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National Guard Aviation


Latvijas Zemessardze (Latvian National Guard)

Brief History:

The Latvian National Guard was first formed on 23 August 1991, immediately after independence was achieved. If functions as a border patrol and emergency relief organisation manned by reservists. An aviation component was introduced in 1993, with a fleet of ex-Soviet DOSAAF light aircraft and gliders.

National Markings:

Main Marking Rudder Flash
The main marking is displayed on the fuselage sides of helicopters, and in the standard four (wing not fuselage) positions on aircraft. A smaller version is carried as a fin flash on aircraft. Aircraft don't carry service titles.

Main Headquarters:


Aircraft Inventory:

Current service types-
Aircraft Type Total
Role Origin
Antonov An-2 12 12 Transport/Liaison DOSAAF
PZL-104 Wilga 6 5 Liaison/Glider Tug DOSAAF
SZD-48-3 Jantar Standard 3 ? ? Glider DOSAAF
LAK-12 ? ? Glider DOSAAF
Let L-13 Blanik ? 20 Glider DOSAAF
(Two ex-Aeroflot Mil Mi-2s are in storage at Riga).


The main base is at Cesis, with Daugavpils, Rezekne, Limbazi and Riga-Spilves also used.

Future Plans:

Not known.


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