Guy Garvey

"The universal appeal of I Am Kloot" - from The Independent.

News of the World

You really should get to know them... Gig of the week Dec 07 - read article

Pete Dohery

"Johnny Bramwell from I Am Kloot is one of the four most talented songwriters this country has produced in the last ten years. Two out of these four have Irish surnames ...." Pete Doherty


Review HERE

The Independent

"Everyday epics from another one-time busker; the very small but enormously talented Johnny Bramwell, the frontman of the best band to come out of Manchester in the last 20 years." The Independent, 22nd January 2007.

Clash Magazine

I Am Kloot BBC Radio 1 John Peel Sessions (Skinny Dog) "Manchester 3-piece I Am Kloot have been playing their eerie dark numbers for over a decade now, with the "Peel Sessions" picking pieces from across their three albums as well as previously unreleased gems. This collection makes clear that their main themes of death, inadequacy and most things hopeless have barely changed over the decade. “There’s blood on your legs / I love you”, Johnny Bramwell sings over the spooky black jazz of "Twist". "Stop", with its unsettling intro worthy of Nick Cave, tells of jealousy. “You think you’re lovely / I know that you’re wrong / God made me ugly / So don’t string me along”. Heavy stuff indeed. "From Your Favourite Sky" is devoid of drums, with the slightly flamenco and slightly medieval guitar chilling the atmosphere even further. Here the band sounds more heart wrecked than ever. Even when the drums do come tumbling, as on "Life In A Day", the band sounds like the Stone Roses on a death trip. A seriously melancholy yet utterly delicate and beautiful decade indeed." Clash Magazine

Time Out

"If wishes were horses then beggars would ride, and if critical plaudits were album sales I Am Kloot would be pulled along in carriages made of gold records that would make the Queen literally sh*t with envy. Really special." Time Out

The Sun

"..The best kept secret in UK indie..." The Sun

The Metro

"Head and shoulders above most of the competition... Rarely has a lack of popular success been so baffling." The Metro

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