Rey Mysterio's detailed title history

Standing five-foot-six and weighing in at 165 pounds, Rey Mysterio certainly isn't the most intimidating Superstar to ever step foot into WWE. But you can never understimate the heart of a champion. And throughout Mysterio's long and illustrious career, spanning more than 15 years, that's exactly what the Master of the 619 is - a champion. Rey Mysterio became the biggest underdog champion of all-time when he defeated Kurt Angle and Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania 22 to become the World Heavyweight Champion. It was a dream come true for Mysterio, but it was hardly his first taste of gold. Take a look back at all of Rey's Championship reigns throughout his entire career. 

World Heavyweight Championship (1)

April 2, 2006 – Current: def. Randy Orton & Kurt Angle (Triple Threat)
Rey Mysterio won his first World Heavyweight Championship from Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania 22. Mysterio pinned Randy Orton after a West Coast Pop to win the match. PHOTOS

WWE Tag Team Championship (4)

Dec. 16, 2005 – Dec. 30, 2005: w/ Batista def. MNM
Rey Mysterio teamed up with World Heavyweight Champion Batista to take on MNM for the WWE Tag Team Championship on SmackDown. The challengers survived interference from Melina to take control of the match. Mysterio and Batista hit the 619 and Batista Bomb simultaneously and made the pin to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship. This marked the beginning of Rey’s fourth reign as a WWE Tag Team Champion.

During their reign, Rey & Batista represented SmackDown at Armageddon, taking on Big Show & Kane in a matchup of Tag Team Champions. RAW’s team came out on top but not after a hard fight from the SmackDown duo. Rey & Batista went on to face MNM in a SmackDown rematch for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Things appeared to be well in hand until a returning Mark Henry made his way to the ring and took out the World Heavyweight Champion Batista, allowing Joey Mercury to make the pin, and reclaim the WWE Tag Team Championship. PHOTOS

Feb. 20, 2005 – April 21, 2005: w/Eddie Guerrero def. Basham Brothers
Rey Mysterio got a chance to take the WWE Tag Team Championships back from the Bashams at No Way Out, only this time he had a different partner. His partner this time around was his good friend, Eddie Guerrero. It didn’t take long for Rey to learn from his partner, as the duo cheated their way to victory. As the referee had his back turned, Rey tossed one of the Championship belts into Eddie, who in turn hit Doug Basham with it and made the pin for the win. This marked Rey’s third time as a WWE Tag Team Champion. 

Rey & Eddie’s rivalry with the Bashams continued after the Championship change, as they faced off on several more occasions. Rey & Eddie remained the Champions for several months until tension arose between the good friends. Things came to a head on an edition of SmackDown when Rey & Eddie took on MNM for the Championship. Eddie was distracted outside the ring by Melina allowing MNM to hit the Snapshot and capture the WWE Tag Team Championship. After the match, a verbal confrontation turned physical as Rey & Eddie exchanged blows in the middle of the ring. PHOTOS

Dec. 9, 2004 – Jan. 13, 2005: w/Rob Van Dam def. Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree
The rivalry between Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam and the international team of Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree had been brewing for weeks coming into their matchup for the gold on SmackDown. Mysterio & RVD proved to be too much for Kenzo & Dupree and captured the Championship. The victory marked Rey’s second run as WWE Tag Team Champion.

As Champions, Rey & RVD successfully endured challenges from the likes of Eddie Guerrero & Booker T and Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns. Rey & RVD defended the Championship in a 4-Way Tag Team Elimination Match on SmackDown against the teams of Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns, Booker T & Eddie Guerrero and the Bashams. Jindrak & Reigns were the first team to be eliminated when Rey & RVD used a double team for the pin. Mysterio pinned Eddie Guerrero for the second elimination of the match, leaving Rey & RVD to face the Bashams to determine a winner. Doug Basham layed a beating on RVD outside the ring, using the ring steps to further damage an already injured knee, effectively taking RVD out of the match. The Bashams seized the opportunity to double team Rey and took the victory and the WWE Tag Team Championship. PHOTOS

Nov. 7, 2002 – Nov. 17th, 2002: w/Edge def. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit
Rey Mysterio & Edge faced the WWE Tag Team Champions in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match on SmackDown. Mysterio & Edge took the first fall after a powerbomb and seated senton combination. The second fall went to Angle & Benoit after Edge tapped out to Angle’s ankle lock submission. Following the second fall, controversy ensued as Rey appeared to record the decisive third fall with a sunset flip on Kurt Angle. The referee did not see Angle’s hand on the ropes and awarded the Championship to Rey & Edge. Benoit & Angle successfully appealed to the ref to restart the third fall of the match. After an Edge spear, and an accidental headbutt from Benoit, Edge made the pin and the referee officially awarded the WWE Tag Team Championship to Mysterio & Edge.

Mysterio & Edge would not be tag champs for long as they were forced to defend their Championship in a Triple Threat Elimination Match at Survivor Series. Their opponents for this match were the team of Angle & Benoit and Los Guerreros. A spear from Edge eliminated the team of Angle & Benoit leaving the reigning champs and Los Guerreros to fight it out for the Championship. After a 619 on Eddie, Rey went for the West Coast Pop on Chavo but was hit with the Championship. Eddie recovered and locked in the Lasso from El Paso on Rey for the win. PHOTOS

Cruiserweight Championship - WWE (3)

June 17, 2004 – July 29, 2004: Mysterio def. Chavo Classic
A June edition SmackDown was the site of Rey Mysterio’s most recent Cruiserweight Championship. Facing a man some 30 years his elder, Mysterio was taking on the newly crowned Champion, Chavo Classic. The veteran proved to be no match for Rey as he won his third WWE, and eighth overall Cruiserweight Championship.

