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windmills Snowy pictures of Dutch windmills at Haren

As Jan explains: Holland is enjoying some light snow these days, so I thought I'd better take some pictures during my Sunday morning walk before it is gone.

The gallery of 34 pictures taken near Haren, includes good shots of the drainage windmill to be found there, though it has to be said the snow cover is already quite thin.
Item: #449, Posted: 27/2/05.

energy Aerial windfarm photo

Doc Searls is a journalist and speaker who does a lot of flying. As he notes, he is also "a geography, geology, aviation and meteorology freak. So naturally I always book a window seat when I fly. I also almost always shoot pictures of the landscapes below".

He has been posting selected images on his blog, teasing his readers to identify them. Today's image is of a wind farm - I can't identify the location, though wait a day or two, and Doc will post the answer on his site.

Update:[3/3/05] Doc's identified the location as somewhere in the Rio Vista delta of California.
Item: #448, Posted: 24/2/05.

windmills Dover Council agree grant for Chillenden windmill

According to the minutes of the Dover council CABINET Meeting from December 2004, it was agreed that a grant of £10,000 be made to Kent County Council towards the cost of rebuilding Chillenden Windmill on satisfactory completion of the work. Kent County Council own the structure which suffered a major collapse in November 2003, and are putting together a funding package for its restoration. Dover Council was one of a number of bodies asked to make a grant towards this.
Mills: [Chillenden]
Item: #447, Posted: 23/2/05.

windmills The largest and the smallest windmill of the province of Utrecht

This photo taken on the 16th January 2005, shows the largest and the smallest windmill of the province of Utrecht. No great news story to back it up - just an interesting photo, taken recently.
Item: #446, Posted: 23/2/05.

windmills Brill Windmill and A Passion for Motor Bikes

Sylvia's relatives have a long association with Brill and the windmill there. Her paternal grandfathers family owned a brickworks there during the 1800's and dug the clay, for making the bricks, in the area around the windmill. The remains of the pits still survive, making it a very unusual landscape in the area around the mill.

There's a great photo of a 1950's car in front of the mill to accompany the article, as well as some more up to date photos. And the passion for motorobikes - that refers to motor bike scrambles that used to take place around the clay pits.
Mills: [Brill]
Item: #445, Posted: 23/2/05.

windmills Balleycopeland windmill and the Auroral Arc

By coincidence, just after finding the unusual photo of Jack and Jill windmill, I came across another unusual photo of a windmill. Aurora Fantastic! contains photos of Balleycopeland windmill, County Down, Northern Ireland, taken during the evening of 21st January 2005, when the sky was lit up by the Aurora Arc. Most spectacular. (Taken by a member of the East Antrim Astronomical Society).
Item: #444, Posted: 23/2/05.

windmills Jack and Jill photo experiment

Windmills are machines, at their best when seen at work. A still photo can't show the work being done, but it can suggest it - whereby the sails of the mill may appear blurred, showing they were in motion at the time the picture was taken.

This picture of Jack and Jill is therefore a little unsettling - it shows a blur to suggest motion - but unusually the foreground image of Jill is rock steady, whilst it is the background image of the clouds that has moved and shows the blur. Technically this was achieved by using a neural density filter over the lens, so as to cut down the light entering the camera, and hence to require a long exposure (13 seconds).

Update:[27/2/05] Polly, the photographer, has put together a page of her windmill photos which includes a number of shots of Jack and Jill, plus some of Outwood windmill.
Mills: [Clayton]
Item: #443, Posted: 23/2/05.

windmills Rayleigh windmill - Council subcommittee report

The Report of the Windmill Sub-committee 31 January 2005 (PDF file) gives a lot of details on the plans for Rayleigh windmill. (More committee documents are also available).

To repeat the main proposals from the report:
Mills: [Rayleigh]
See also:Item #428
Item: #442, Posted: 23/2/05.

windmills Aerial view of Polgate windmill

The Eastbourne Today newspaper group has been running a series of aerial photos of their local area. Recently included was a very pleasant shot of Polgate windmill. Prints of the image are available, at prices ranging from £7.50, up to £80 for poster sized.
Mills: [Polegate]
Item: #441, Posted: 23/2/05.

windmills Stone Cross windmill wins rare award

As reported in the Eastbourne Herald, 14 January 2005:

Stone Cross Windmill has been presented with a plaque by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) after bringing it back to full working order. The awards are rarely made - only 12 have been awarded since the society was formed in 1991. They are presented for work only of the highest standard, which demonstrate quality workmanship and attention to detail. The presentation was made by Mildred Cookson, outgoing chair of the Mills Section. It was received by John Hone, Chairman of Stone Cross Mill Trust, on behalf of the mill and a further address was given by Peter Hill, chairman of the Sussex Mills Group who put forward the mill for this award.

