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Eden's Bowy

Anime Info
Type:  TV Series
Length:  26 episodes
Genre:  Adventure
A long time ago humans and God lived together in this world. But God was a little too strict on the humans because he was unable to forgive them for doing wrong. God punished the humans and as a result they suffered terrible times. To put a stop to God's tyrannical acts, a man appeared one day carrying a sword with which to kill God. He was called a God Hunter.
While watching the show I had to wonder where it was going at times, because it has a lot of pointless scenes and episodes. The show spends way too much time dilly- dallying in irrelevant matters instead of focusing on what is important which makes it very frustrating to watch at times. There are two floating islands in this world called "Edens." One of these Edens is called Yulgaha, they are trying to kill Yorn, the legendary God Hunter. The other Eden is Yanuess, they are trying to capture the God Hunter. However, neither make any progress until much later in the series. So the plot basically follows the group wandering around, while the two Eden's send their people to kill or capture the God Hunter. Lots of filler and poor storytelling abound. As for the ending, I was very unsatisfied with it. The way the problem gets "fixed" is utterly ridiculous and uneventful, but the worst part about it are the final scenes between Yorn and Elissis.

A lot of my dislike for this show comes from the characters. The show suffers from nonexistent character development and feeble interaction between its cast. The lead, Yorn, is a bland character who is not likeable. He is followed by an old man who is trying to protect him and lead him to his mother. He just comes across as another generic character. A cute girl with long elf-like ears, named Elissis, begins following Yorn early on. She is the only one in the group who actually seems to develop. In the beginning she hardly says anything, but she talks more and more as time goes on. There are a few episodes that focus on the past of this group of characters from Yulgaha, but like the rest of the show it's not very interesting. Some characters are only used for comedic purposes, but they just come across as annoying because they're more dumb than they are funny.

The show has decent animation but the action scenes are poorly handled. The show uses a lot of dull colors and the backgrounds make the environment look boring. The show does have some pretty good background music and there are two different opening and ending themes.

Eden's Bowy is a horrible anime. The only reason I finished watching it was so I could write this review. Take my advice and avoid this worthless crap.

Marc Frost, 2006

A little profanity.
Some sword fighting, but nothing too intense.
Some slight undetailed nudity from Elissis' transformation in many episodes. The second opening has a lot of nudity (with nipples, no color) from Elissis, too.