearly a year of development, ECOTECT v5.60 is now very close to completion and a release imminent.

Latest ECOTECT Tutorials

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User32 DLL Problems

4 April 2007

A recent Microsoft XP update has introduced problems with User32.dll and HHCTRL.OCX Windows system files, affecting quite a few programs including ECOTECT. However, this is quite easily fixed.