Note: I've repeated the clipping as passed to me, but the SPAB Mills section was formed long before 1991 - this could be a simple transcription error.
Mills: [Westham]
Item: #440, Posted: 23/2/05.

windmills 60 Minute Makeover - Wraysbury "windmill"

I'm not sure exactly when this episode aired, but the windmill shaped house at Wraysbury, Surrey, was featured in the current series of 60 Minute Makeover. The series as a whole has reached episode 50, and the Wraysbury one was number 35, so it could have been some time ago.

The Wraysbury windmill was in fact always built as a house, for around £45,000 in 1996. Its design is based on the smock mill at Lacey Green. There are some plans to install sails so that the mill can generate electricity.
Item: #439, Posted: 23/2/05.

mills The Mills are Alive...

From the Press Release issued by the SPAB:

National Mills Weekend, 7th/8th May celebrates its 21st anniversary in 2005, with opportunities across the country for visitors and enthusiasts to appreciate the very best examples of Britain's milling heritage, and the loftiest!

The event is organised each year by the Mills Section of SPAB (the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings).

Involving more than 400 windmills and watermills nationwide, the 2005 weekend will include the giant of the mills world (the tallest in the country) opening to the public for the first time after an ambitious repair programme. This is the tower mill at Moulton in Lincolnshire, which featured in the first BBC series of Restoration.

More than 100 mills which are capable of producing flour, will be in action (wind permitting) dispelling the myths that wind power is either confined to the pages of history or is a new intrusion into the landscape! Some of the buildings taking part in the event are only open at this time, enabling National Mills Weekend to offer members of the public a unique insight into some of the country's best loved and most distinctive landmark structures.

A recent survey revealed that, after houses, windmills are the most popular subjects for children's drawings of buildings. Harnessing this enthusiasm and high recognition factor, this year National Mills Weekend is piloting a schools' project linking primary schools and their local mill.

Simon Hudson, SPAB Mills section, says: "From Blair Atholl in Scotland to St. Dominick in Cornwall, the mills are most definitely alive and this weekend will give everyone the opportunity to find out more. And, with the rising interest in organic foods and traditional production techniques there has never been a more appropriate or significant time for people to head for the mills!"

Mills: [Moulton]
Item: #438, Posted: 22/2/05.

windmills Upminster mill in parade, and on TV

The January 2005 newsletter from the Friends of Upminster windmill reports that progress on the mill lease is still ongoing, as is preparation for the Lottery grant application.

The mill itself was present, in representational form on the Havering float in London's New Year's day parade, and is soon to be seen on TV, on the opening sequence of Cash in the Attic, an antiques programme, to be shown on the BBC in March.
Mills: [Upminster]
Item: #437, Posted: 22/2/05.

windmills Santa's grotto, awards, and videos of Buckland windmill

Buckland windmill, a small wind powered sawmill in Surrey, saw duty as Santa's grotto, at the appropriate time a couple of months ago.

The site also reports other news from the last year, including two restoration awards: from Surrey Historic Buildings Trust (SHBT) in March 2004, and Surrey Industrial History Group (SIHG) in July 2004.

Small video's of the mill sails turning in the wind are provided - the mill is now equiped with a saw bench and lathe.
Mills: [Buckland]
Item: #436, Posted: 21/2/05.

windmills Rottingdean windmill on album cover

Brighton band The Tenderfoot have selected a local landmark for their 5 track mini album "Vale Industrial" - that of Rottingdean windmill. It looks from their website as if they are giving the original artwork away in a prize draw.

To further the windmill connection, the band's page at Sony Music pictures the band in front of Patcham windmill.

Mills: [Rottingdean]
Item: #435, Posted: 13/2/05.

watermills Laxey wheel on Isle of Man 50p coin

2004 saw the 150th anniversary of the Great Laxey Wheel, Isle of Man. To commemorate this, the 2004 Christmas 50p coin issued by the mint shows the wheel on one side, with the normal Queen Elizabeth II head on the other. The coin is legal tender in the Isle of Man, but not the UK.

I have only found a very poor image of the coin.
Item: #434, Posted: 13/2/05.

windmills Windmill on Teletubbies

Via the new Google Video service, which searches the subtitles (aka close captioning) of TV broadcasts, I see that there's a Teletubbies episode entitled "Kites" which has a film insert about a windmill. The particular tower mill visited is not identified via the subtitles, and the images are a bit small to make a good guess. The film segment lasts for around 5 minutes acording to Google's timeline.
Another result Google shows is an image of Horsey mill, Norfolk at Sunset.

