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Who needs a gym when you have Chocoball's 'station bento' sexercise workout?

Bonking can make you muscle-bound for free, Japan's original macho man porn star Chocoball Mukai tells Spa! (4/10).

"We build up our bodies every time we have sex," the 42-year-old stick flick star tells Spa! "Depending on the position you adopt, the part of the body you build up is going to be different. Take the missionary position. Instead of lying on top of the woman, support yourself by your arms and do push-ups instead."

Chocoball appears in pictures accompanying the article together with a young starlet where they demonstrate what he explains. For the missionary position, he has straightened his back and arms and is ready to thrust by flexing his biceps and forearms instead of grinding his hips.

Guys can still get a free workout in a number of ways with the woman riding atop, Chocoball notes for the men's weekly.

Stomach crunches become possible if the guy keeps his legs parallel to the ground and stretches up to fondle, lick or kiss the breasts, thus working on the upper abdominal muscles.

To give the lower abs a workout, lie flat down and raise the legs airwards, Chocoball advises.

Arguably, Chocoball's best-known position is what the Japanese call the ekiben, where the standing man holds the woman up, while she wraps her arms around his neck. The ekiben gets its name from the large trays attendants sling around their neck and support with their arms on both sides that they use to carry ekiben boxed lunches sold at train stations.

Chocoball says the key to making this position a cheap workout to build up muscles lies in supporting the woman by holding her thighs and using the arms to move her up and down.

For advanced proponents of ekiben sexercise, simply repeat the above process while bending the knees further than usual, giving the hamstrings a workout at the same time.

Chocoball tells the men's weekly ekiben sexercise can bulk up the upper arms, back and leg muscles.

"We try to make sex look as flamboyant as possible, so on film we're usually on the job for at least 30 minutes a time, which is always pretty good exercise," Chocoball tells Spa! "Do it every day and you'll be built like a tank in no time." (By Ryann Connell)

(Mainichi Japan) April 17, 2008


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