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"Alienation and the Medical Hierarchy: A Humanistic Response"

"American Style Health Care: Helter Skelter Par Excellence"

"Myths and Realities of Apprenticeship in Nursing: Paternalism in Practice"

"Nursing Roots: Impact on Role Change"

"Professionalism and the Law"

"Women and the Political Process: Their Social Influence Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"






Nurses have walked in the shadow of physicians and hospital administrators, not aware that this very position blocked their vision and public visibility, preventing their growth as professionals.  It is now time to unmask the veiled history of both nursing and medicine.  For too long now all of us - educators, practitioners, and researchers - have avoided raising the questions about and investigating the truths that lie hidden within our history.  I have primarily discussed the negative aspects of myths that have bound us to a lack of progress.  Contemporary nurses have, I believe, internalized the collective burden of guilt resulting from social injustices heaped upon our profession and women.  We need research that can help us externalize this guilt for it belongs to the whole of society more than to us, though we are not totally without blame since our leaders in practice and teachers have not seriously sought to understand our history.  Out of ignorance of the past, nurses themselves have strengthened the chains binding them with no thought of analyzing the nature of these.


presented at the Thirteenth Annual Stewart Research Conference in Nursing, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, New York.  Also published in Jo Ann Ashley: Selected Readings edited by Karen Wolf.  Part of this quote appeared in Feminism and Nursing, Joan I Roberts and Thetis M. Group.





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