Update:[10/2/05] The mill in the Teletubbies episode is Thelnetham, Suffolk, and features the late Peter Dolman, and his two sons. Peter worked hard on restoring Thelnetham mill, as well as Stanton mill which he owned, and a number of others.
Mills: [Thelnetham] [Horsey]
Item: #433, Posted: 9/2/05.

windmills MG club at Great Gransden mill

Whilst it's 8 months old news, you might guess that I'd like this report and picture of Cambridge and District MG Owners Club at Great Gransden windmill.

(And for more cars and windmills, see my Windmills and Cars page).
Mills: [Great Gransden]
Item: #432, Posted: 9/2/05.

windmills Robertson's windmill at Colonial Williamsburg future is in doubt

The recreated Robertson's windmill at Colonial Williamsburg has been closed for over a year, and is in need of some repair. It's future is somewhat undetermined, since much more reconstruction has been done since it was built in the 1950's, and its current location is seen to be both historically inaccurate, and also is now largely sheltered from the wind by trees which have grown up around it. The area in which it currently stands has been reconstructed as a late 18th century urban plantation, but it is unclear whether the windmill, which was known to exist a half century before that, would still have been in existence during this later period.

Possibilities being considered include resiting the windmill, or perhaps just its removal, though it is seen to be "an icon beyond its historical significance,"
Item: #431, Posted: 8/2/05.

windmills Dutch windmill ravaged by fire

Early on 25th Dec 2004, one of a series of 5 windmills in the Netherlands went up in flames, due to an unknown cause. I'm trying to identify exactly where the mill is - the filename suggests it may be at at HoornscheVaart, but I can't locate where that is.

Various images of the burnt mill are available - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Update:[3/2/05] The Hoornsche Vaart is the name of a canal between Alkmaar and Hoorn. The burnt out mill has an entry in the Dutch Mill database, and its own site which gives the story of its recent renovation (in Dutch).

Item: #430, Posted: 2/2/05.

windmills Tex Ritter Park windmill, Nederland, Texas gets facelift

A faux windmill errected in 1969 to celebrate the Dutch heritage of the city of Nederland, Texas is to undergo maintenance to repair the ravages of old age, termite and water damage, at a cost of around $70,000. The local landmark building is used as a museum.
Item: #429, Posted: 2/2/05.

windmills Works starts on Rayleigh Windmill

Work is due to start on Rayleigh Windmill on £340,000 worth of work, paid for by a grant from Thames Gateway South Essex Partnership. The work will remove the sails, and then scaffold the mill to allow exterior repairs. Inside the mill modern display units will be installed, along with cameras which can be controlled remotely from the lower floors - hardly the thing in a traditional windmill - but then again, no internal machinery remains, so this is merely making use of the mill tower as exhibition space.
Mills: [Rayleigh]
Item: #428, Posted: 1/2/05.

windmills Magic Roundabout, featuring a three sailed windmill

The Magic Roundabout is an amimated film by Pathe, which is released on 11th February. Featuring the characters from the TV series, and a few new ones, the action takes place in all manner of locations, ranging from frozen wilderness to fiery volcano. There's also the rather more sedate Enchanted Land, which features a windmill - a fairly traditional sort of tower mill with canvas spread sails - all three of them! Oh well, I guess you can't complain about accuracy in a film that features talking dogs, snails, rabbits and snails amongst other things. The film is reviewed here, and more details at the IMDB.

The windmill can be seen in the Kylie Minogue video accessed via the Video star on the The Magic Roundabout website. Bryan stands on the roof of the mill, playing his guitar, whilst Ermintrude takes a trip round on the sails.

Item: #427, Posted: 31/1/05.

watermills Missouri old mills

Shelley Powers has written an article entitled Cheap Eats at the Semantic Web Café, which is all about tagging and labelling of information which is published on the web.

Whilst it's a quite detailed technical consideration, it's of interest here, since the article is illustrated, both figuratively and literally, by "including photos from my [Shelley's] recent old mill photo shoot". As a few details in the article mention, these are mills in Missouri, though it's ironic that in an article about including information is so short on actual information about the photos it includes.
Item: #426, Posted: 29/1/05.

windmills Windmill Hill windmill covers come off

The covers have come off after the restoration of Windmill Hill windmill, Sussex by IJP Building Conservation. Some work still remains to be done, such as the addition of sweeps due in May, and the completion of the mechanisms which will keep the mill turned to wind, (to protect the mill from being blown over sideways or tail winded). This mechanism is not traditional, and will include solar panels on the roof and a wind generator which will power batteries to keep the mill turning.

Ian Pritchett of IJP will be giving a talk on the project at Herstmonceux Village Hall on March 8 at 8pm.
Mills: [Herstmonceux]
Item: #425, Posted: 27/1/05.
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