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Geneology Kievits -Kivits from 1600 - 1700 AD.

Although much care is taken regarding the order of dates, they are not always in accurate chronological order. This anomaly might happen due to updates, inserts and new found names of previously unknown members.


Please note: This page starts at a time just after the spanish rule had ended and the low countries were divided in the Northern Republic and the Flamish region. Administration was at an all time low. and many records had been destroyed at the close of the eighty year war with Spain. Name changings took place due to the division between religions of southern Catholisisme, and Northern Protestantisme.

We like to advice that his page is currently under update. New entries will be made and the current index numbers will no longer be valid.

Anthonis (Thonis) CIVITS (73) Son of ?

Father , possibly Jan -Toon zn. (63). Born circa 1600 Vlijmen . ""This is however a calculated guess. as he named his sons Jan and Anthony (Toon) after his father and Grandfather ?""

Wifes name not known to date.


Maria Kievits (74) daughter of Roelof Willems zn.( 50). born 1602 circa Vlijmen

Probably died young.

Gielis VI de jonge Kievits ( 75) son of Gielis V -Gielis zn. (68). born 1605 circa possibly Den Bosch or Antwerp, died before 1686

Married: 1635 Anna van Dashorst ( of Utrecht)


His line died out here.

Catholic priest

Albert Kievits (76) son of Gielis V Gielis zn. (68). Born 1612 circa

Monk at St. Salvador Antwerp

Anna Kievits ( 77) daughter of Gielis V -Gielis zn (68) Born 1608-04-01 Antwerp.

Twin-sister of Maria . Anna died in her cot as a baby.

Willem de oude Kievits (77A) son of Jan -Willem zn. (68B) born 1610-07-23 Turnhout. died in 1652. Willem was Schout on den Hill in 1649 and Secretair of Babilonienbroek.

Mechteld Kievits ( 77B) daughter of Jan -Willem zn (68B). Born 1612-01-01 Turnhout .

Joanna Kievits ( 77C) daughter of Jan -Willem zn (68B) . Born 1614-03-09 Turnhout.

Willem de Jonge Kievets ( 77D) son of Jan -Willem zn. (68B). Born circa 1616 Turnhout.

Godfried Kievits ( 77E) son of Jan -Willem zn. ( 68B) . Born 1619-10-03 Turnhout.


Jan V Kievits (78) son of Gielis V -Gielis zn (68). born 29-11-1613 Antwerp , died 1683-07-28 Merksem where he was buried. He owned estate " Den Honsbos" in Merksen.

Priest never married .

Pastoor of Merksem 1638-1683 , licenciaat in theology and Bachelier in de H. Godheid.(theology)

Catharina Kievits ( 79) daughter of Gielis V Gielis zn. (68) , baptized 30-1-1611 Antwerp, died 10-12-1652 Antwerp. at the age of 41. Never married.

Maria Kievits (80) daughter of Gielis V -Gielis zn (68) Born 1608-04-01 Antwerp. died 1697-01-21 Antwerp.

Twin-sister of Anna . Marie never married and died age 89.

Mechteld Kievits ( 80A) daughter of Jacob -Willemszn. (68C). Born circa 1617 Den Hil.

Married :

Jan Kievits ( 80B) son of Jacob -Willemszn. (68C). Born circa 1618. Den Hil

Hendrik Kievits ( 80C) son of jacob -Willemszn. (68C) Born circa 1620 Den Hil

Roelof Kievits (81 ) son of Adriaan Roelofszoon (72) 1620 circa Haerstage .Vlijmen

No further data available

Geraerd Kievits ( 82) son of Willem Roelof zn. (70) . born 1622-06-30 Vlijmen

No further data available

Jan Kievits (83) son of Willem -Roelof zn . (70) 1624-05-16 Vlijmen

No further data available

Cornelis Kievits (84) son of Adriaan -Roelofszoon ( 72). Born 1625 ?circa Vlijmen

Married: Aldegonda Claes Teulings


Emke Kievits (85) daughter of Jan Roberts zn. (69) . Born circa 1625 Heeswijk ?