During his short reign as Champ, Rey continued his rivalry with Chavo Guerrero. While Chavo was not able to take Rey’s Championship, Spike Dudley was. Spike got unwanted help from his brothers, Bubba Ray and D-Von and hit the Dudley Dog for the win. PHOTOS

Jan. 1, 2004 – Feb. 15, 2004: Mysterio def. Tajiri
Tajiri was escorted to the ring by his associates Akio and Sakoda. During the match, the referee was knocked unconscious allowing Tajiri’s friends to interfere. During the melee, Tajiri attempted to spit green mist into Rey’s eyes, only to hit Sakoda by accident. The misfire led to the end for Tajiri, as Rey rolled him up and captured his second Cruiserweight Championship since joining WWE, and his seventh overall. 

Mysterio successfully defended his Championship in a rivalry against Jamie Noble on a number of occasions before moving on to face Chavo Guerrero at No Way Out in February 2004. Rey appeared to have the match in hand until Chavo’s father, Chavo Classic interfered, which led to Guerrero getting the win and taking the Championship. PHOTOS

June 5, 2003 – Sept. 25th, 2003: Mysterio def. Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy brought his followers, Shannon Moore and Crash Holly, to the ring with him for this match, but a few minutes into the contest, the referee barred them from ringside. Hardy did not shy away from underhanded tactics in this match, as he attempted to hit Mysterio with the Championship only to have the ref grab it and reprimand the Champ for his actions. During the distraction, Crash and Shannon returned to the ring and laid a beating on Mysterio. Hardy tried to take advantage, only to have Mysterio roll him up for a surprise pin and the victory.

During his four month reign as Champion, Rey successfully defended the gold against all comers, including former Champion Matt Hardy. Rey’s first run as a WWE Champion ended after Tajiri spit a red mist in his eyes and recorded the pinfall for the win. PHOTOS

Cruiserweight Championship - WCW (5)

April 26, 1999 – Aug. 19, 1999: Rey Mysterio def. Psicosis
Interference from the Four Horsemen was not enough to stop Rey Mysterio from winning his fifth Cruiserweight Championship as he defeated Psicosis on Nitro. Rey’s run as champ lasted several months before losing the Championship to Lenny Lane on Thunder.

March 15, 1999 – April 19, 1999: Rey Mysterio def. Billy Kidman
Rey Mysterio won his fourth Cruiserweight Championship by defeating Billy Kidman on an episode of Nitro. Rey lost the gold a month later to Psicosis in a wild Fourway Match that also included Juventud and Blitzkrieg.

Jan. 15, 1998 – Jan. 24, 1998: Rey Mysterio def. Juventud Guerrera
Rey beat Juventud on an edition of Thunder to become a three-time Cruiserweight Champion. His reign lasted little more than a week as he was defeated by Chris Jericho at Souled Out ’98.

Oct. 26, 1997 – Nov. 10, 1997: Rey Mysterio def. Eddie Guerrero
Halloween Havoc ’97 was the site of Rey Mysterio’s second Cruiserweight Championship, as he defeated his longtime friend and opponent Eddie Guerrero in a battle of two high fliers. Guerrero won the Championship back from Rey a few weeks later on Nitro.

July 8, 1996 – Oct. 27, 1996: Rey Mysterio def. Dean Malenko
Rey beat Dean Malenko on an early episode of Nitro to capture his first Cruiserweight Championship, and first Championship in the United States. Rey lost the Championship back to Malenko a few months later at Halloween Havoc ‘96.

WCW Tag Team Championship (3)

Aug. 14, 2000 – Sept. 18, 2000: w/ Juventud def. Vampiro & The Great Muta
Rey Mysterio’s third WCW Tag Team Championship reign began on Nitro where he and his partner Juventud defeated the unique pairing of Vampiro and Japanese legend The Great Muta. The Championship was vacated due to a bizarre ruling by WCW Commissioner Ernest “The Cat” Miller.

Oct. 18, 1999 – Oct. 25, 1999: w/ Konnan def. Harlem Heat
Rey Mysterio and Konnan represented the Filthy Animals when they defeated Booker T. & Stevie Ray to win the WCW Tag Team Championships. The win marked Rey’s second WCW Tag Team Championship. The team was stripped of the Championship the next week due to an injury to Mysterio.

March 29, 1999 – May 9, 1999: w/ Billy Kidman def. Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko
Nitro was the site of a special accomplishment for Rey Mysterio as he and Billy Kidman, beat two members of the Four Horsemen to capture the World Tag Team Championship. The win made Rey a double champion as he was also the Cruiserweight Champion at the time. Rey’s first run as WCW Tag Team Champion ended at Slamboree ’99 when interference from Kanyon allowed Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko to regain the Championship.

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship (1)

March 26, 2001: w/Billy Kidman def. Kid Romeo & Elix Skipper
On the final episode of Nitro, Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman defeated Kid Romeo & Elix Skipper to become the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions. The Championship would never be defended as it was discontinued after WCW was purchased by WWE.

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