Anthony KIEVITS den Ouden ( 86) Anthonis zn. (Thonis) ( 73) .born 1625c Vlijmen, died 1693-11-26 Vlijmen-Haarsteeg

Married: Mayken van de Leur daughter Anthonis v.d.Leur


Antoon Kievits ( 87) son of Willem -Roelof zn. ( 70). Born circa 1626 Vlijmen

Wifes name not known to date


Reyn de oude Kivits (88) son of Anthonis (Thonis)Civits (73). born 1627c Vlijmen 1674 no mnd . died 1674

Married: Mayken Mommersteeg daughter of Adriaen, & Mariken Goyart


Roelof Kievits ( 88A) son of Jan -Roelof szn. ( 71) . Born 1628-11-28 Vlijmen.

Jan CIVITS (89) son of Anthonis (Thonis) (73) . born 1627c Vlijmen , died 14-02-1660 ? ?

named in a pre-nuptunal agreement of his brother in 14 feb. 1660.

Gieleke Kievits (89) daughter of Jan Roberts zn. (69) 1628 circa Vlijmen

Catherina Kievits (90) daughter of Jan Roberts zn. (69) .born 1630 circa Vlijmen

Married: Jan Ghemonden te Vlijmen (miller at Onsenoort 1607)

Robert Kievits ( 91) Jan Roberts zn. (69) Born circa 1640 Vlijmen , died 1665

Married: Teuniske van Herlaer .dgtr. of Jan Gielen v. Herlaer & Aeltje Wouters


Cornelis Civits Kivits (92) son of Adriaen Roelofs zn?Civits. ( 72) . born 1645circa Vlijmen died 1685-12-10

Married: 03-05-1676 Aldegundis ( Alet) Teulings (died 6-8-1720)(Also named as Aldegonda )


Anthony de Jonge KIEVITS (93) son of Anthony -Anthonis zn.(86). Born circa 1642 Vlijmen

Married: 26-11-1660 Heylcken Mommersteeg daughter of Jan Ariensz. Mommersteeg


Hendrick Kievits (94) son of Antoon -Willemszn. (87). Born circa1650 Vlijmen

Married: Emke Corsten Oerlemans

Further data not known

Reyn Civits or Kievits ( 95) son of Anthony -Anthonis zn.(86) . Born circa 1650 Vlijmen

Married: 10-01-1675 Empken Overmans daughter of Kersten Jansen


96 as above

Willem Civits Kievits ( 97) son of Anthony Anthonis zn.Civits (86). born 1650 circa Vlijmen ?

Married: Adriaentje Theunis


Robrecht Kievits (98) son of Antoon -Willemszn . (87). Born Circa 1652 Vlijmen

Married: Theodora Huyben

Toon Kievits (99) son of Antoon -Willemszn. (87). Born circa 1644 Vlijmen.

Married:in 1661 to Helena Mommersteeg daughter of Jan. Mommersteeg

Lijsbeth Kievits ( 100) daughter of Cornelis Adriaan zn. (84). Born circa 1650 Vlijmen

Married: Cleas de Hoog te Nieuwkuik

Catharina Kivits ( 101) daughter of Civits -Adriaen Civits (76), born 1655 circa Vlijmen? died 1693-11-04

Married: on 15-01-1679 Joannes de Weijs zoon van Willem

Willem Kievits (102) son of Antoon -Willemszoon ( 87) . Born circa 1657 Vlijmen

Married: in 1680 to Adriana Antonis dr.

Maria KIVIDTS ( 103) daughter of Reyn de oude -Anthonys zn.( 88). born 1660C Vlijmen

Married: Wilhelmus van Rooyen (de Roy), Michael van de Leur, Petrus Mommersteeg Niet bekend

Cathalijn Kivits ( 104 ) daughter of Reyn de oude -Anthonys zn. ( 88 ). Born 1663c Vlijmen 23-01-1683

Married: Dirck van Rooyen ( de Roy) marriage date1683-01-29

Child: Anthonia (van Rooyen)

Jan. Kievits ( 105) son of Robert -Roberts zn. (poss. 91), born 1665 circa Vlijmen died in Schijndel

Married: in 1694 Maria Simons van den Broeck , Married in Schijndel


Antonia Kivits (106) daughter of Anthony -Anthonis zn. (86). Born 1665c? Vlijmen?

Married: 28-03-1700 to Joannes van Engelen, son of Jacobus

Adriaan Kievits (107) son of Robert -Roberts zn. (91). Born circa 1668 Vlijmen

Wife: name not known


108 open

Anthonis Civits Kivits ( 109) son of Reyn de oude -Anthonys zn .(88). Born 1668-10-19 Drunen


Catharina Pullen (geb. .. )daughter of Joannes Pullen .....and second mariage

Ariaentje van de Wiel daughter of Wouter v.d.Wiel


Daniel Kievits (110) son of Robert Roberts zn. (91). Born 1670 circa Vlijmen. Owner of a mill in "Oerle (also Aerle) lived : "op de Wybosch " Schijndel.

Married: Maria Gerards Schoenmakers


Maria Kivits (11) daughter of Anthony -Anthonys zn. ( 86) . Born 1670-03-31 Drunen

Anthonius Kivits (112) son of Anthony -Anthonys zn.(86), born1672-11-10 Drunen

Married: c1708 Catharina van Meerwijck docht. v. Henricus


Anthonius Kivits (113) son of Willem -Anthony zn (102), born 1675-12-31 Vlijmen

Anthonis Kivits (114) son of Reyn Anthonys zn.(95). born 1676-05-28? Vlijmen

Married: on 16-02-1700 to: Maria van de Leur (geb. .. )docht. v. Michael & .. Adriana,


Joannes Kivits ( 115) son of Reyn -Anthonys zn.(95). Born1677-06-13 Vlijmen

ongehuwd died at age 23 Zijn broer Teunis is zijn enige erfgenaam beide jongere broers zijn al gestorven

Adriaen (Adrianus) Kievits (116) son of Cornelis -Adriaanzoon ( 84) . Born 1679 circa Vlijmen

Married: Margriet Clearen, daughter of Hendrick Clearen.

Aldegundis Kivits ( 116) daughter of Willem -Anthony zn.( 102) . Born 1679-01-14 Vlijmen

Adrianus een Kivits (118) son of Reyn -Anthonys zn.( 95). Born 1679-06-13 Vlijmen

Died young

Elisabeth Kivits ( 119) daughter of Cornelis- Adriaen Civits ( 92) . Born 1680 circa Vlijmen

Married: Cleas de Hoogh te Nieuwkuyck

Adrianus twee Kivits (120) son of Reyn -Anthonys zn. ( 95). Born 1681-04-13 Vlijmen 1691-

Died at age 10

Wilhelmina Kivits (121) daughter of Willem Anthony zn. (102). born 1682-04-03 Vlijmen

Never married her brother Teunis is her only heir.

Adrianus (Adrean) Kivits ( 122) son of Cornelis Adriaens Civits zn.( 92). born 1685-02-04 Vlijmen 1730-06-24 Woonde op het kasteel "Onsoort"

Married: on 26-06-1712 Margaretha (Margriet) Claeren


Reynerus Kivits ( 124) son of Anthonis -Reyn de oudeszoon.(103) . born 1692-11-03 Vlijmen

Married: Maria de wijs dr. v. Joannes, & Helena van Steyn dr. v. Adriaan


Joannes Kivits (125) son of Anthonis -Reyn de oudeszoon ( 109) . Born 1695-05-31 Vlijmen

ongehuwd Died young

Gerard Kievits ( 126) son of Daniel Roberts zn . (110) . Born 1695? Veghel

Dionysius Kivits ( 127) son of Anthonis -Reyn de oudeszoon ( 109) . born 1697-03-20 Vlijmen

Antoon Kievits ( 128) son of Adriaan -Robertzoon (107 ). born 1699- Schijndel


1) 1724 Maria Smith dr. van Antony smith

2) Teuntje Cauwenberg

Henrick (Henri) Kievits ( 129) son of Daniel -Roberts zn. ( 129) . Born 1699-03-12 Veghel

Married: Cornelia van Beuren dgt. v. Stans van Beuren (Molenaar)


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